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Are you looking to learn more about pricing to see how much it will cost your sales team? is a suite of sales tools, including email warm-up, email sequencer, contact database, email enrichment, and more. It’s designed to automate sales through various tools to help generate leads and verify and send emails to streamline outreach; here are all the details about pricing and features.

What is is a multifaceted software platform for generating, verifying, nurturing, converting, searching, and tracking leads for businesses of all sizes. Users can target prospects, talent, bloggers, influencers, and any other prospects with drip email campaigns using a drag-and-drop interface. has many tools, including a CRM, technographic data, email finder, and more to help with prospecting.

Through, organizations can convert post-event or conference leads into clients: 

  • Schedule follow-up calls, track key metrics, and upload email lists for verification. 
  • Search for emails on various different domains, search for corporate emails according to industry, company name, size, and other metrics. 

There is a Google Chrome extension so push notifications regarding clicked emails are received in real-time. Most third-party systems can be integrated seamlessly, such as Slack, HubSpot, Google Forms and more.

Inside sales teams, SDRs, and any sales team doing cold outreach, can benefit from using this sales prospecting tool. Overview Pricing

The pricing is offered at a discounted rate if you purchase an annual plan: you receive 2 months for free.

There are 5 pricing packages to choose from:

  • S: $39 per month
  • M: $99 per month
  • L: $189 per month
  • XL: $369 per month
  • XXL: $738 per month

If you’re unsure of which to choose, offers both a demo and a “freemium”. 

All plans include the following:

  • Unlimited email accounts for drip campaigns
  • Unlimited drip campaigns
  • Unlimited drip campaign emails per day
  • Unlimited drip campaign follow-ups
  • Custom tracking domain
  • Unlimited team members
  • Team member access management
  • Individual team member statistics
  • Recipients sharing
  • Credits sharing
  • Prospect lists sharing
  • Templates sharing
  • Shared notes on prospects
  • Shared Do-not-email list
  • Team statistics
  • Multiple custom pipelines
  • Deal and prospect notes
  • Deal stage management
  • Lead tracking using tags
  • Automated data capture with deal timeline has also partnered with Zebra Digital to help with outsourced sales, specifically cold outreach. This custom-made strategy can be added at $699.99 per month. Pricing Plans

All plans offer CRM functionality and unlimited users. They come with varying amounts of credits that can be spent on different things. 

Unique recipients5,00010,00030,00050,000100,000
Mailbox warm-ups1361225
Number of recipients for email drip campaigns5,00010,00030,00050,000100,000
Number of warm-up emails per day501002005001,000
Number of warm-up emails per month1,5003,0006,00015,00030,000

The table below details how many credits are available with each plan, and what they can be spent on.

Searches for bulk domains 1,0005,00020,00050,000100,000
Searches for single domains1,0005,00020,00050,000100,000
Verified emails from social profiles1,0005,00020,00050,000100,000 Enterprise Pricing also does not offer an Enterprise Plan at this stage. Please contact for more information or contact us. Product Comparison

It’s not easy to compare given all the features. You could look for a tool like as an alternative

For email validation, we can compare to Zero Bounce.

Zero Bounce is an email validation service similar to Unlike, it offers spam trap detection, email bounce detection, 24/7 support, and a money-back guarantee.

Zero Bounce also offers insights into activity data, such as opens, clicks, forwards and unsubscribes.

Users pay-as-you-go according to how many emails you want to send:

  • Up to 100: FREE
  • From 2,000: $0.008
  • From 5,000: $0.0078
  • From 10,000: $0.0065
  • From 100,000: $0.0039
  • From 250,000: $0.003
  • From 1,000,000: $0.00225

How Much Does Cost? pricing can be billed per month or per year, and starts at $39 per month and goes up to $738, pricing various by need and ranges quite a bit. If you pay once-off, you receive 2 months free.

PlanMonthly feeMonthly fee total over 12 monthsAnnual fee

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