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what is clearbit

What Is Clearbit – Everything You Need to Know

Table of Contents

What Is Clearbit?

Clearbit is a business intelligence platform that helps companies to understand and connect with their prospects. The service provides users with tools that help businesses identify and target the right audiences, grow their customer base, and improve their marketing and sales efforts. Clearbit’s platform includes features such as lead generation, market research, and customer segmentation, as well as integrations with popular CRM and marketing automation systems. With Clearbit, businesses can access a wealth of data and insights to help them make informed decisions and increase revenue. Overall, Clearbit is a powerful platform that helps companies to better understand and engage with their customers and prospects, enabling them to capture leads and covert buyers in a competitive business market.

What Is Clearbit Used For?

For companies interested in incorporating Clearbit into their sales workflow, the platform is intended for the following use cases

  • Capture Intent
  • Create Demand
  • Convert Pipeline

With respect to capturing intent, Clearbit helps businesses to optimize their pipeline by increasing lead volume, automatically converting website visitors into leads, and creating custom content that specifically targets a particular customer segment.

Through the use of these tactics, businesses can proceed to leverage enriched data systems that consist of verified go-to-market attributes which help sales teams to build a quick and reliable pipeline that is destined to convert.

Once teams manage to identify leads and convert their established pipeline marketing and sales representatives can work cohesively to develop targeted advertising campaigns and track conversion rates through analytical insights to stimulate demand.

Who Uses Clearbit?

At this time, Clearbit is supporting a number of fast-growing companies all over the globe. From Twilio and Asana to Zenefits and HubSpot, the Clearbit platform appeals to a wide range of companies from different industries. Despite its global presence, Clearbit is intended to distinctly serve the following roles inside of a company:

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Operations

For sales teams, Clearbit helps to build their pipeline primarily through automation. The platform helps representatives and managers alike to automatically turn visitors into quality leads, understand when high-value accounts appear, and update existing prospect records to ensure SDRs and BDRs are focusing on promising clients.

In addition to supporting sales teams, Clearbit also is optimized to support the marketing department. From enabling marketing personnel to create dynamic web content to simplifying the research and discovery process, marketers are able to reach qualified audiences, deliver personalized advertisements, and capture more leads for their sales counterparts to convert.

The last role that Clearbit supports is the operations team. By incorporating automation through artificial intelligence, Clearbit is able to create accurate records, build custom market segments with precision, and orchestrate the sales lifecycle so that company leaders can monitor progress.

What Does Clearbit Do?

The primary solution at Clearbit is its data activation platform. Clearbit’s data activation platform helps businesses to enrich, reveal, and capture leads by providing them with access to a wealth of data and insights. The platform includes features such as lead generation, market research, and customer segmentation, which help businesses to target the right audiences that are likely to become paying customers.

  • Lead Generation
  • Market Research
  • Customer Segmentation

With Clearbit, businesses can access data on millions of companies and individuals, including information on their demographics, interests, and behavior. This data can be used to enrich and reveal leads in addition to helping businesses understand who their prospects are and what they are interested in. Not only can users access tons of data bytes, but Clearbit’s platform also includes integrations with popular CRM and marketing automation systems, which can help businesses to capture leads and manage their customer relationships with a single application.

How Does Clearbit Work?

Learning a new system can be difficult, but Clearbit attempts to make the setup process seamless for its clients, thanks to its many integrations. Check out the steps below to learn about how you can set up and get started with qualifying prospects for your company today:

  1. Sign Up: To use Clearbit, you’ll need to meet with the Clearbit team to identify the perfect package of add-ons to help your company achieve its goals. Once accomplished, you will be able to sign up and invite team members to create accounts accordingly.
  2. Set Up: After creating an account, you’ll need to set it up by adding your business information and integrating it with your CRM or marketing automation system.
  3. Target Audience: Upon syncing with your CRM or marketing automation system, you can start exploring Clearbit’s many tools and services to help you identify and target the right audience for your business. You can use features such as lead generation and market research to find potential leads that match your target demographics and interests.
  4. Enrich Leads: Clearbit provides access to a wealth of data on millions of companies and individuals, including information on their demographics, interests, and behavior. You can use this data to enrich your leads and get a better understanding of who they are and what they are interested in.
  5. Connect With Leads: Once you’ve identified and enriched your leads, you can use Clearbit’s integrations with CRM and marketing automation systems to connect with them. You can send personalized emails, make phone calls, and use social media to engage with your leads and build relationships.
  6. Measure Performance: Through Clearbit’s comprehensive dashboard, you can understand how many pipelines are currently in process, how many deals have closed, and even forecast your projected end-of-year revenue in addition to a number of other data-driven insights.

Clearbit Features

Clearbit offers a few key features to help businesses identify and connect with leads. These key features include but are not limited to:

Lead CaptureEmail Marketing
Lead QualificationProspecting Tools
Lead SegmentationPerformance Metrics

These tools and services can help companies qualify their leads which can further drive top-line revenue and help a business scale to greater heights. By implementing lead capture, lead qualification, and lead segmentation tactics, sales and marketing teams can leverage personalized campaigns to develop and monitor prospecting initiatives.

What Does Clearbit Integrate With?

Clearbit’s promising component is its ability to integrate seamlessly with dozens of different applications to help companies power up growth. The platform provides the following integration offerings to potential clients:

  • G2
  • Slack
  • Zapier
  • Pardot
  • Marketo
  • HubSpot
  • Segment
  • Salesforce

With the ability to natively integrate with popular CRM and marketing automation platforms such as those listed above, Clearbit customers can quickly set up collaboration between multiple platforms to attract and win over clients on a deeper level.

Who Are Clearbit’s Competitors And Alternatives?

Since Clearbit is operating in the prospective sales intelligence market, they compete with notable alternatives that provide similar, yet different opportunistic systems that companies can leverage to scale their pipeline. Learn more about Clearbit alternatives by reading the summaries below:

  1. FullContact: This patented platform contains millions of company profiles that businesses can use to target new prospects and enhance their customer experience.
  2. Cognism: Provides an enriched dataset of emails and phone numbers for companies to contact new clients.
  3. Datanyze: Contains millions of emails and direct dial numbers for sales professionals to access and find their next customer set.
  4. Yesware: A system specifically designed for sales teams to track email outreach activity and automate email distribution.
  5. Salesintel: Creates models of technographic data for companies to access and connect with their targeted customer base on a deeper level.

Clearbit Pricing

Clearbit has created a pricing model that is flexible and scalable, allowing businesses to choose the package that best fits their needs and budget. To get started with the platform, companies must fill out an inquiry form on their pricing page to work with their sales team. From there, the Clearbit team can put together an optimal package that factors in the number of users, add-ons, and features needed to help your company grow. Each company that signs up to become a paying Clearbit customer will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be able to answer questions and concerns and provide, provide premium support, and deliver your invoice in a timely manner.

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