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what is chili piper

What is Chili Piper – Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

Chili Piper is a cutting-edge software solution that helps businesses streamline their sales and marketing initiatives by automating the pipeline management process. With its powerful features and intuitive user interface, Chili Piper allows teams to quickly and easily qualify, nurture, assign, and convert leads into customers. In addition, the platform also provides valuable insights and analytics to help create inbound leads, a more extensive pipeline, and drive continuous improvement across an organization. Whether you’re a small start-up looking to scale your customer base or a large enterprise looking to optimize your sales and marketing efforts, Chili Piper might be your next revenue tool to help you achieve your goals.

What Is Chili Piper Used For? 

Chili Piper is a powerful software solution that helps businesses to manage and optimize their lead generation and appointment scheduling processes. It can be used to automate the routing and scheduling of leads and appointments, make it easier for sales and marketing teams to connect with potential customers, and allow representatives to schedule meetings at the most convenient times. This, in turn, can help departments to effectively generate demand for their product, boost sales productivity, increase revenue, and promote customer success throughout the market. 

  • Sales Productivity
  • Customer Success
  • Generate Demand
  • Revenue Generation 

To further support these initiatives, Chili Piper also includes features such as lead qualification, lead nurturing, and analytics, which can help businesses identify promising leads and track their progress through the sales pipeline. With the support of cross-platform interoperability, Chili Piper can be integrated with various other software platforms such as CRM, Marketing Automation, and Calendaring software, to automate these administrative sales tasks sufficiently. Therefore, teams that leverage Chili Piper for their workflow can become more efficient, close more deals, and achieve their sales and marketing goals at a faster rate. 

Who Uses Chili Piper? 

Chili Piper’s pipeline management platform targets businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries that rely on lead generation and appointment scheduling. It is particularly well-suited for businesses that have a large volume of leads and companies that use manual workflows to manage appointments with potential customers. Some examples of target markets for Chili Piper are B2B SaaS companies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Technology Companies, Real-estate brokerages, and many more.

  1. B2B SaaS 
  2. Real-estate
  3. Digital Agencies
  4. Tech Companies 

The platform has been used by high-growth sales teams such as Salesloft, Shopify, and AirBnB to automate the lead routing and scheduling process with prospects. Additionally, Chili Piper can also be used by marketing teams to help qualify and nurture leads before they are passed on to sales, so sales representatives are using their allocated time effectively. By offering clients convenience and ease of use, Chili Piper provides its user base with a versatile solution that can benefit a variety of businesses that are looking to improve their lead generation and appointment scheduling processes.

What Does Chili Piper Do? 

While Chili Piper offers its clients dozens of solutions and integrations across the platform, it is widely known for the following three product components: 

  • Distro
  • Handoff 
  • Concierge 

Distro is focused on helping sales representatives manage inbound leads with accuracy and efficiency. By using the Distro product on Chili Piper, representatives are able to accelerate their pipeline velocity by easily identifying warm leads and converting their interest into a sales demo. Chili Piper automatically identifies pertinent warm leads and assigns them to an appropriate sales executive so that potential clients do not get lost in your CRM. 

On the basis of supporting Distro to adequately distribute and assign prospects to sales representatives across a company, the product Handoff further helps sales and marketing teams to manage leads effectively. With a comprehensive management dashboard, Chili Piper is able to help teams route leads and meetings appropriately by creating routing rules that automatically assign based on company size, assigned territory, and more. In addition, sales managers are able to view the handoff process when it comes time for SDRs to pass along outbound leads to their corresponding account executive. Team members and managers alike can work together to identify fair distribution and understand who is meeting their appropriate lead quota. 

The last core product at Chili Piper is Form Concierge, which is designed for marketers and sales teams to effectively identify quality leads. Chili Piper’s Form Concierge product helps marketers and sales representatives to respond to warm vendors in a matter of seconds. The automated technology powering Chili Piper, on the backend, integrates with a company’s CRM system to automatically qualify and assign leads to a proper sales representative without any manual effort. This allows for sales and marketing teams to reduce their manual workload and turn their focus to converting proper leads into recurring revenue. 

How Does Chili Piper Work?

Given Chili Piper is designed to help sales and marketing teams automatically manage and distribute their leads, there are a number of ways that Chili Piper can provide additional assistance. From optimizing lead generation to automating the routing process, let’s take a deeper look at some of the different capabilities that Chili Piper offers to its users

  1. Lead Capture: Chili Piper allows businesses to create unique forms, email campaigns, and landing pages that can be used to capture leads.
  2. Lead Routing: Once a lead is captured, the solution automatically routes it to the appropriate sales or marketing team member based on routing rules such as lead source, lead score, and sales team availability.
  3. Lead Qualification: In addition to setting up routing rules, Chili Piper also includes lead qualification features that allow businesses to identify the most promising leads. This can be accomplished by visiting the rules and conditions workflow and selecting to prioritize leads based on their likelihood of converting into customers.
  4. Lead Nurturing: The platform includes lead nurturing features that allow businesses to keep in touch with leads and provide them with valuable content that helps to move them further along the sales funnel.
  5. Scheduling: Sales and marketing teams can schedule appointments with leads directly from the platform. This can be done by setting up availability and creating personalized scheduling links that can be sent to leads with a single click.
  6. Meeting: Once a meeting is set, the lead will receive a calendar invite, an email reminder, and a unique link to join the meeting, this process allows the sales team to have more productive and seamless meetings without the worry of manually managing invitations.
  7. Analytics: Chili Piper’s system also provides businesses with valuable analytics and reporting tools that help to track the performance of their lead generation and appointment scheduling processes. This allows businesses to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to drive better results.

Chili Piper Features

When it comes to supporting the needs of many sales and marketing teams across the globe, Chili Piper provides users with a core set of features to accomplish their goals. From being able to customize your own marketing forms to automatically assigning sales representatives new prospects, let’s take a look at the table below to identify some of the additional capabilities the platform can provide for companies

Customizable FormsLead Capture
Contact ManagementLead Qualification
Appointment Scheduling Territory Management 

Appointment scheduling and contact management integrate with each other to provide accessible prospect information and automatically set up meetings for sales representatives to close. Next, customizable forms and lead capturing allow SDRs and marketing personnel to identify worthwhile sales prospects and monitor the success of campaigns. Lastly, lead qualification and territory management features enable sales teams to prioritize and capitalize on burgeoning geographical regions to maximize the opportunity for revenue growth. 

What Does Chili Piper Integrate With? 

Chili Piper has been designed to integrate seamlessly with a myriad of other software platforms. The integration feature helps companies to consolidate their systems into an all-in-one platform that enables employees to effectively manage sales and marketing processes in a single location. With the help of Chili Piper’s integration capabilities and API key, it is able to integrate with software such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Google Workspace, Webex, Twilio, Outreach, and many more. 

  1. Slack
  2. Twilio
  3. Webex
  4. HubSpot
  5. Outreach
  6. Salesforce
  7. Google Workspace

Who Are Chili Piper’s Competitors And Alternatives?

Despite helping businesses to manage and optimize their lead generation and appointment scheduling processes, Chili Piper is one of many potential solutions in the market. There are many similar software solutions available in the market that provide similar features which include but are not limited to:  

  • Kronologic: Uses AI technology to help sales teams automatically schedule demos with promising clients in a centralized portal. 
  • Contactually: Helps sales teams manage leads, contact information, and appointment scheduling through an all-in-one intuitive dashboard. 
  • Engageware: An engagement solution designed to help sales and marketing teams to deliver a quality customer experience in an attempt to capture promising leads. 
  • Simplifies the scheduling process to help sales teams book clients automatically into time slots that satisfy each other’s calendar needs. 

Chili Piper Pricing 

Chili Piper’s uses a subscription-first payment model, with different plans available depending on the specific needs of the business.

The pricing model contains two pricing pathways that your company can pursue. First, a company may choose to purchase a subscription to a single product a la carte on Chili Piper. Or rather, a company can work with the Chili Piper sales team to develop a pricing package that enables a team to access multiple products in a single subscription plan. Regardless of the pathway a business choose, each subscription will be charged on a per-user per-month basis with annual payment plans as the cheapest option. 

Instant Booker$15/user/mo.$22.50/user/mo.
Form Concierge$30/user/mo.$45/user/mo.

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