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Table of Contents

Are you looking for pricing or what to understand how much does cost? We’ve got you covered. uses artificial intelligence to empower users with real-time transcription meeting notes that are shareable, searchable, accessible and secure.

What is or also known as the app Otter Voice Meeting Notes is software used for meeting notes and transcription. It’s available as an app for Android and iOS and also via your web browser. Otter records meetings then provides a transcript that can be searched and shared. Given it’s saved in the cloud, you’re able to access the recordings and transcript from anywhere. can be used by anyone who needs a transcript or takes notes. Business professionals to students can benefit from the software. Otter has many uses when you realize it can take audio and turn it into text. Salespeople can use it so they don’t miss anything on a call and marketing professionals can use it when recording customer interviews. Overview Pricing comes in four plans which are Basic, Pro, Business and Enterprise. It offers both monthly and yearly payment. If you are unsure if you want to subscribe to, you can always try out their Basic plan first which is free of charge.

The pricing for the packages are as follows:

Price/ Per MonthFREE$12.99$30/ per userContact Sales
Features–  Record and transcribe Live
– Search and playback recordings
– Highlight and insert comments
– Two-factor authentication 
Everything in Basic, plus;
– Otter Assistant for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet (limited trial)- Import pre-recorded files
– Add custom vocabulary
– Advanced search and export
Everything in Pro, plus;– Otter Assistant for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet
– Team collaboration features
– Outline Summary (BETA)
– Prioritized support
Everything in Business, plus;
– Single Sign-On (SSO)
– Organization-wide deployment
– More payment methods
Annual DiscountFREE$8.33 
Save 36% per month billed annually
Save 33% per month
billed annually
Contact Sales Pricing Plans

There are a number of features available with the Basic version of By creating an account, users can use the platform for free, forever.

If your needs are more advanced, Pro and Business plans are available. There is also the Enterprise Plan.

If you subscribe to the Basic plan, you can start using the available features and it is free forever. This plan is not a trial version but rather a brief look at the software and all that it can offer. In the Basic plan, you will get access to:

  • Record and transcribe live
  • Transcribe video to text
  • Add five custom terms/ names to the database
  • Speaker identification
  • Sync with Google Meet and Zoom
  • 600 minutes of transcription

With the Pro plan, you will get everything in the Basic plan, plus:

  • Speaker identification
  • Lives notes and captioning for Google Meets
  • Automatic sync of files from Dropbox, Zoom
  • 6000 minutes of transcription each month
  • Advanced search features to increase work efficiency and speed
  • Skip silence feature
  • Variety of playback speeds

While in the Business plan, you will get everything in the Pro plan as well as:

  • Zoom Live notes and captions
  • Team vocabulary
  • Easy to use integrated billing system
  • Secure 2-factor authentication
  • Receive prioritized customer support
  • Detailed analytics reports surrounding the usage
  • TLS encryption
  • Bulk exports in a variety of audio formats
  • Sharing tools perfect for teams
  • 6000 transcription minutes per user

The fourth plan that offers is Enterprise plan. This plan is perfect for large organizations. The features in this plan provide further support, control, security and more that make it suitable for larger organizations and companies. In this plan, user will get everything is Business Plan, plus:

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Single-sign-on
  • Custom vocabulary library
  • Ability to enable time-codes
  • Video playback speeds adjustment
  • Easy billing system
  • Prioritized support Enterprise Plan Pricing

If none of the other account plans suit your needs, you have the option to create a custom Enterprise plan. This includes all the Business plan features, plus any other features you may need.

Upon request, you can subscribe to Enterprise Plan which will allow you to get access to features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Organization-wide deployment and you can choose more payment methods. Product Comparison

Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers: users’ notes, drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network.

However, when comparing these two, is found to be easier to use, set up, and administer. Besides, Microsoft OneNote does not have free trials which offers to its users.

How Much Does Cost? uses monthly and annual billing for all of its’ plans. You can save up to 36% discount with annual billing.

Here’s what the actual cost of is if you pay it off monthly compared to the lump sum:

PlanTotal Per Year Paid MonthlyYearly Once-off
Pro$12.99 X1 2 = $155.88$8.33 x 12 = $99.96
Business$30 X 12 = $360$20 X 12 = $240

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