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Maropost Pricing

Maropost Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans Including Enterprise

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Maropost pricing? We’ve got you covered so you can determine how much Maropost will cost. We’ve also provided a product comparison and Maropost alternatives.

What is Maropost?

Maropost is an Ecommerce platform specifically designed for businesses and enterprises. Maropost is a cloud-based marketing solution that enables your marketing teams to strategically engage their audience through marketing automation and analytics. Maropost has been proven successful in helping businesses from small companies to major companies across multiple industries.

Maropost helps to expand all aspects of customer outreach through mediums such as mobile, SMS and transactional emails. It allows businesses to manage all customers’ communications in one platform. Maropost supplies marketing teams with tools that they need to draft, schedule and track communications.

Maropost Overview

Maropost Pricing

Maropost consists of two modules which are Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud. 

Each module comes with different plans and pricing.

The Maropost Marketing Cloud pricing for the packages are as follows:

Price/ Per MonthStarts At $279Starts At $849Starts At $1699

While the Maropost Commerce Cloud pricing is as follows:

PlanEssentialEssential PlusProfessionalEnterprise
Price/ Per monthStarts At $79Starts At $199Starts At $249Custom
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Maropost Pricing Plans

Maropost pricing and plans are designed to suit your unique business needs. You are advised to contact the Maropost sales team to find the right plan for you.

In the Marketing Cloud Module, you will get access to features such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Assets & Email Content
  • Email Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Audience Management
  • One-Click Integrations
  • Custom Integrations
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Admin & Account Management
  • Security & Compliance
  • Support

While in the Commerce Cloud Module, you will get access to features such as:

  • Online Store and Marketplaces
  • Support
  • Product Management & Marketing
  • Payment Options
  • Shipping Options
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing & Warehouse Management
  • CRM
  • Other Powerful Features such as Open API, HTTPS on all domains, etc

Maropost Product Comparison

Adobe Campaign is one of the products launched by Adobe. It functions the same as Maropost which is to help in multi-channel marketing. Adobe Campaign connects your online and offline marketing to improve speed, efficiency, personalization, and reporting. Adobe Campaign is able to do so by integrating with other powerful technologies from Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud.

Both Adobe Campaign and Maropost have strong features. Although it is said that Adobe is a more versatile and efficient platform for campaign management, Maropost is said to be a more simple and efficient program for both email monitoring and campaign management. Maropost has a very practical, attractive and easy to use interface with a simple design that is suitable for everyone to use.

How Much Does Maropost Cost?

Maropost Marketing cloud starts off at $279 per month. Commerce Cloud starts at $79 per month.

Here’s the estimation of Maropost pricing for both modules monthly and yearly once-off.

PlansTotal price monthly (Starts At.. )Yearly Once-off
Marketing Cloud
Essential$279 $279 X 12 = $3348
Professional$849 $849 X 12 = $10188
Enterprise$1699 $1699 X 12 = $20388
Commerce Cloud
Essential$79$79 X 12 = $948
Essential Plus$199$199 X 12 = $2388
Professional$249$249 X 12 = $2988

If Maropost Pricing is Too High or Not a Fit, Check Out These Alternatives

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Netcore Customer Engagement & Experience
  • Braze Customer Engagement Platform
  • Iterable
  • CleverTap
  • Insider Growth Management Platform (GMP)

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