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6 of The Best Airtable Competitors and Alternatives

Table of Contents

Are you looking to get a better understanding of Airtable competitors and alternatives? We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of the best Airtable competitors broken down by;

  • Product Summary
  • Product Features
  • Product Integrations
  • Product Pricing
  • Product Features

We’ve done the research so you can find what Airtable alternative might be the best fit for your needs.

What Is Airtable

Airtable is a modern spreadsheet platform with database capabilities. So it’s a hybrid of a spreadsheet and a database. It is simple and easy to use, allowing anyone to quickly create databases that can be used to power custom application visualizations, processes, and integrations.

Airtable sets itself apart from traditional databases and spreadsheets with its ease of use and innovative features. It is a platform that makes it easy to build powerful custom applications. These tools can streamline almost any process, workflow, or project. With Airtable, you can create tools without learning to write a single line of code. Airtable allows you to track interviews, and manage large-scale video productions.

Airtable Features

  1. Single sign-on (SSO) integration: Airtable integrates with well-known SSO providers such as Okta, One Login, Google Authenticate, ADFS, and Azure AD.
  2. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Airtable allows you to set up additional identity verification via 2FA.  
  3. Advanced Account Privileges: Protect your assets by limiting access to only the right people with granular privilege controls. 
  4. Task scheduler and prioritization: Airtable allows users  to choose from task lists, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and a unique gallery task management view. 
  5. Shared Team Calendar: Airtable offers a shared team calendar as an additional form of task management that can be viewed and edited by project managers and team members. 
  6. Resource Management: Track your team’s time and effort with Airtable’s customizable and programmable spreadsheets.  
  7. Time Tracking: Airtable’s spreadsheet allows you to set up custom time tracking for your team. 
  8. Pre-built Templates: Airtable offers a number of pre-built project templates to get you started with minimal preparation time. Automation: Save time by automating repetitive tasks so you can focus on more dynamic and challenging tasks. Document function  
  9. Document Storage: Each task in Airtable allows users to store all kinds of project materials such as documents, PDFs, additional spreadsheets, images, videos, and other files.  
  10. Communication: Airtable’s communication features begin with a task commenting system and do not include an internal chat feature. 
  11. File sharing: All tasks in Airtable allow users to upload and share relevant project files, but no centralized database is provided. 
  12. Team Dashboards: Airtable’s team dashboards are created via custom user-created spreadsheet categories. 
  13. Mobile Application: Airtable offers a mobile version of its software for iOS and Android users so you can stay in touch with your team and coordinate project tasks on the go.  
  14. Real-time changes: With the new Airtable Sync, you can connect projects across teams and see changes in real-time without refreshing the page.
  15. Budgeting function 
  16. Budget Reports and Dashboards: Airtable budgets are created via custom spreadsheets and can be downloaded into your own reports.

Airtable Integrations

Airtable offers a robust API for connecting with popular applications which is something to consider when looking at Airtable competitors. It supports integration with softwares like Zapier, Workato, Integromat, or integration that allows connecting Airtable with over 1000 websites and apps. Airtable integrates with the following applications which are powered by Zapier

  1. Project management integrations: Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Wunderlist
  2. File management integrations: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote
  3. Communication integrations: Email, Gmail, Google contacts, Slack, MailChimp, SMS, Twilio
  4. Social Networking integrations: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr
  5. Development integrations: GitHub
  6. Event Management integrations: Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Meetup,
  7. Form management integrations: Jotform, Typeform
  8. Bookmark integrations: Pocket
  9. Media integrations: SoundCloud, WordPress, YouTube
  10. Payment integrations: Stripe
  11. Customer Support integrations: Zendesk

Airtable Pricing

Airtable pricing plans are charged per seat. It offers four plans, one of which is a free plan. Like many Airtable competitors, pricing is offered on a monthly and annual basis.

PlanFeaturesPriceSuitable for
FreeUnlimited bases
5 maximum number of users
1,200 records per base
1,200 records per table
2GB attachment space per base
2-week revision and snapshot history
Rich field types including attachments, checkboxes, dropdowns, and moreWeb, desktop, iOS, and Android appsReal-time collaboration and commenting
Grid, calendar, form, kanban, and gallery views
Design interactive applications with a drag-and-drop experience1 extension per base1 synced table per base1 sync integrations
Automation integrations
On-demand webinars
Self-serve knowledge baseEmail support
$0For individuals or very small teams just getting started with Airtable
PlusEverything in Free, plus:5,000 records per base
5,000 records per table
5GB attachment space per base
6-month revision and snapshot history
Rich field types including attachments, checkboxes, dropdowns, and more
Web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps
Realtime collaboration and commenting
3 extensions per baseAutomatic sync
3 sync integrations
Custom branded forms
$10 per seat /month
billed annually, monthly available
For teams looking to create a single source of truth to manage their workflows and processes
ProEverything in Plus, plus:50,000 records per base
50,000 records per table20GB attachment space per base1-year revision and snapshot historyRich field types including attachments, checkboxes, dropdowns, and moreWeb, desktop, iOS, and Android apps
Real-time collaboration and commentingGantt viewTimeline view
NEWPersonal and locked views
Jira Cloud for automation
10 synced tables per base
Automatic syncMulti-source syncing7 sync integrations
Custom branded forms
Expanded color and formatting options
Advanced calendar features
Password and domain restricted shares
Field and table editing permissions
Early access to new features
$20 per seat /month
billed annually, monthly available
For teams and companies who need to create workflows & extensions to run their most important processes across their org.
EnterpriseEverything in Pro, plus:Unlimited bases
250,000 records per base
100,000 records per table
1,000GB attachment space per base
3-year revision and snapshot history
Rich field types including attachments, checkboxes, dropdowns, and more
Web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps
Real-time collaboration and commenting
Grid, calendar, form, kanban, and gallery view
Gantt views
Timeline view
Personal and locked viewsSectionsUnlimited extensionsAutomation integrations
Jira Cloud + Server/Data Center20 synced tables per baseAutomatic sync
Multi-source syncingUnlimited sync integrations
Jira Cloud + Server/Data Center
Tableau Online
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)Federated company account
Unlimited workspaces
Payment by invoice
Enterprise-wide admin panel
Enhanced deletion recovery
Priority support
Customer Success Manager
Joint success plans
Business reviews
Consultations with Airtable expertsCustom base training
*Base build services*
Pricing is available on requestFor departments and organizations who have advanced customization, scale, security, control, and support need

Note: *A base is a collection of related spreadsheets, often reflecting a single project, process, or workflow that you and your team collaborate on. Each table contains a record (similar to a row in a spreadsheet) representing each object, idea, or person you’re tracking. 

Airtable Reviews

Airtable has a visually appealing interface, offers a variety of project template options, and is flexible when it comes to tracking tasks. Ease of integration capabilities. The mobile app is reliable and you can do just as much as you would on a desktop.

Top Airtable Competitors

When reviewing Airtable competitors and alternatives, it’s important to remember your use cases and budget. Some Airtable competitors are focused on specific use cases, like project management. Others are simply excel alternatives. Let’s get into Notion, one of the top Airtable compeittors.

A Popular Airtable Competitor – Notion

What is Notion

Notion is an all-in-one productivity and project management tool to keep your life productive. Notion includes tasks, notes, notebooks, reminders, etc. There are also tables, databases, different views of tables, and so on. It helps organizations large and small to align deadlines, goals, and tasks.

Notion is an all-in-one workspace for teams. It’s a tool people use for projects ranging from educational projects to project management to business automation. Notion is a powerful tool for team collaboration, projects, tasks, customer support, managing notes, organizing processes, sharing information, and more.  One of the advantages of Notion is that it allows you to work with any type of project using different templates and features. Additionally, there are many integrations with other valuable resources as well which we will discuss ahead and you’ll see in more detail why Notion is one of the top Airtable competitors.

Notion Features

  1. Task Prioritization and Planner: Notion uses Kanban boards, task lists, epic calendars, and sprint organizers to manage tasks, track projects, and complete them. 
  2. Shared team calendar: Notion’s team calendar shows both ongoing tasks and her one-off tasks if the viewer has access to those tasks. Great for creating long-term project plans. 
  3. Mobile Application: Notion offers mobile versions of its software for both iOS and Android users so you can stay in touch with your team and coordinate project tasks on the go. 
  4. Document Storage: Notion’s main project page has an asset upload area for images, documents, PDFs, and spreadsheets. Additionally, all Notion assignments include a file upload button in the comments section for uploading images, documents, and spreadsheets from your computer. 
  5. File sharing: As mentioned above, each Notion task has a system for uploading and sharing files, so you can quickly share resources with other members of your team. 
  6. Communication: Each task in Notion includes a comments section to discuss project progress, issues, and share relevant resources with the person responsible. Security function 
  7. Single sign-on (SSO) integration: Notion integrates with SSO providers like Okta via custom configuration. 
  8. Account Permissions: Protect your resources by restricting access to the right people with fine-grained permissions (tasks, teams, projects).

Notion Integrations

  1. Integrations made available by Notion: GitHub, Jira, Trello, Asana, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Figma, Zoom, Slack
  2. Integrations made available by Notion partners: Pitch, Bardee, Hex,, Pipedream, Census, Rootly, GRID, Amplitude,, Webex, Hightouch, Unito 2-Way Sync, Qonto, Slapdash, IFTTT, Neeva, Make, Typeform, Zapier

Notion Pricing

Notion offers a free plan and three more packages to opt for. The plans can be billed monthly or annually and follow per-user pricing. Pricing as an Airtable competitor is similar.

PlanFeatures Price
Personal Unlimited pages & blocks
Share with 5 guests
Sync across devices
Personal ProEverything in Personal, plus
Unlimited file uploads
Unlimited guests
30-day version history
$4 per user/month
billed annually
$5 if billed monthly
TeamEverything in Pro, plusUnlimited team membersCollaborative workspaceSharing permissionsAdmin tools$8 per user/month
billed annually
$10 if billed monthly
EnterpriseEverything in Team, plus
User provisioning (SCIM)Audit log
Advanced security & controls
Unlimited version history
Dedicated success manager (100+ seats)
Custom contract
Notion Pricing

Notion Reviews

Notion software is customizable with lots of commands and formats. It is easy to set up is easy and includes various templates. It enables creating custom databases where users can filter, search, update and share easily with your clients. One of the cons is that the phone app is not so powerful. Another point of differentiation as an Airtable competitor and alternative is that Notion has a reputation for being a bit slow.

An Airtable Alternative – Smartsheet

What is Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-style project management solution for businesses managing multiple projects with many moving parts. It helps businesses of all sizes manage workflows and improve collaboration which is why it’s one of the top Airtable competitors. It’s project management, collaboration, and crowdsourcing tool available as a software-as-a-service solution.

Smartsheet can be accessed and managed via the web. Smartsheet allows users to create, manage, and share projects, tasks, and processes with authorized access.  For those who have experience using spreadsheets to manage projects, but find traditional options such as Excel and Google Sheets to be inadequate.

Smartsheet Features

  1. Content management: Smartsheet adds value to any content management task. Whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber, designer, or photographer, you can use this app to streamline your entire content management. 
  2. Project resource management: Resource management features help you visualize team member usage, find task experts, reduce project costs, and most importantly, sustain growth. seamless teamwork 
  3. Smartsheet Conversation Visuals: Smartsheet facilitates a 360-degree collaboration and communication with employees, clients, team members, and more. Its flexibility lets you share a single item, multiple items, or an entire workspace. Additionally, you can collect anonymous feedback and comments using forms that need to be created in fewer clicks. The Conversation section keeps project communication channels open across multiple mediums, including attachments, evidence, and reminders. This tool allows you to record conversations at different levels such as sheets, rows, and workspaces. In addition, you can adjust a user’s access level to grant or revoke their ability to edit comments. 
  4. Management of Digital Assets: Managing digital assets on a secure online platform is an essential task for creative designers and developers. Your client may not have access to your work because you need to focus on creating content, or someone may be copying your work without your knowledge. Smartsheet gives you access to Brandfolder, which solves the above problem. This tool allows you to safely and efficiently distribute or present your digital assets. You can also: 
  5. Task Automation: With Smartsheet workflow automation, you can replace repetitive or manual tasks with automated workflows, saving your team members from unproductive work and boredom. An automated workflow engine is a visual tool. Therefore, users do not need programming knowledge to create task automation. Actions, triggers, and conditions are the three components that make up automated workflows. 
  6. Optimized Solution Center Visualizations in the Smartsheet Solution Center: The Smartsheet Solution Center is a robust library that gives you access to a huge collection of project plans and apps. So you don’t have to spend time planning and setting up your project. Just pick a template, make a few tweaks, and start running your project agile.
  7. Powerful Integrations and Addons: Smartsheet makes it easy to sync work with clients and remote collaborators who use other project management tools and communication apps. So you don’t need to use or pay for these apps. Easily integrate third-party apps like DocuSign, Zapier, Quip, Slack, Outlook, and Google Docs into Sheets. If there are updates from external sources, access them directly from Smartsheet. Smartsheet also gives you access to lightweight apps designed for project sheets. Pivot app, Dynamic View, Calendar app, DataMesh, and more are apps that make project management easier. 

Smartsheet Integrations

Like other Airtable competitors, smartsheet offers many popular integrations.

  1. Communication: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat,  Webex, Hangouts Chat, Gmail
  2. Data Visualization: Tableau, Power BI, DataShuttle, DataTable, Qlik
  3. Content Creation: Adobe Creative Cloud, Docusign, 
  4. Connectors: Zapier, Dell Boomi,, Salesforce Connector, ServiceNow Connector
  5. Security: McAfee’s MVISION Cloud, Azure Active Directory (AD), Okta
  6. Forms: Formstack, Google Forms
  7. ERP: Acumatica

Smartsheet Pricing

Smartsheet pricing offers three plans and also a free trial. The plans can be billed monthly or yearly. It has a minimum user requirement of 3 users at least.  A point of differentiation as one of the Airtable competitors is that it doesn’t offer a free plan, only a trial.

ProUnlimited sheets
Unlimited viewers
Up to 10 editors (paid license required to edit)Gantt, Grid, Card, Calendar View
Dashboards, Reports, and Forms
20 GB attachment storage
250 automation per month
Integrations with Microsoft 365, Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, and Dropbox
Login with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or Apple ID
Help and Learning Center, Community, and email support
Monthly pricing: $9 user/month
Minimum prerequisite: 3 users
Total $27/month
Billed monthly (max. 10 users) 
Yearly Pricing:$7 user/month
Minimum prerequisite: 3 users
Total $21/month
Billed monthly (max. 10 users) 
Business Includes Pro plan, plus:
Unlimited editors
User, group, license managementBaselines
Forms with conditional logic
Publish sheets, reports, and dashboards
1 TB attachment storage
Unlimited automation
Brandfolder, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, and PowerBI integrations
Activity log
Document builder
Access to Smartsheet University instructor-led and on-demand training
Access to Standard and Professional Support 
$32 user/month
Minimum prerequisite: 3 users
Total $96/month
Billed monthly (max. 10 users) 
Yearly Pricing:$25 user/month
Minimum prerequisite: 3 users
Total $75/month
Billed monthly (max. 10 users) 
EnterpriseIncludes Business plan, plus:
Single sign-on/SAML
Directory integration and account discovery
Enterprise Plan Manager
WorkApps: Curated experiences based on user roles
Work Insights: Instantly analyze your data
Unlimited attachment storage
Chargeback reports
DocuSign integration
Domain validation
Custom email domains24/7 phone support
Access to Smartsheet Advance:
Manage processes at scale
Enable connected systems of record to orchestrate workflows across the enterprise Data Retention Policies, Event Reporting, and Customer Managed Encryption Keys
Quotation based

Smartsheet Reviews

Smartsheet is overall a responsive, intelligent, highly customizable, and intuitive software, and a worthy Airtable alternative. Alerts for overdue tasks enable ease of use, and the ability to manage projects and send updates is quite a fantastic feature. Smartsheet is more of a business-oriented variant of the other spreadsheet applications and Airtable competitors.

Templates might also be useful. Adding automation to any sheet in Smartsheet is very easy and time-saving. A bit of an issue is that numerous tools make the learning curve of this software a little complicated and also it doesn’t quite work great with Excel. Needs high internet connection speed for stability and good performance

Another Airtable Competitor and Alternative – Google Sheets

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a tool you can use for storing data, tracking performance metrics, and creating dashboards and reports. Although it may not come to mind as one of the top Airtable competitors, there is overlapping functionality which makes it an Airtable alternative.

Google Sheets lets you  create and edit spreadsheets directly in your web browser. No special software  is required. Multiple users can work simultaneously,  see changes made by users, and all changes are automatically saved. Google Sheets has to date been a simple yet powerful online spreadsheet. You can enter millions of rows of data, create thousands of columns, and basically do everything you could in Excel. Google sheets is also a good option as a free CRM for startups.

Google Sheets Features

Google Sheets lacks a lot of the advanced functionality as many of the other Airtable competitors but it’s an incredibly useful tool.

  1. Editing: One of the key features of Google Sheets is the ability to co-edit spreadsheets in real-time. Instead of emailing the document to multiple people, multiple people can open and edit the single document at the same time. The user can see all changes made by other collaborators and all changes are automatically saved on Google servers. 
  2. Explore: This feature provides a lot of information based on the data added to the spreadsheet and automatically updates according to the data selected. The Explore feature allows users to ask questions, create charts, visualize data, create pivot tables, and format tables with different colors. 
  3. Offline Editing: Google Sheets supports offline editing, allowing users to edit their spreadsheets offline on the  desktop or mobile app. On the desktop, the user must use the Chrome browser and install the Google Docs Offline Chrome extension to enable offline editing of Google Sheets and other of his Google applications. When using mobile devices, users should use the Google Sheets mobile app for Android and iOS, which supports offline editing. 
  4. Supported file formats: Google Sheets supports multiple  file formats and file types for spreadsheets. Users can open, edit, save, and export spreadsheet and document files in Google Sheets. The formats  Google Sheets can display and convert are: ( .xlsx ,  .xls,  .xlsm ,  .xlt ,  .xltx ,  .xltxm ,  .ods ,  .csv,  .tsv )

Google Sheets Integrations

Google sheets integrate with applications such as jotform, and other applications such as Hubspot, Jira, MailChimp, etc.  through third-party connector softwares like Zapier, and, and It also offers APIs such as charts API and sheets API.  It lacks integrations when compared to other Airtable competitors and alternatives.

Google Sheets can be integrated with other Google products such as Google Forms, Google Finance, Google Translate and Google Drawings. For example, if you’re creating a survey or poll, you can enter your questions into a Google Form and then import the Google Form into Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Pricing

Google Sheets is available at no cost, with no limits, unlike other Airtable competitors and alternatives. However, a business would have to pay for a Google workspace account.

Google Sheets Reviews

An online Excel alternative and Airtable alternative for both individual and team use. Enables real-time editing and sharing capabilities make it even more practical for organizations that frequently collaborate on spreadsheets.

Relatively secure platform, but there are a few potential vulnerabilities one can be aware of such as two-factor authentication may not be enabled by default, so you  should turn it on in your account settings. Sharing links could be compromised if a third party gained access to the link. Also, there’s no way to password-protect files in Google Drive, you can send them directly to other Google accounts rather than copying and pasting a sharing link.

More Airtable Competitors and Alternatives

An Airtable Competitor – Asana

What is Asana

Asana is a task and project management software that helps teams  organize, collaborate, plan, and execute tasks. It serves as the perfect companion to overcome chaos and meet deadlines. It’s a web-based task management and collaboration tool that takes the clutter out of emails and puts all your tasks in one place. As one of the Airtable competitors, Asana is specifically focused on project management.

The team can use Asana to  track all tasks, collaborate with other team members, share relevant files, and more. This tool is widely used by various well-known companies such as Deloitte, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Dropbox. Asana is growing in popularity among industry giants due to its numerous project management and collaboration features. Used by millions  in 195 countries. Asana is a top Airtable alternative for project management software.

Asana Features

  1. Workflow management : Portfolio tools in Asana help you monitor task/project progress. Workload tools also allow team leaders to assess the current workflow of their collaborators to see who can help the project and who is overloaded.  Additional workflow and resource management tools include: milestone function ,  task dependencies ,  task automation , comment-only workflow , and approval function.
  2. Form : With dozens of form templates to choose from for each Asana price range, users can upload files to forms to better explain concepts and issues to those they share  with. The form will not be embedded on the company’s website to collect data or  used internally to survey employees. Instead, the form provides details and instructions to other team members and external clients. For example, a user can create a form to submit an IT request. The form includes a number of standard and customizable questions such as username/email address, task progress, task approval, and more. Forms can also include customizable questions and commands. 
  3.  Team Collaboration: In addition to workflow management, Asana also comes with a standard set of online collaboration tools to  keep your team on track. Asana’s team collaboration features include:  File and image review/editing  collaboration with guests,  follower function, team building tools such as create hidden teams, etc. Asana doesn’t have a native chat messenger feature (it integrates with many features), but it does have some great office communication tools: 
  4. Team Conversation Board: Task comment  team page, enables  status update  and has like function.

Asana Integrations 

Asana has many key integrations like other Airtable competitors.

  1. Communication: Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Google Chat, Outlook, Vimeo, Youtube, Mailchimp, Evernote, etc.
  2. Connectors: Mulesoft, Zapier, Workato,,
  3. Files: Dropbox, OneDrive. Google Drive, Sharepoint
  4. Finance and HR: Zenefits, KosmoTime, Lumos, Tsheets, Hubstaff, PomoDone
  5. IT and Development: Okta, Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace SAML SCIM, BetterCloud
  6. Marketing, and Design: Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Lucidchart, Wistia
  7. Productivity: Google Calendar, Clockwise, HourStack, Zoho Connect
  8. Reporting: Tableau, Power BI, Fivetran, Weekdone, Grow
  9. Sales and Services: Asana for Salesforce, Zoho Desk, Freshdesk, Zendesk
  10. Security and Compliance: Splunk, DataGrail, Exterro, JupiterOne

Asana Pricing

Asana offers one free plan and three paid plans.

Asana pricing is based on 2 variables:

  1. The tiered plan that best suits your needs
  2. The number of users/seats on the plan or billable group
BasicManage tasks and personal to-dos:
Unlimited tasks
Unlimited projects
Unlimited messages
Unlimited activity log
Unlimited file storage (100MB per file)
Collaborate with up to 15 teammates
List view projects
Board view projects
Calendar view
Assignee and due dates
Project OverviewProject Briefi
OS and Android mobile apps
PremiumPrevious plan features plus
TimelineWorkflow Builder
Unlimited Dashboards
Reporting across unlimited projects
Advanced search
Custom fields
Unlimited free guests
Start dates and times
Task Templates
Admin Console
Private teams & projects
BusinessPrevious plan features plus
Custom rules builder
Forms branching & customization
Lock custom fields
Advanced integrations with Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, and Power BI
Asana EnterpriseAdvanced admin and securityare Price available on request

The free version of Asana is available for teams of up to 15 people. Asana Premium costs $10.99 per user per month when billed annually and $13.49 per user per month when billed monthly.

The price of Asana Business is $24.99 per user per month when billed annually and $30.49 when billed monthly.

Asana Reviews

It is more of a productivity and collaboration package than a project management software. It does not include built-in time tracking or advanced project schedules, which are both necessary for keeping long-term projects on track and correctly paid. Advantages of using Asana are its Intuitive task displays with archiving function, timeline view that offers flexible Gantt charts, and workload tool that helps managers balance tasks across teams. Some drawbacks include, that many  project management features require app integration and open-ended design makes initial setup difficult

An Airtable Competitor – Monday

What is Monday is collaboration software that enables users to organize work across different functions It’s a complete Airtable alternative for a team looking for a turnkey product. Easily build and run workflows on a single, running OS platform. It manages your workflows in one place, is easy to launch, integrates with tools, saves time through automation, provides dashboards to visualize your work, and offers 24/7 customer support. Monday provide ssolutions for marketing and creative departments, sales, and CRM departments, IT and software departments, human resources departments, and operations departments.

Monday provides functionality for workflows such as project management, inventory tracking, and remote working. Perfect for small businesses and businesses. contains different templates for different purposes. In relation to Marketing, Content Creation, Project Management, Sales & CRM, Freelance, Design, Software Department, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Operations, Startups, Education, Real Estate, Venture Capital, and Construction. A combination of various building blocks such as dashboards, integrations, forms, calendars, automation, timeline views, kanban views, notifications, workloads, subitems, updates, card views, guest permissions, and time tracking, file sharing, etc. . workspace. Monday is a more finished version of what you can create in Airtable, making it a popular Airtable alternative for someone who doesn’t want to customize things.

Monday Features

  1. Work Scheduling: With’s Workload feature, you can accurately assign and schedule your team members at any  time. See who’s available and who’s not so you can move or reassign work as needed to meet all  project deadlines. Track time spent on tasks: Knowing where your time is going is important, especially if you’re billing your clients by the hour. Knowing exactly how much time is spent on each task improves the accuracy of your work. This is because you can make more informed decisions about how you spend your time.  
  2. Automated Processes: Automation eliminates manual effort to complete repetitive tasks. Dashboard overview: Dashboards are a great way to quickly see what’s important. Easily gather useful information, track project progress, forecast effort, and track budgets. 
  3. Integrations with external tools: 2-click integrations make it easy to make your primary work center. Integrate popular external apps like Jira and Slack,  Gmail, and Mailchimp to further streamline your workflow. Rich options for viewing data using views: offers many ways to explore the data on your board, including a Gantt chart view for project plans and a chart view for tracking progress. Views help you see things from a different perspective  and gain important insights that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Monday Integrations

Monday like other Airtable competitors, has many key integrations

Monday software integrates with Outlook, MS Teams, Slack, Dropbox, Gmail, LinkedIn, Google Drive, Zapier, OneDrive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Excel, DocuSign, PandaDoc, Shopify, Zendesk, Stripe, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads, SurveyMonkey, HubSpot JotForm, Typeform, Jira, GitHub, GitLab, Trello, Toggl, Basecamp

Monday Pricing

Monday software offers 5 plans out of which one is a free plan. The plan option can be chosen based on a monthly or yearly basis, prices for which are different.

FreeUnlimited boards
Unlimited docs
200+ templates
Over 20 column types
Up to 2 team members
iOS and Android apps
BasicPrevious plan features plus
Unlimited free viewers
Unlimited items
5 GB file storage
Prioritized customer support
Create a dashboard based on 1 board
$8 seat/month [Billed yearly] $10 seat/month [Billed monthly]
StandardPrevious plan features plus
Timeline & Gantt views
Calendar view
Guest access
Automation(250 actions per month)Integrations(250 actions per month)
Create a dashboard that combines up to 5 boards
$10 seat/month [Billed yearly]$12 seat/month [Billed monthly]
ProPrevious plan features plus
Private boards and docs
Chart view
Time tracking
Formula column
Dependency column
Automations(25,000 actions per month)Integrations(25,000 actions per month)
Create a dashboard that combines up to 10 boards
$16 seat/month [Billed yearly]$20 seat/month [Billed monthly]
EnterprisePrevious plan features plus
Automation & Integrations
Enterprise-grade security & governance
Advanced reporting & analytics
Multi-level permissions
Tailored onboarding
Premium support
Create a dashboard that combines up to 50 boards
Price available on request

Monday Reviews

Very insightful dashboard with different parameters and colors. With you can  easily customize the view and metrics to look at. Tagging users, assigning work, and adjusting timelines are quite easy. Although having some good features, the platform does not make it easy to create templates for tasks and use them to structure future projects. There is also no capability to update the date on more than one task at a time. It’s very tedious to add a project to and even more tedious to change dates later on. 

Another Airtable Alternative – ClickUp

What is ClickUp

A cloud-based project management solution called ClickUp manages projects and finds a difficult balance between offering a staggering number of features and being affordable and easy to use. To align workflows with goals, teams can collaborate and define common tasks such as status updates and project updates. It is one of the best project management software solutions as it is highly customizable and provides great insight into each project and assignment. ClickUp, like Monday, is another turnkey product that makes it different as one of the Airtable alternatives.

ClickUp Features

  1. Multitasking Toolbar: ClickUp’s Multitasking Toolbar allows you to manage more than one thing at a time. You can easily change the due date, status, or dependencies of a task by selecting the task as a group and making the appropriate changes. This feature is useful for project managers when they need to bulk update or redistribute tasks for a particular project when team members are unavailable. 
  2. Customization: Customization is one of ClickUp’s key selling points. With this type of fully configurable online solution, you can change your workflow, your business model,  your preferences, and other necessary factors to better manage your project. 
  3. Real-Time Reports Easily create, import, and customize reports with the 
  4. ClickUp App: This tool gives you a better view of your team’s performance, including which projects each member is currently working on, which tasks have missed their deadlines, and which tasks have been completed. 
  5. Time Tracking: ClickUp’s customizable time tracking feature helps you manage your time more effectively and stay focused on your work. 
  6. Mobile App: As doing business on the go has become more common, ClickUp is one of the few projects that includes a well-designed mobile app to help you complete tasks, read important notifications, and assign projects. A management solution.

ClickUp Integrations

ClickUp integrates with Slack, Github, GitLab, Dropbox, Google Drive, Outlook, OneDrive, Figma, Vimeo, Youtube, Zoom, Google Assistant, Zendesk, Grammarly, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.

ClickUp Pricing

Detailed ClickUp Pricing

PlanFeaturesSuitable forPricing (Per user per month)
Free forever100MB Storage
Unlimited Tasks
Unlimited Free Plan Members
Two-Factor Authentication
Collaborative Docs
WhiteboardsReal-Time Chat
Email in ClickUp
Kanban Boards
Sprint Management
Native Time TrackingIn-App Video Recording
24/7 Support
Best for personal use$0
UnlimitedUnlimited Storage
Unlimited Integrations
Unlimited Dashboards
Guests with Permissions
Unlimited Gantt Charts
Unlimited Custom Fields
Teams (User Groups)Goals & Portfolios
Form View
Resource Management
Best for small teams$5 [Billed Yearly]  $9 [Billed Monthly] 
BusinessGoogle SSO
Unlimited Teams
Custom Exporting
Advanced Public Sharing
Advanced Automations
Advanced Dashboard Features
Advanced Time Tracking
Granular Time Estimates
Workload Management
Timelines & Mind Maps
Goal Folders
Best for mid-sized teams$12  [Billed Yearly] $19  [Billed Monthly] 
Business plusTeam Sharing
Subtasks in Multiple Lists
Custom Role Creation
Custom Permissions
Custom Capacity in Workload
Increased Automation & API
Admin Training Webinar
Priority Support
Best for multiple teams$19  [Billed Yearly] $29  [Billed Monthly] 
EnterpriseWhite Labeling
Advanced Permissions
Enterprise API
Unlimited Custom Roles
Default Personal Views
MSA & HIPAA Available
Single Sign-On (SSO)Live Onboarding Training
Dedicated Success Manager
Access to Managed Services
Best for many large teamsPrice available on request

ClickUp Reviews

ClickUp is a powerful tool that allows you and your team to track tasks, brainstorm ideas, create documentation, content calendars, and planning. Allows you to share tasks and documents with clients.  Whether it’s project management, time tracking, archiving, document management, content planning, or briefings, ClickUp is really extensive and you can work in teams on different to-dos, assign tasks, enter times and deadlines, and so on but it has some cons as well  such as setting up the tool is quite time-consuming and complex. Sometimes things get lost and are not so easy to find again. Also, there could arise certain performance issues that could slow your work down.

Airtable Competitors Ranked

Above we had a brief look at the features and the overall software offerings in the project management space. Based on the analysis, the Airtable competitors could be ranked as follows:

  1. Notion
  2. Smartsheet 
  3. ClickUp
  4. Monday
  5. Asana
  6. Google Sheets

Airtable Competitors Compared

As mentioned before, when considering one of the Airtable competitors, it’s important to understand use cases and how much customization you require. Picking the best Airtable alternative for your needs means you need to know what you’re going to use the software for.

Airtable vs Notion 

Key featuresPre-built, custom, pre-loaded templates
Airtable has colorful Aesthetics
Intuitive designing for your project
Separate interfaces for team members
Intuitive designing for your project
Enables you to keep your data up to date
Unlimited templates and blocks
Project Management
Drag-and-drop functionality makes database editing easy 
Notion Bullet Journal Provides Notion Kanban board Tables and databases can be categorized
ProsSupports automating repetitive tasks
Easy to navigate
Allows setting permissions of specific data and columns
Allows customization of templates
Multiple customizations are available
The free version provides many excellent features for a project on a budget
Clutter-free features help you focus on work by blocking unwanted notifications and alerts
ConsThere is a learning curve
Pricing is based on per user per workspace
Can lag with large databases.
PricingPaid plans start at $10 per seat /month billed annually, monthly pricing availablePaid plans $4 per month billed annually, monthly pricing available
Free trial or free plan availableYes, Airtable offers a free planYes, Notion offers a free plan
Support24/7 customer support with experts
FAQ page
Support available 24/7, 365 days a year
tutorials, guides, and documents available

Airtable vs Google Sheets

AirtableGoogle Sheets
Key featuresAllows viewing, collecting, and modifying data across multiple views with remote teams.
Importing process can be done in a few clicks
Offers a handy help menu and chat box when starting different tasks for the first time.
All plans include an interface designer to build and customize apps for internal or external use
Chat While Editing
Google Finance
ProLarger range of collaboration-specific features Attachments
Link Tables
Fully mobile
High utility
Cross-platform compatible
Can work offline
Less complex to use
Database centric
Robust Zapier Integration
ConsLess user-friendly, Tough learning curveToo formulaic and lacks advanced no-code capabilities
PricingPaid plans start at $10per seat /month billed annually, monthly plan available$0
Free trial or free plan availableYes, Airtable offers a free planFree software
Support24/7 customer support with experts
FAQ page
Google Workspace support 

View this Airtable vs Trello Comparison.

Picking an Airtable Alternative and Competitor

When it comes to considering which of the Airtable competitors and alternatives are best for your needs, there are many considerations to consider. If you’re going to be using a tool for project manager, a tool like Asana can be a smart choice. If you’re looking for a database to create no-code automations and tools, Airtable may be the best bet. If you want to organize notes, create company docs, and build a knowledge base, Notion may be the best choice.

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