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Leadfeeder Pricing

Leadfeeder Pricing – Actual Prices With Full Package Details

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Leadfeeder pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much Leadfeeder costs and see alternatives to Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder is a B2B visitor identification software tool that is able to identify companies that visit your website even when they don’t leave their contact information.

This software makes you aware of visitors to your website, what they came to achieve, and what you can do to target them more effectively. 

What is Leadfeeder? 

Leadfeeder is a visitor identification software that provides you with specific information about who visits your website (not contact), including where they are coming from, who they work for, and what they do when on your website. The Helsinki-based business Leadfeeder is dedicated to altering the way you view data on buyer intent. It is a B2B intent data platform that records onsite activity to identify website visitors and determine which leads are high intent.

Leadfeeder Overview

What Leadfeeder Does 

According to their IP addresses, Leadfeeder can identify the businesses that are visiting your website and compare them to their contact directory to deliver vital B2B intent data.

With the aid of Leadfeeder’s filters, you can keep track of not only how many visitors your paid campaign brought to your site, but also how long they stay on the site, which pages they visit, and—most importantly—what business they were affiliated with.

Leadfeeder can be uses by inside sales teams, SDRs who do outreach, and marketing teams.

Leadfeeder Pricing 

Leadfeeder only comes in two pricing plans, which are lite and premium. Both come with the advantage of having a free trial of 14 days and a free version. 

Credit card or code installation is not required and the discount is according to your plan frequency. Pricing is situated on the different company leads you are able to generate monthly.  Basic pricing is below but increases based on leads on site.

The Leadfeeder pricing is as follows:

Plans LitePremium 
Per month $ 0$ 79

Leadfeeder Pricing Plans.

The Lite plan is the basic edition of Leadfeeder. It comes with limited features that shows you the last 7 days value of leads having the maximum number of leads capped at 100. 

The lite plan includes the following:

  • Last 7 days of data preservation
  • A maximum of 100 leads
  • The users are unlimited 

While the Premium plan involves all the features that can be included in a Premium trial. After a period of two weeks, you have to choose whether to continue or downgrade. The features in the premium plan include the following: 

  • Collaboration instruments
  • Company features 
  • Contacts Database
  • CRM functions
  • Customer Success Administrator 
  • Custom contents 
  • Imported items 
  • Number of leads up to unlimited (depending on the price rank)
  • On selected pricing ranks only
  • Filtering
  • Unlimited data reservation 
  • Unlimited users
  • Visit details

Leadfeeder Product Comparison

Albacross is an account intelligence platform that generates leads and helps marketing teams identify their prospective customers visiting their site, giving them initiatives on how to generate more authentic leads and close off more deals. The Albacross approach is the most advantageous because it uses custom code to collect additional data directly from site visitors.

Although Albacross provides capabilities for identifying website users, they don’t have the data analysis tools that Leadfeeder provides. There is no free edition of Albacross; instead, there is a 14-day trial.

A customized script is used by both Leadfeeder and Albacross to collect information about website visitors. However, Albacross’ contact results tend to be quite patchy and skips out critical information such as contacts for some leads. 

Albacross earns additional points for providing a variety of code installation alternatives that make the process quick and simple. While Leadfeeder links to Google Analytics and attempts to use the data it receives there, Albacross uses bespoke tracking script.

Leadfeeder is more about assisting B2B enterprises with at least one representative who would gain from knowing which businesses are contacting their website, what pages they are on, and the source they came from. 

How Much Does Leadfeeder Cost?

The price for Leadfeeder starts at $79.0 per month. Leadfeeder has a single, true plan:

Premium at $79.00 per month when paid on an annual plan. 

Leadfeeder also offers a Free Plan with limited features. You can save up to 20% when you do an annual plan, compared to month to month. 

Here is the monthly cost depending on the number of companies identified:

Companies Identified Monthly Cost 
Up to 100$ 79
101 – 200$ 95
201- 400$ 143
401 – 700$ 215
701 – 1000$ 271
1001 – 2000$ 351
2001 – 3000$ 447
3001 – 5000$ 599
5001 and above Get an estimate from Leadfeeder 

Other Alternatives To Try If Leadfeeder Pricing Is Too High 

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