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HelloSign Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans, Enterprise Too!

Table of Contents

Are you looking for HelloSign pricing and information on their plans? Not all HelloSign pricing is available on their website. Keep reading to learn about HelloSign pricing, including enterprise-level pricing. We’ll also take a comprehensive look at the features included in each plan.

What is HelloSign?

HelloSign is an eSignature platform. With it, you can send and request electronic signatures from employees, prospects, customers, and business partners. HelloSign integrates with existing software and cloud services your company already uses such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Word, etc. The platform’s security is also world-class.

Why is HelloSign a leader in its field? Bank-grade security measures ensure all document and audit trails are kept safe and secure. HelloSign is also a SkyHigh CloudTrust provider, qualifying for the highest available rating of “Enterprise-ready”. And G2, the world’s leading business software review platform, has reviewed HelloSign together with its competitors, DocuSign and Acrobat Sign. HelloSign ranks highest in ease of use, support quality, performance and reliability, and ease of admin.

Here’s a full breakdown of HelloSign vs DocuSign.

HelloSign Overview

HelloSign Pricing

HelloSign pricing plans are structured around different levels of features. There is a free plan available with limited features. The cheapest paid plan is the Essentials plan. The Standard and Premium HelloSign pricing plans include progressively more features.

HelloSign plans are also based on limited numbers of users. With the more economical plans, you can have either one user (the free and Essentials plans) or two to four users (the Standard plan). Your company will need a minimum of five users for the Premium plan.

Now let’s take a closer look at each plan and how much it costs.

HelloSign Pricing Plans

HelloSign’s free plan has very limited features. You can request 3 signatures per month. You won’t have access to any templates, or saveable documents. That means you’ll have to start from scratch each time you want to create a document to send.

You will be able to save your documents and see the electronic paper trail, which includes proof of document access, review, and signature. The free version doesn’t include any integrations with other software.

You also have the option of a 30-day trial period so you can test out a paid plan with the corresponding features for free.

Example of creating a contract using HelloSign

Essentials Plan

The Essentials plan costs $15 per user, per month when you purchase an annual subscription. The total annual cost is $180. If you’d prefer to pay each month, this plan costs $20 per month. The Essentials HelloSign pricing plan comes with unlimited signature requests per month. You’ll also receive 5 templates, so when you create a document or contract you can save it and use it again to send to others.

You’ll also be able to integrate HelloSign with your Dropbox account, Google Drive account, Microsoft Word, etc. The additional feature of multiple languages is helpful for a multicultural workplace or for international companies. You’ll also get some basic support, such as email support from a live agent.

Standard Plan

HelloSign’s Standard plan includes all the features of the Essentials plan plus some more advanced features. It costs $25 per user, per month for an annual plan. Since this plan has a minimum of two users, the annual cost will be $600 (increasing $300 per extra user). If you would like a monthly subscription, it costs $30 per user. For 5+ users, discounted pricing may be available, or you may find the Premium plan suits your needs better.

What features does the Standard HelloSign plan include? One great feature is that companies can add their own branding and custom messages to documents and contracts. Bulk sending for large contracts and detailed reporting are also included. With team features, admins can centralize control over user and document permissions.

Companies can also collect file attachments from signers who don’t have HelloSign accounts, a feature that isn’t available on the Essentials plan. Integrations with other platforms such as Salesforce and SharePoint are available at a slightly increased cost (generally $4 per user per integration).

HelloSign Enterprise Pricing

HelloSign’s Premium plan is their enterprise-level plan. Although the price isn’t available on their website, we’ve done the research for you.

The Premium plan costs $40 per user per month for an annual subscription. The minimum number of users you can have on this plan is 5. With that in mind, the minimum annual cost for 5 users is $2,400. For companies who prefer to pay each month, the cost is $50 per user. The minimum number of users also applies to a monthly subscription.

What extras can you expect on the enterprise-level plan? Apart from the features available on the Standard plan, you will also have access to advanced signer fields and signing tools, such as conditional logic, dropdowns, clickable links, and variable signers.

You’ll also received advanced reporting features such as customizable reports and CSV downloads. You’ll be able to store documents in HelloSign’s global data residency options and customize HelloSign to different department’s or team’s needs. You can also manage HelloSign as part of your company’s SSO protocol.

Integrations with Salesforce and SharePoint are available on the Premium plan, also at an increased cost of $4 per user. You may also include paid support, with options such as live support and expedited support via chat, phone and email. Of course, all paid HelloSign plans include email support. But according to your company’s needs you may need increased support or faster response turnaround times. HelloSign paid support costs vary according to the level of support you need.

HelloSign cost and features for each paid plan per user

HelloSign Product Comparison

While HelloSign does have a free version, many users find this doesn’t cover their needs. They may need access to more than 3 signature requests a month, as well as other more advanced features. The Essentials plan is a cheaper alternative for small businesses with uncomplicated document and contract needs. Another advantage to this plan is that it doesn’t have a minimum number of users.

Alternatively, the Standard plan encompasses more extensive features and offers integrations with other commercial software. It includes many more options for medium and larger-sized businesses. And of course, the Premium plan includes access to features on an enterprise level.

If HelloSign Pricing is Too High, Check Out These HelloSign Alternatives

After this comprehensive look at HelloSign’s free and paid plans, what do you think? Will HelloSign address your company’s needs? If you’d like to research alternatives to eSignature platforms, look into Eversign, SignRequest, and Signeasy. You may find their services can cover what you’re looking for.

For a list of more alternatives, check out this article: DocuSign competitors.

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