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Groove Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans, Including Enterprise

Table of Contents

Have you been searching for Groove pricing without much luck? It can be pretty tricky to get a hold of. But here we have all the information you need for Groove pricing, including their enterprise pricing, without having to call their sales team.

What is Groove?

Groove is a sales productivity platform. It includes a suite of productivity tools sellers can use to increase their sales and accelerate revenue. Groove has a native Salesforce integration, that takes what’s in Salesforce and pushes it to your reps’ inboxes, improves CRM workflow, and decreases admin time. Some other integrations are included, such as with LinkedIn. The platform has a mobile app for field sellers. It also includes analytics. For example, you can see engagement scores on accounts.

How does Groove compare with its competitors such as Outreach and Salesloft? One big advantage is the Salesforce nativity. It allows for ease of implementation and ongoing admin and brings sales engagement to your team’s inbox. That translates to increased adoption and productivity.

Groove Sales Engagement Platform Overview

Groove Pricing

How does Groove pricing work? This platform isn’t designed for individual users or small teams. Rather, it’s built with large organizations and sales teams in mind. In fact, Groove doesn’t even have any specific pricing plans on its website. The platform’s aim is to support enterprise-level businesses. It addresses security, scalability, and customization needs for these organizations.

Why many organizations choose Groove (source:

Groove Pricing Plans

Let’s take a look at what we do know about Groove pricing. There are several requirements for an organization to start a contract using the Groove platform. Firstly, all contracts are annual; the company doesn’t allow for monthly payments.

There is also a minimum annual spend for the first year, of $10,000. How would a company reach this amount? To start with, core licenses per user cost $50 per month, or $600 a year. A user license can increase to $160 per month ($1,920 per year), depending on the add-ons that each user needs. An organization that’s new to Groove must hit this $10,000 mark during their first year.

There is a free 14-day trial available for businesses looking to use Groove, which is an excellent option to try before they buy. Companies must already be using Salesforce to qualify for this free trial.

How Much Does Groove Cost?

While you might be drawn to the cost of $50 per user per month, the bottom line is that your company will have to spend at least $10,000 in the first year of using Groove. Many companies have found this price tag well worth it with increased productivity for their sales reps and greater revenue overall.

If Groove Pricing is Too High, Check Out These Groove Alternatives

Not sure if Groove is right for your organization or team? We already mentioned some of Groove’s competition above, namely Salesloft and Outreach. Smaller businesses may also find it useful to investigate Apollo, Mixmax, or Yesware. These more affordable options may provide what you’re looking for.

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