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MeetRecord Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you looking for MeetRecord pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much MeetRecord costs and see alternatives to MeetRecord. MeetRecord is an intelligence tool that collects data from every conversation by allowing B2B businesses to record meetings in real-time and save them to the company’s folder.

What Is MeetRecord?

MeetRecord makes it easy to stay organized and informed during conversations with customers. It is a conversational intelligence tool that automatically records customer meetings in real-time, saving all the data directly to a company’s designated folder. Their platform is an asset for businesses who need to stay informed and informed for customers who wish to have a record of their meetings. 

MeetRecord can help companies increase efficiency while providing customers with the assurance that their interactions are kept secure and private. MeetRecord software is a solution for businesses looking to optimize their conversations with clients and retain an accurate record of each conversation for later use.

MeetRecord Pricing

MeetRecord offers three different pricing plans: Free, Grow, and Scale, with paid plans starting at $19 per month.

Cost is determined by the bundle chosen as well as the extra features that will be used and necessary. MeetRecord also offers a free plan for businesses to use while determining whether or not to upgrade later.

Price/per user/monthFREE$19/no user limit/month/billed annually$29/no user limit/month/billed annually

MeetRecord Pricing Plans

The MeetRecord Free plan costs nothing per month, billed annually, and includes the following:

  • For Individuals or Small Teams Doing About 50 Meetings Per Month
  • Set Up Basic Sales Practices
  • Share Recording Snippets
  • 50 Meetings Per Month for Entire Company
  • 40 Minute Meeting Recording Limit
  • Meeting Recording & Transcription
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Performance + Coaching

The Grow plan costs $19 per month, billed annually, and includes the following:

  • For Growing Teams – No Limit on Meetings or Users
  • Create a Recording Library
  • Connect with CRM
  • Implement Real-World Coaching Plans
  • Everything in Start Plan
  • No Limit on Number of Meetings
  • 60 Minute Meeting Recording Limit
  • Speaker Identification
  • Team Performance Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • CRM Integration

The Scale plan costs $29 per month, billed annually, and includes the following:

  • For Medium to Large Teams – No Limit on Meetings or Users
  • Accelerate Sales Cycles and Unlock Growth Opportunities with Revenue and Deal Intelligence
  • Everything in Growth Plan
  • No Limit on Number of Meetings
  • 90 Minute Meeting Recording Limit
  • CRM Integrations

MeetRecord Product Comparison

MeetRecord is a B2B conversational intelligence tool designed to provide users with an intuitive solution for capturing, organizing, monitoring, and analyzing meeting data. It allows customers to record their meetings in real-time and save them directly to their company’s folder for future reference.

MeetRecord provides customers with the ultimate meeting experience by delivering a comprehensive set of tools that will help them get the most out of their conversations.

How Much Does MeetRecord Cost?

MeetRecord offers a range of pricing plans tailor-made to fit any budget and requirement that also starts with a free plan, ranging up to $29 per month. This allows businesses to choose the plan that best suits their needs, ensuring that conversational data remains safe and secure no matter their financial situation.

Alternatives To MeetRecord If Pricing Is Too High

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