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LeadSift Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you considering LeadSift for your business, but are unsure of where to find actual cost and details? Are you in search of information about LeadSift pricing plans? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading for LeadSift pricing and details.

What is LeadSift?

Founded in 2012, LeadSift, a Foundry company, is an intent data provider that assists businesses in identifying in-market accounts, and which ones are showing intent to buy. LeadSift specializes in optimized lead scoring across multiple data sources. To simplify your b2b lead generation, LeadSift integrates with multiple marketing automation tools and CRM systems, including HubSpot. Beyond static profile elements, LeadSift produces relevant leads by showing who is engaging with competitors, custom keywords, events, technographics and topics related to your company. This means LeadSift notifies you when a lead is looking at a competitor, a keyword, or a relevant topic so that your team knows who to reach, what time, and what kind of message is going to resonate with that specific individual. The intent searches are completely designed by and tailored to your needs. This tool can be used for outbound lead generation.

Intent Data With LeadSift

LeadSift Pricing

LeadSift offers four plans, Account Intent, LeadSift, LeadSift 360, and Data Partners. Leadsift requires a quote from customer service for a customized plan, but according to a representative, the annual price ranges from $15,000 to $30,000. This cost includes an organization-wide license, unlimited leads, a direct integration with your system, global coverage, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager. LeadSift provides contact level intent details, such as full name, email, LinkedIn profile, phone number, as well as intent triggers. 

LeadSift does not offer a free trial, but does offer sample data before you commit to your purchase, so that you can get a feel for what LeadSift has to offer you personally.

LeadSift Pricing Plans

LeadSift Plan Features

Account IntentLeadSiftLeadSift 360Data Partners
● Account-level intent data
● 1 stream
● 2 categories
● 20 custom keywords
● 1 stream integration
● Contact-level intent data
● 2 intent streams
● 3 categories
● 20 custom keywords 
● Personalized playbook
● Contact-level intent data
● Research-based intent data
● 2 intent streams
● 3 categories
● 20 custom keywords + competitors
● Personalized playbook
● 5 intent streams
● 5 categories
● 50 custom keywords + competitors
● Personalized playbook + 9-5 support
● 5 stream integrations
● Unlimited target accounts

LeadSift Product Comparison

A well-known intent data providing competitor of LeadSift is Slintel. Slintel is based out of the United States and was founded in 2016. Like LeadSift, Slintel specializes in account based marketing, B2B data, buyer intent, and sales enablement. While it is an excellent system, buyers complain of a slightly higher bounce rate than with other competitors, when using Slintel. And while the customer service is highly praised by reviewers, many customers also complain about Slintel pricing being not worth it, along with an unexpected set up fee.

How Much Does LeadSift Cost?

A LeadSift agent will be able to provide you with a quote that meets your needs. But, an estimated annual price according to a representative, is $15,000-$30,000 for an organization-wide license.

If LeadSift Pricing is Too High, Check Out These Leadsift Alternatives

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