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GMass Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too!

Table of Contents

What is GMass?

Gmass pricing plans have a diverse range of options, so you can choose what it’s the most convenient for you. But before we get into that it’s good to know what GMass has to offer.

GMass is an email outreach service that works within your Gmail account, it allows you to create mass mailing campaigns of up to 10,000 contacts, bringing you the chance to fully personalize each campaign for each contact or group of contacts. 

Also, GMass helps you keep a good insight of each campaign by giving you an email tracking service of opens, clicks, and replies, and an email scheduler so you can get more done in less time and without worrying. 

After this introduction, it’s time we get into GMass pricing plans.

GMass Pricing

GMass pricing is divided into three plans: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. The Premium Plan comes with the option of being an Individual Plan or a Team Plan, this last one covers from 5 users up to 100 users. Also, you have the option of a monthly payment or annual payment. 

GMass Pricing Plans

gmass pricing plans

GMass Enterprise Pricing

GMass pricing plans also offer an Enterprise plan. As usual, this plan provides the complete experience of the platform and it’s recommended for big business that needs to get the most of the tools they use.

gmass enterprise pricing

GMass Product Comparison

GMass pricing plans don’t differ too much in terms of the features they offer. Even so, the differences justify what decision to make when selecting what GMass plans to buy. Here is a chart that will help you understand the differences between plans.

How Much Does GMass Cost?

GMass cost will vary depending on what plan you want to buy. But to give a summary:

Annually the Standard plan will cost you $199 and the Premium plan $299. 

Premium also gives you the opportunity to choose a team plan pricing with a max of 100 persons at an annual cost of $14950

If you are looking for a more complete plan, Enterprise is your choice and it will cost you $499 annually. This plan it’s only individual, which made it a bit expensive if you need to equip a team with the GMass tool. 

If GMass Price Is Too High Or Isn’t A Fit, Check Out These GMass Alternatives:

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