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Linode Pricing

Linode Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

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If you want to find out more about the different Linode pricing and the features available, you have come to the right place. Linode is the largest independent open cloud provider operating 10 data centers in almost 200 countries.

What Is Linode?

Linode founded in 2003 has been a relevant player in the world of virtual hosting. From integrating excellent control panel support to building a robust API, the company has an excellent set of offerings. 

The provider is known for simplifying cloud infrastructure. Modern programs can be developed, deployed, and scaled faster and easier using its Linux virtual machines and robust toolset. Scalable applications can be run using major server OSes such as Ubuntu, Fedora,  Debian, and CentOS. Integrations with infrastructure tools like Ansible, Terraform, and Rancher are available with Linode. Integrated with Next Generation Network, cutting-edge APIs, extensive services, and a wide range of educational resources, the platform serves 11 global markets from its data centers around the world.


Linode Pricing

For planning your scaling, here are the Linode pricing options on offer

1GB1 Core$5/month ($0.0075/hr)
2GB1 Core$10/month ($0.15/hr)
4GB2 Cores$20/month
8GB4 Cores$40/month
16GB6 Cores$80/month
32GB8 Cores$160/month
64GB16 Cores$320/month
96GB20 Cores$480/month

Linode Pricing Plans

Linode’s pricing model is hassle-free. It charges hourly fees with a monthly cap. In the Compute Shared Plan, Linode charges $5/month per 1GB. Dedicated CPU Plans come with 4GB RAM for $30/month. High Memory Plans cost $60/month for 24GB RAM.  Linode pricing for its NodeBalancers package. The cost of backup and Object Storage starts at $2 and $5 per month, respectively. Customers pay for what they use and charges are clearly stated on the platform’s pricing page. Linode also offers a tool that lets you estimate the charge for your project: the Cloud Estimator and Cloud Pricing Calculator. 

Linode Enterprise Pricing

Linode pricing for enterprises starts at $4,000 per month. The plan includes 128GB (GPU), 4 GPU cards, 128 GB RAM, and 24 cores. 2560GB SSD, 20 TB Transfer, among other features. The pricing increases based on usage. Advanced Linode pricing plans, including dedicated CPU and GPU, are also available.

Linode Product Comparison

Linode’s pricing starts at $5/month and scales up. Here are some of the affordable options and their features.

  • Shared CPU VPS ($5 per month to $960 per month): Perfect for small businesses and individuals with a variety of web applications.
  • Dedicated CPU VPS ($30 per month to $3840 per month): Ideal for both small and larger businesses for running applications like e-commerce that require consistent performance.
  • High Memory VPS ($60 per month to $960 per month): Suitable for medium-sized companies and above, as well as databases, and websites that use a lot of caching
  • GPU VPS ($1,000 per month to $4,000 per month): Best for production, gaming, and other applications involving high-performance parallel computations, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and video encoding.
  • Linode’s Object Storage, which mimics Amazon’s S3 service, is another option that may be more efficient for a high-traffic site, even at its starting price of $5 per month.

How Much Does Linode Cost?

Starting from $5/month, Linode’s pricing model is usage-based. Offers trial plans for its premium packages. No free version is available.

If Linode Pricing Is Too High, Check Out These Linode Alternatives

  • DigitalOcean: DigitalOcean is a primary alternative to Linode, with 8 regional data centers, and is a suitable cloud computing option. 
  • AWS:  Amazon’s IaaS offering, especially is one of the topmost enterprise cloud adoptions. It also has plans for small-scale operators.
  • Microsoft Azure: Azure has a plethora of individual services (around 600) that are part of the cloud platform and is also one of the topmost providers. 
  • Google Cloud Platform: Google’s cloud business is driven by the usage of its big data, AI, and machine learning tools. 
  • OVH: Europe’s largest cloud provider, OVH has 30 data centers and serves a large customer base
  • UpCloud: UpCloud has a smaller community, but its speed and ease make it a notable competitor for similar platforms
  • Vultr: A combination of fast, dedicated cloud servers is a fast-rising player among VPS providers. 

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