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Sendoso Pricing

Sendoso Pricing – Actual Prices for All Packages

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Sendoso pricing to see how much Sendoso costs? We’ve got you covered with pricing for Sendoso. Sendoso is a popular Sending Platform for sales teams which helps with prospecting.

What is Sendoso?

Sendoso was founded in 2016 and is one of the leading Sending Platform which helps businesses stand out by giving them new ways to engage with customers throughout their buyer’s journey. Sendoso enables SDRs, Account Managers, and other salespeople to send gifts to prospects. This makes it easier for salespeople to connect with their prospects through intelligent corporate gifting.

Sendoso is a direct mail automation software that is designed to help businesses send electronic or physical gifts, handwritten notes and direct email to their customers. Sendoso also offers a variety of features such as activity tracking, single sign-on (SSO), analytics, engagement tracking and many more.

Sendoso Pricing

Sendoso pricing starts at $20,000 a year for the platform and $29 per month, per user, billed annually. More pricing details are below.

sendoso pricing explained

Sendoso Pricing Plans

Sendoso is available in 4 pricing tiers which are Essential, Plus, Pro and Enterprise. Sendoso does not mention their pricing on the website but we have it below.

The Sendoso features for the plans are as follows:

DescriptionsBest for small teams starting their sending journey.Great for companies looking to accelerate outcomes throughout the buyer’s journey.Perfect for global enterprises that send internationally and need to drive maximum revenue growth.Excellent for large-scale organizations wanting to drive maximum revenue growth and who need a fully customized sending solution.

Sendoso Features

In the Essential plan, you will get:

  • Access to expensive marketplace of all our gifting options
  • Unlimited sends
  • Domestic sending and warehouse access
  • 2 integrations
  • eGifts – domestic and international
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Customer support

While in the Plus plan, it includes all Essential features and:

  • Meeting scheduler
  • 3 integrations
  • Customized packing options
  • Unlimited message templates
  • Limited access to a Send Curator, your personal gifting expert
  • Dedicated customer success manager

In the Pro plan, it includes everything in the Plus features, and:

  • International sending and warehouse access
  • 5 integrations
  • Preferred shipping service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Unlimited access to a Send Curator, your personal gifting expert
  • Invitations to special events
  • Advanced security options

In the Enterprise plan. However, it does not mention the list of features available for this plan. You need to contact the Sendoso sales team for more details and it will likely include specialized customizations.

How Much Does Sendoso Cost?

Sendoso is an annual contract.

Sendoso is a sending platform with 2 core parts which are the software and the user license cost Sendoso’s customers will get access to their warehouse where they can store all their swag items or they can order branded swag items directly from Sendoso.

Sendoso pricing model consists of 2 parts which are; 

  • the software component 
  • a user license cost

The list price for their entry-level package , including warehouse access to send out branded items is $20K. Each user who would need access to the platform is to pay $29 per month which is billed upfront for the year. The cost of the gifts themselves is not included in Sendoso’s pricing model as it is up to the customers’ discretion.

 Sendoso Product Comparison

The number one alternative to Sendoso is Reachdesk. Comparing the Sendoso pricing with Reachdesk pricing shows that there isn’t a lot of different between the two. However, Reachdesk has some pricing features that may make it more affordable and lower the risk of using such a gifting platform.

If Sendoso Pricing is Too High, Check Out These Alternatives

  • Reachdesk
  • Alyce
  • PFL Hybrid
  • Kotis Design
  • Lob
  • SnackMagic

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