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zoominfo pricing

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ZoomInfo Pricing requires a call with the sales department. This means you’ll have to calendar a call and go through a discovery process. Pricing for ZoomInfo is not available on their website which is somewhat understandable. With a starting price of $6,995 it makes sense from the vendor’s point of view to not make their pricing publicly available.

UPDATE: However, that pricing is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. New ZoomInfo packages start at $14,995 a year with a minimum of a two year agreement. The price goes up slightly if you’re only signing for a year

There are also a ton of options and features in each of the four options. Looking at packages, it is obvious that their pricing is not for solo founders or teams with small budgets. Their entry level pricing is significantly more expensive than a lot of the alternatives, even when you compare the enterprise level packages.

UPDATE: There are now three options with multiple features in each package. Professional doesn’t make sense for most companies that are making calls because it lacks mobile numbers. With the shift to remote, mobile numbers are critical.

The product add-ons are very interesting options. Engage is something that would be comparable to a SalesLoft Competitor but isn’t considered a viable option by many sales organizations.

Chat is a new product for the website that they’re trying to get adoption for.

Chorus is a recent acquisition that helps with sales call coaching via AI sales call analysis. This is part of ZoomInfo’s strategy to bundle sales tools.

ZoomInfo Pricing

Below is actual pricing from ZoomInfo acquired in September 2021. This includes Professional, Advanced and Elite tiers which is a change from the previous four tiers. What you’ll notice is a major change in the available product add-ons. If you’re wondering what is intent data we have content on that. If you’re looking for a comparison of ZoomInfo vs D&B Hoovers we have that as well.

zoominfo pricing
ZoomInfo Pricing Chart

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ZoomInfo Pricing Tiers

The pricing below is from 2021 – May 2022 is available below

  • Professional = $14,995
  • Advanced = $24,995
  • Elite = $39,995

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The pricing below is from 2020

  • Starter  = $6,995
  • Professional = $14,995
  • Advanced = $24,995
  • Elite = $44,995

Each tier comes with a variety of options. ZoomInfo does require an annual agreement.

ZoomInfo Product Comparison

The product comparison is older.

Starter Professional Advanced Elite
Features by Package
Home / Dashboard
Yes Yes Yes
Quick Search
Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Search
Yes Yes Yes
ZoomInfo Opt Out Lists
Yes Yes Yes
ReachOut Chrome Extension
Yes Yes Yes
Lists My Records Only Yes Yes Yes
ListMatch Yes Yes Yes
Tagging Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes
Enrich Yes Yes Yes
Alerts Yes Yes
WebSights Yes Yes
Events Yes Yes
News Yes Yes
Enhance Yes Yes
View Customization Yes Yes
Master Suppression Yes Yes
Monthly User Credits Yes Yes
Do Not Call Yes Yes
Ideal Customer Profile Score Yes
AI-Generated Ideal Customer Profile Yes
Workflows Yes
NeverBounce Email Verification Checks $ $ Yes
FormComplete $ $ $
InboxAI Premium $ $ $
Compliance API $ $ $
Data by Package
Company Profiles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contact Profiles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Direct Phone & Verified Email Address Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notice Provided Date Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accuracy Score Yes Yes Yes
European Data $ $ $
Technologies Yes Yes
Org Charts Yes Yes
Scoops Yes Yes
Funding Yes Yes
Education & Employment History Yes Yes
Locations & Hierarchy Yes Yes
Web References Yes Yes
Mobile Phone & Personal Email Yes Yes
Attributes $ Yes
Intent $ Yes
Department Employee Counts Yes

How Much Does ZoomInfo Cost?

The cost of ZoomInfo depends on the package and the number of add ons. There are various options as of May 2022.

  • Single user Pro Lite: $11,995 – 5,000 credits annually
  • Professional: $15,995 – Up to 3 users included 5,000 credits/annually
  • Advanced: $24,995 – Up to 5 users included 10,000 credits annually + 1,000/month/user
  • Elite: $34,995 – Up to 5 users included

Then you have options you can include like ZoomInfo Engage or Chorus.

Then there are other features available like more data downloads or including additional data topics.

ZoomInfo additional costs

If ZoomInfo Pricing Is Too high, Check Out These ZoomInfo Alternatives

Here’s a list of free options if you need to acquire email addresses for free. These will not be as robust as ZoomInfo but they’ll get the job done if you’re looking to run an outbound campaign. If you’re ready to level your outbound game up, you may want to consider SalesLoft competitors that vary in price.

If you’re looking for a full on analysis of ZoomInfo Competitors we broke down a comparison of 12 different alternatives.

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