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Okta Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

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Are you looking for Okta pricing? We have got you covered so you know much Okta will cost your business. An enterprise authentication leader, Okta offers identity products for securing employees and business resources.

What Is Okta?

Through Okta, organizations can quickly deploy modern experiences across their entire business with access to all resources, from the cloud to the ground. You can choose between single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) technologies, based on your organization’s needs. Okta’s web-based software provides seamless login experiences across desktops, browsers, and mobile devices.

In 2021, Okta acquired Auth0 to strengthen its position as a market leader in authentication. Okta now offers all customer identity needs, including external authentication via Auth0 and internal authentication through its core product.


Okta Pricing

Okta’s products are divided into two groups: the Workforce Identity Cloud Products and the Customer Identity Cloud Products, starting at $2 per month. The Workforce Identity products are priced based on whether the organization is using SSO or MFA technologies. Regular SSO prices start at $2 per user while MFA prices start at $3 per user. Other Okta pricing tiers vary based on usage. 

Okta Pricing Plans

Okta pricing offers a Free plan, and the premium plans are subscription/quotation based.

A minimum contract of $1,500/year is required for Okta, but larger discounts are available to larger organizations. There is a free trial available for the SSO plan. All Okta products are free for eligible nonprofits, who also can attend the annual Oktane conference for free and receive 50% off public training courses.

Okta Enterprise Pricing

The Customer Identity Cloud Products are suitable for enterprises. Scalable production applications benefit from it. The key features include 99.99% SLA & enterprise support, custom connection and user tiers, advanced deployment options, and no admin or actions limits and enterprise add-ons. Annual pricing is likely to be in the range of $36,000.

Okta Product Comparison

Below are pricing details of Okta’s workplace identity products:

Single Sign-OnAdaptive SSOMulti-Factor AuthenticationAdaptive MFA
Includes integration network, mobile and desktop SSO for cloud and on-premise apps, basic MFASign-in widget, MFA integration with third parties, ThreatInsight, and local language support.Adds contextual access management, including network, risk-based authentication and  location, and device.Includes possession factors, for instance, push notifications, one-time passwords, texts, voice, and  Universal 2nd Factors (U2Fs).Adds contextual access management, including network (new IP and defined IP zones), device, and risk-based authentication and location (for new cities, states, and countries, as well as impossible travel patterns).

Among the other services that can be purchased with Okta’s pricing subscription are life cycle management, a universal directory, advanced server access, API access management, and an access gateway. Packages for customer support are sold separately.

The Customer Identity Cloud Products include B2B (starting at $130/month and B2C packages starting at $23/month).

How Much Does Okta Cost?

Okta’s pricing model, which is billed on a monthly basis, is subscription-based. Pricing plans are divided based on the user base. The starting model starts as low as $2 per month but can go up to $36,000 per year for large organizations or enterprises.

If Okta Pricing is Too High, Check Out These Alternatives

These are the top Okta Alternatives

  • OneLogin: $6/user/month – Securely unifies access between on-premises and cloud apps
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory: Available as part of a subscription to a commercial online service, such as Dynamics 365, Azure, Intune, and Power Platform
  • JumpCloud: Starting $2/user/month entry level – Streamlines device and identity management, reducing costs

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