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fiverr alternative for startups

Fiverr Alternative for Startups and Businesses

What is Fiverr? Fiverr is a top online freelancing platform that connects sellers and buyers but what is a good Fiverr alternative for startups? Although many recognize the platform from its “Fiverr” slogan and $5 minimum purchase, the company behind … Read More

cold email tips

Cold Email Tips With Real Examples

I’m a proponent of cold email for startup founders so we put together cold email tips with real examples. You can target exactly who you want and get quick feedback on the effectiveness of your messaging. Unfortunately, today cold email … Read More

ICP in Sales

ICP in Sales – What You Need To Know

The ideal customer profile or ICP in sales is a common practice helping companies identify ideal customers across all industries. By defining ICP, your company will be able to sell more by targeting the right audience.  If you are a … Read More

upwork vs fiverr

Upwork vs Fiverr: Which freelance platform is best for startups?

Most startups and small businesses are in need of talent consider Upwork vs Fiverr — writers, website designers, marketers — but only need people to come on for a few months or the duration of a project. This is where … Read More

github linkedin

How To Add GitHub To LinkedIn – Step By Step Instructions

LinkedIn can be a gold mine for programmers who are looking for a job and learning How To Add GitHub to LinkedIn can help recruiters, screen for a good fit. Adding this information will help recruiters discover relevant past work … Read More