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Linkedin Ghostwriter

The Guide To Hiring a LinkedIn Ghostwriter That Wins You New Business

Table of Contents

With the cost of customer acquisition ever increasing and more competitors than ever spinning up, using a LinkedIn ghostwriter to drive new business can be a great way to attract more customers. LinkedIn offers generous organic reach to people who create LinkedIn posts. However, creating content for LInkedIn consistently is quite hard. This is the perfect example of simple but not easy. That’s why hiring a LinkedIn ghostwriter can be a great option for founders, CEOs, and other businesses.

LinkedIn Overview

Founded in 2002, inside the living room of Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn is the world’s leading social media platform for business professionals. Many of these professionals use the platform to conduct their job search and further develop a career, however, it is predominantly leveraged for networking and finding new prospects. It allows individuals from similar or diverse working backgrounds to create a personal profile and connect with other individuals by joining groups, sharing content, and establishing ‘connections’. 

Currently, it serves north of 900 million users across 200 countries all over the globe, making it the largest business focused networking platform in the market. The majority of its user base comes from the United States, where it is home to a user base of 200 million individuals which sees constant growth every day. 

Why creating content for LinkedIn is important

With LinkedIn acting as a key social media platform for most B2B businesses, the need to produce content becomes more important than ever. Establishing an online presence can be a strategic move to generate new business opportunities and gain exposure to other professionals and market segments that you have not previously encountered. It’s important to think about actively producing digestible and engaging material for your connections and followers to invest in. 

Creating content on LinkedIn is important because it allows you to establish yourself as a thought leader. Readers will see your content. If you have a ghostwriter for LinkedIn who can take your expertise and create LinkedIn content from it, then you’ll be in a great spot to win new business.

Build a Personal Brand – Thought Leadership

Being active on LinkedIn requires you to support your presence with recurring content. As you express your views on the topics you know best, including your professional industry, you will be able to establish yourself as a thought leader. In addition, you will differentiate yourself from others by creating a unique personal brand that integrates your personal experience and knowledge together. This can making you a trusted resource to potential clients.

Increase Your Organic Reach

LinkedIn is an opportunity to generate organic reach across your first, second, and third degree connections. Quite similar to SEO standards, the platform’s algorithm favors those that create engaging, high-quality content that drives interactions in the comment section and receives likes. As people consume your content, you will garner exposure to first, second, and third-degree connections because followers unrelated to your profile will get to see the content that you are producing. This means you are likely to benefit significantly from network effects.

By creating content regularly with a LinkedIn ghostwriter, you can get thousands of impressions because of the organic reach LinkedIn provides.

Bring Awareness and Inbound Leads

Building off the potential for organic reach, as your content sifts through the feeds of the many users on LinkedIn, your content will reach and wider audience and therefore raise your business awareness. This can allow you to generate more opportunities for inbound leads who are interested in learning more about what your company has to offer. 

For example, if you write about the problems solved related to your sales tool, you will get in front of others who may experience the problem your product solves for. This will drive traffic to your website and messages from potential customers.

Build Trust and Credibility

The ability to create high-quality content on the platform is an opportunity to further develop your trust and credibility. People who see your content may add you or follow you on LinkedIn. Over time, they’ll realize you’re an expert. For instance, if you’re into B2B sales consulting and you write about the challenges companies face in B2B sales and how to solve them, with time, you’ll be able to establish yourself as a trustworthy and credible voice on LinkedIn.

Increase Web Traffic and Build a Following 

Another benefit of creating content on LinkedIn is the opportunity to explore a different distribution channel. In the realm of marketing, you are likely to see ultimate success when exhausting all potential channels to get exposure. A simple way to drive traffic to your site is to write a LinkedIn post about a topic and then link to the post in the comments. This will drive traffic. Additionally, if you are creating content for LinkedIn regularly, you’ll drive visits to your profile. This will cause people to follow you and some people will also visit your website. The key here is consistency which is why hiring a ghostwriter for LinkedIn is often a necessary move. 

Stay Top of Mind for Prospects You’re Connected To

The last benefit of content production on the platform is that it enables you to stay on top of mind with current prospects and users. Similar to a newsletter, your LinkedIn followers will see your regular posts. This content will be in their feed on a daily or weekly basis. When the time is right for the business need you help with, they may reach out.

What is a LinkedIn Ghostwriter?

A LinkedIn ghostwriter is an expert writer that possesses the knowledge and capability to write content on your behalf. These individuals can produce an array of content ranging from things like posts to summaries, taglines, and everything in between. 

Most often, a ghostwriter for LinkedIn is to create regular LinkedIn post content. This is the marketing content that helps one create a personal brand.

They aim to improve your public stature by establishing you as a thought leader in your field. This will help you to attract new business and build better connections as you are contributing valuable content.

It is not an uncommon practice for many CEOs and Founders to use LinkedIn Ghostwriters. Ghostwriting is a more prevalent practice than many might think, as it consumes a large portion of the publishing and public speaking industries. Many people around the world leverage these experienced professionals to write autobiographies or craft heartfelt speeches to give at a conference. LinkedIn is no different.

The benefits of creating content for LinkedIn on a regular basis are immense. The challenge for people is being able to create this content on a consistent basis.

Why you need to hire a LinkedIn Ghostwriter

If you are looking to enhance your presence on LinkedIn, then hiring a LinkedIn Ghostwriter to help you develop and manage strategic content creation is necessary. They can provide a number of different benefits which include, but are not limited to the following: 

  1. Write content on a regular basis. 
  2. Saves you time. 
  3. Establishes yourself as a thought leader. 
  4. Navigate the challenging landscape of social platforms. 
  5. Acts as a compounding marketing channel.
  6. Provides a new perspective on how to produce content. 
  7. Helps you acquire new clients

First, the ability to produce LinkedIn content on a regular basis is difficult if you are juggling a number of other tasks. It can be exponentially harder if you don’t have a solid writing skillset. Being able to come up with new ideas, research various topics, and inevitably write engaging posts can be time-consuming.

Hiring a LinkedIn ghostwriter can address these issues by helping you to naturally produce social content on a regular basis while allowing you to focus your attention on other aspects of your business

A LinkedIn ghostwriter can also enable you to become recognized as a thought leader. Meaning that with the support of thoughtful, well-written content you will be able to develop your profile into a credible expert in your space. With engaging content, opinions, and ideas, you will build a following. This in turn will likely generate you new business in time.

As previously mentioned, creating social content on a regular basis is incredibly difficult. It requires the ability to write well, while keeping the content engaging for the platform. With a LinkedIn ghostwriter, you’ll be able to take your thoughts and get them into a content calendar. This content calendar will become the foundation of your regular LinkedIn posting. Without someone who can write for LinkedIn, you’ll likely give up after writing a few posts.

Another reason why you should hire a ghostwriter is that it is an opportunity to outsource part of your business. Rather than paying a salary to an employee or spend thousands on ads, outsourcing LinkedIn posts can be a cheaper alternative for you to yield arguably the same or better results. This content compounds over time as you build a following. It’s similar to SEO in that results take a little longer but with time, you’ll likely see a large return. LinkedIn ghostwriters remove the hardest part of creating content on LinkedIn which is writing content on a consistent basis.

Hiring a LinkedIn ghostwriter is to explore new perspectives about your company’s content strategy. They can transform your expertise into engaging content that builds your personal brand. It is possible or a CEO or Founder to write content on a regular basis but because this is task 1 of 100, it is likely not given the attention it deserves.

Most importantly, a ghostwriter for LinkedIn content will drive new business. This should be seen as a long term investment. Not only will it build you a larger following, it will acquire new customers. It may be a no brainer depending on your deal sise

LinkedIn Ghostwriting Content

There is many different types of short and long-form content to consume on LinkedIn. The most popular types of posts include text, carousel, meme, and video posts

Let’s learn more about what each type of post is and how LinkedIn ghostwriters can help you to create better content for your profile page. 

  • Text Content: Text posts are the most common type of post on LinkedIn. These posts usually consist of 300-500 words which are in line with what is considered short-form content. Just enough leeway so that you can showcase your expertise and provide value to everyone’s LinkedIn feeds. A ghostwriter can help you create these posts by researching industry trends, conducting interviews, and most importantly leveraging your own expertise.
  • Carousel Posts: Carousel posts are a series of images that can be swiped through horizontally. These posts are great for telling a story or providing step-by-step instructions. A LinkedIn ghostwriter can help you create carousel posts by selecting the right visuals and crafting compelling copy.
  • Memes: Meme posts are a fun way to engage your audience and showcase your personality. These are typically humorous posts that use a popular meme format. Ghostwriters can work with you to create meme posts that are on-brand and appropriate for your target audience.
  • Videos: Video posts are becoming increasingly popular on LinkedIn. These posts can range from short (30 seconds) to long-form (10 minutes or more). LinkedIn ghostwriters are also knowledgeable in writing scripts, so they can aid you in producing video content that showcases your expertise and engages your audience.

Linkedin Ghostwriter for Profiles

Your LinkedIn profile is often the first impression potential business partners or employers have of you, making it important to put your best foot forward. However, creating a strong and professional profile can be time-consuming and challenging. This is where a LinkedIn ghostwriter can come in to help.

A LinkedIn ghostwriter can improve your profile by making it sound professional and relatable, helping you tell your story, and potentially driving in new business. They can craft a headline and summary that highlights your unique value proposition, while also optimizing your profile for keywords relevant to your industry.

A ghostwriter for LinkedIn can also help you create a well-written experience section that showcases your expertise, accomplishments, and work history. They will help you craft a personal brand that sets you apart from your competitors, making it easier for potential clients or employers to choose you over others.

LinkedIn Ghostwriter Skills

While we have established that LinkedIn ghostwriters can help you in a number of ways, now it is time to explore how what to look for when hiring one. When you are ready hire a ghostwriter for LInkedIn there are three key things to look for during your search

  1. Experience
  2. Writing Style
  3. Confidentiality

First, you want to make sure that they have relevant writing experience. They should have a clear understanding of your who you are and what you’re hoping to accomplish. Consider seeking out a ghostwriter you feel comfortable as you’ll need to communicate with them on a semi-regular basis when getting started. An experienced LinkedIn ghostwriter will know how to properly format posts for engagement. They’ll also know how to get the info they need from you to craft the type of content you’ll want to see from your profile.

It’s also important to review their portfolio of past work to ensure that they can create content that aligns with your brand and voice. Given that ghostwriters for LinkedIn aren’t that prevalent, understanding that they have the ability to write compelling content that people like and comment on is key.

Another important factor to consider is the ghostwriter’s writing style. They should be able to adapt their writing to different topics and audiences while maintaining a consistent tone and voice that aligns with your brand. To get a sense of their writing style, you can ask for writing samples or a trial project before hiring them. This will help you determine whether their writing style is a good fit for your business.

The last thing that you should consider before hiring a LinkedIn ghostwriter, is to know whether they will be able to make sure that your content and information are kept confidential. Hence the name ‘ghostwriter.’ Perhaps you may even want to go as far as having them sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that the author of your content is privately held. 

If you’re considering hiring a LinkedIn ghostwriter but aren’t sure where to start, reach out by hitting the get in touch button in the top right.

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