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Lemlist Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans, Lemwarm Too

Table of Contents

Lemlist is the first platform for cold email outreach that generates more responses. Here is what you need to know about Lemlist pricing.

What is Lemlist?

Lemlist is an email outreach and sales engagement platform that gives salespeople the ability to start more conversations with their prospects, communicate across multiple channels, and book meetings. It came on to the scene by sending emails with customizable images, like being able to put the name of a prospect on a coffee cup to make it seem like it’s a one off, personalized email. Lemlist is known for some unique features but still sits within sales engagement platform category.

Lemlist is for sales professionals, founders and entrepreneurs. Basically, anyone prospecting for new customers via cold email outreach. It came on the scene as a differentiated sales tool for prospecting because of its use of images in cold emailing.

Lemlist Overview

Lemlist Pricing

Lemlist has three offerings which are Email Warm-up, Email Outreach and Sales Engagement. It offers monthly and yearly installment. If you are confused whether to subscribe to Lemlist or not, you can always try out their free trial.

The Lemlist pricing for the packages are as follows:

Price/ Per Month$29$59 (per user)$99 (per user)
FeaturesWarm up any email domain
Email deliverability booster
Real people, no fake accounts
25+ years domain age range
Email Warm-up features, PLUS:Personalization at scale
Automate follow-upsInvite teams
Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce
Integration + API
Email Outreach features,
LinkedIn workflows
Video prospecting
LinkedIn extension + enrichment
Custom landing pages
Email enrichmentCold calls
Special Offer$25per month
billed annually
$50per user/ month
billed annually
$83per user/ month
billed annually

Lemlist Pricing Plan

If you subscribe to Email Warm-up plan, you will have access to automated customized cold emails to all Lemlist users. The customization ensures that the email is relevant to the receiver and decreases the email’s chances of ending up in spam.

With the Email Outreach plan, you receive all the Email Warm-up features, and in addition it allows you to run large-scale personalized cold email campaigns.

While in Sales Engagement plan, you will get all the features in Email Outreach plan, plus it helps you to run successful sales campaigns through cold emails, cold calls, and an integrated LinkedIn workflow. 

Lemlist Sales Engagement Pricing

The Sales Engagement Plan allows you to talk to prospects across email, LinkedIn and phone.

Sales Engagement includes everything in the Email Warm-up and Email Outreach Plans, plus:

  • Cold calling
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Multichannel campaigns 
  • Video integration
  • Calendar integration
  • Chat integration

Lemlist Product Comparison

Close is one of the best CRM for small business leaders who need to increase revenue. Close lets you email, call, and text your leads without any add-ons. Reviewers found Close easier to use. Close rates 4.6/5 stars with 303 reviews, meanwhile Lemlist rates 4.1/5 stars with 99 reviews.

Even though Close has more reviews compared to Lemlist, Reviewers mostly preferred doing business with Lemlist because Lemlist is easier to set up and administer.

How Much Does Lemlist Cost?

Lemlist has special offers for annual billing. Lemlist can be paid either per month or per year, and paying it off all at once entails receiving a discount.

Here’s what the actual cost of Lemlist if you pay it off monthly compared to the lump sum:

PlanTotal Per Year Paid MonthlyYearly Once-off
Email Warm-up$29 X12 = $348$25 x 12 = $300
Email Outreach$59 X 12 = $708$50 X 12 = $600
Sales Engagement$99 X 12 = $1188$83 X 12 = $996

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