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Growbots pricing

Growbots Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans

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Are you a sales or marketing leader in need of Growbots pricing? We’ve got you covered so you can see how much Growbots costs. Growbots is an outbound sales platform that can be used to automate your outbound cold outreach. Cold outreach is one of the most common prospecting strategies.

What is Growbots?

Growbots is an all-in-one outbound sales platform. Growbots helps to identify your prospects, target customers and target specific companies by using extensive criteria to get a list of all companies that match your profile. It takes them only a few seconds to get their social media profiles, direct email addresses and even phone numbers.

If  you are a startup or a small business struggling to find customers, you can try Growbots as one of its core functions is to help businesses get new customers faster. Growbots is an all-in-one solution sales tool for prospecting.

Growbots Pricing

Growbots has three plans which are Outreach, All-in-One and Pro.

Growbots offers a free trial.

The Growbots pricing for the packages are as follows:

Price/ Per Month/ $49$199Contact Growbots Sales Team

Growbots Pricing Plans

Growbots Pricing plans actually changes according to the tools and specifications that users need. The table below shows a simple comparison of Growbots Pricing plan:

Plan/ FeaturesOutreachAll-in-One
BaseStarting from $49 monthlyStarting from $199 monthly
Additional User$49/ month$49/ month
Additional Email Account$39/ month$39/ month
Contact Add-Ons250 contacts for $75250 contacts for $75

However, for the Growbots PRO plan, you need to contact the sales team at Growbots to get a quotation of the price.

Growbots Starter Pricing

If none of the options above suits your organization’s needs, you can consider Growbots Starter plan. Growbots offers a Starter plan which is available for 3 months one-time payment subscription. 

The price for Growbots Starter plan is $807 for quarterly “Starter” subscription. In this plan, it supports 1 user, 1 email account, up to 500 new contacts per month, premium support and many others. If you wish to add a user, an additional $49 is to be paid and $39 for an additional Email account. 

Growbots Product Comparison

Salesloft is a leading sales engagement platform that helps sellers and sales teams drive more revenue. Salesloft has a workspace that is called The Modern Revenue Workspace where it is the place for sellers to execute all of their digital selling tasks, communica

Salesloft is considered a category leader in the sales engagement platform space, used mostly by professional sales teams. Growbots tends to be used more by startups and SMBs.

How Much Does Growbots Cost?

Growbots uses annual and quarterly billing for its plans. Price ranges from $49 a month to $199 a month, plus other factors like number of users and add ons.

PlanPrice per month X 12 months
Outreach$49 X12 = $588
All-in-One$199 X 12 = $2388

If Growbots Pricing is Too High or Not a Fit, Check Out These Alternatives

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