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what is vanillasoft

What is VanillaSoft – Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

VanillaSoft is a cloud-based sales engagement platform known for assisting sales representatives with engaging leads and closing deals. Its main focus is helping with lead management, automating email and call campaigns, and identifying key metrics to increase sales productivity and revenue throughout the company. The platform includes features such as lead scoring, appointment scheduling, and analytics that provide insight into the performance of sales reps. 

What Is VanillaSoft Used For? 

VanillaSoft is primarily used by sales representatives to help reduce some of the burdens endured on a daily basis. Firstly, the platform helps reps manage leads from the first interaction to closing by tracking where and when the lead came from, which rep they are assigned to, and whether or not their deal closed and generated revenue for the company. 

Next, VanillaSoft can automate lead outreach to streamline inefficiencies. With the service, sales reps are able to create an email marketing campaign for their target audience, select dozens of prospects, and send the message to a large audience with the click of a button. This inevitably leads to increased productivity throughout the day and allows reps to turn their attention to more important initiatives. 

The last use case for VanillaSoft includes allowing sales reps to auto-dial, record calls and set appointments through the dashboard. Allowing reps to auto-dial reduces the manual burden of typing in numbers and increases the number of calls that can be made on a daily basis. In addition, recording calls empower reps to review previous sales meetings and improve their strategy for next time. Not only can it help to provide actionable feedback, but it can also enable reps to set and manage client appointments in a single location as well. 

  • Manage leads from the first interaction to closing
  • Automate lead outreach to streamline inefficiencies
  • Allow sales reps to auto-dial, record calls, and set appointments

Who Uses VanillaSoft? 

Mainly, VanillaSoft users reside in the small-to-medium (SMB) sized business market. Within this space, many fast-growing companies such as Cogent Analytics, Asurea, US Health, Digicel, and hundreds of others leverage the platform to empower their sales reps. Along with being considered an SMB, VanillaSoft explicitly recommends the service to companies inside the following industries: 

  1. Software
  2. Insurance
  3. Higher Education
  4. Merchant Services
  5. Appointment Setting
  6. Banking, Finance, and Mortgage 

What Does VanillaSoft Do? 

In general, VanillaSoft provides clients with the ability to control the sales process top-down. This translates to letting managers and team leaders monitor and track the progress of sales reps, and make adjustments to the sales process as needed. 

In addition to overseeing the entire sales process, VanillaSoft also includes cadence control, which allows managers to set specific schedules for follow-up and outreach efforts. This ensures that leads are contacted at the right time and helps to prevent missed opportunities that minimize revenue opportunities for the company.

Lastly, VanillaSoft provides dynamic scripts, which are customizable scripts that sales reps can use during calls and meetings. These scripts can be tailored to different types of leads and can be adjusted on the fly based on the needs of the sales rep or the specific lead they are interacting with. The dynamic script capability allows sales reps to have more effective and personalized conversations with leads, which increases the chances of closing a deal.

  • Controls the sales process top-down
  • Implements cadence controls for outreach
  • Uses dynamic, customizable scripts for leads

How Does VanillaSoft Work?

VanillaSoft provides SMB sales reps with a useful, yet intuitive dashboard interface to manage all of their tasks in one place. On a further note, let’s take a deeper dive into how VanillaSoft might work for your sales process on a step-by-step basis below. 

  1. To get started, your SMB would need to sign up for a VanillaSoft account. This can be done by visiting the VanillaSoft website and creating an account with their contact and billing information.
  2. Once the account is set up, your SMB can import their existing leads into the VanillaSoft platform. This can be done by uploading a CSV file or by integrating VanillaSoft with other lead-generation tools.
  3. After importing your leads, you can begin setting up a personalized sales process by creating a series of stages that leads will go through, such as “New Lead,” “Qualified,” “Contacted,” “Meeting Scheduled,” and “Closed.”
  4. From there, individual reps can then set up their cadences, which are automated follow-up schedules for each stage of the sales process. For example, they can set up a cadence to send an email or call a lead every 2 days after they’ve moved to the “Contacted” stage.
  5. Once cadences are complete, reps can start to develop dynamic scripts that can be used by sales reps during calls and meetings with leads. These scripts can be tailored to different types of leads and can be adjusted on the fly based on the needs of the sales rep or the specific lead they are interacting with.
  6. Over time, company sales teams can monitor the progress of their sales reps by looking at lead status, call recordings, and appointment schedules. They can also use the built-in analytics to track their sales metrics and make adjustments to their sales process as needed.
  7. Along with tracking the sales process extensively, users can set the software to automatically reach out to leads through email or phone, reducing the need for manual outreach, and increasing the chances of converting leads into customers.

Overall, as leads move through the sales process and are contacted, scheduled for meetings, and closed, your SMB can potentially take advantage of VanillaSoft to track your progress and close deals more efficiently.

VanillaSoft Features

For sales representatives to constantly perform a peak performance month-over-month, VanillaSoft provides them with a comprehensive feature suite to get the job done. It eliminates the need for guesswork and busywork, thus allowing reps to increase the number of calls they make per day, focus on developing strategic initiatives, and become more efficient. Below, let’s take a look at six of the core features of VanillaSoft that help sales reps achieve these outcomes. 

ScriptingLead Routing
Auto DialingLead Tracking
Call RecordingAppointment Setting

What Does VanillaSoft Integrate With? 

When it comes to understanding what VanillaSoft can natively integrate with, the service offers clients the opportunity to seamlessly work with their ideal tech stack. The platform provides businesses with dozens of options to choose from. All options are likely used by many small and mid-sized companies today. Let’s highlight some of the key integrations below. 

  1. Zapier
  2. Chorus
  3. Vidyard
  4. DocuSign
  5. Salesforce

Who are VanillaSoft’s Competitors and Alternatives?

VanillaSoft is not alone in the sales management space. When it comes to acting as a cloud-based solution, there are a number of other alternatives and competitors to the platform that users can additionally consider. Take a look at some of the examples below to learn more about the competitors in the space. 

  • Call Management: A CRM platform that helps sales teams manage leads on an outbound basis. 
  • Velocify: Incorporates calling, calendar scheduling, email marketing, and sales management in one platform for companies. 
  • Popl: The digital business platform for companies looking to manage contact information in addition to developing new leads. 
  • SuiteCRM: Permits businesses to manage their communication, sales, marketing, and prospect needs in a singular location. 
  • Team 365: Integrates with sales team workflows to manage pipelines, leads, marketing, and revenue accordingly. 

VanillaSoft Pricing

Unlike other sales engagement platforms, VanillaSoft does not provide information about each pricing package they offer to interested users. Per their pricing page, the lowest available price point begins at $99 per month. If you are looking to gather more information about feature sets, pricing options, and availability, you are encouraged to fill out their contact form so that a VanillaSoft representative can get in touch with you virtually. From there, the team can walk you through how the platform can accelerate your pipeline and increase productivity in addition to providing a strategic pricing plan that meets the needs of your SMB. 

Pricing PlanBegins as low as $99/mo. Contact sales for further details. 

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