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DocuSign Pricing

DocuSign Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans, Enterprise Too

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Are you considering using DocuSign and want to get DocuSign Pricing? Not all DocuSign pricing and plans are available on their website. Find out about all DocuSign pricing here, including enterprise pricing, as well as how each plan works.

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What is DocuSign?

Have you ever had to sign a document online? In that case, chances are you’ve already come across DocuSign. It’s a quick, easy, and efficient way to virtually send, sign, and approve documents. It’s also the #1 service for cloud-based agreements. DocuSign has many advantages over traditional contract and document signing, not the least of which is saving paper, postage, and time. Learn more about DocuSign.

DocuSign: How It Works

DocuSign Pricing

DocuSign plans are generally based on user volume, or how many users you’ll need to create accounts for. Each plan includes some basic features, and the more expensive plans have more advanced features. There are also enhanced plans, which are based on usage volume, not on the number of users. We’ll look at enhanced plans shortly.

DocuSign pricing is also based on what the service calls envelopes. Envelopes are containers for documents that you can send to someone for signing. Each envelope can include one or many documents and you can send it to one or several people to sign. Plans include limits on the number of envelopes you can send each month or year.

DocuSign Pricing Plans

DocuSign eSignature (their standard subscription service) has 3 basic pricing structures. The Personal plan costs $10 a month when you purchase an annual subscription and is just for one user. If you’d rather purchase DocuSign month-by-month, it will cost $15 per month. You receive 5 envelopes each month with the Personal plan.

The next DocuSign pricing plan is the Standard plan, at $25 per user per month, for an annual subscription (which works out at $300 per year). The Standard plan has more features than the Personal plan. You can also have up to 5 users with this plan. On a monthly basis, this plan costs $45 per user. The Standard plan includes 100 envelopes per year, shared between the users.

The Business Pro DocuSign pricing plan costs $40 per month when you buy it on an annual basis. That works out at $480 per year per user. If you’d like to pay each month, the Business Pro plan costs $65 per user. It also has a maximum of 5 users. This plan includes advanced features. The Business Pro plan also includes 100 envelopes per year.

DocuSign cost per month for an annual subscription (source:

DocuSign cost per month (source:

As you can see, it works out much better to purchase an annual subscription to DocuSign, rather than paying each month.

DocuSign also has special plans for the real estate industry, with similar structures and pricing to those mentioned above. These plans include features relevant to the real estate industry.

DocuSign cost for real estate plans per month paid annually (source:

DocuSign cost for real estate plans per month (source:

DocuSign Enterprise Pricing

DocuSign also has enhanced plans for enterprise clients. These plans aren’t based on the number of users, but rather on the number of envelopes the organization needs per year. Commercial accounts generally come with 500 envelopes per year, although this is customizable.

“The foundation for pricing of these types of accounts are by either volume or number of users. This typically comes with 5 users or 500 documents/year. The initial startup cost for a Commercial account can be around several thousand dollars.”

Enhanced plans come with all the features in the Standard or Business Pro plans, plus extra features such as paid support options and dedicated Account Managers. Depending on how many envelopes per year you’re after and the extra features and support you’d like, an enterprise plan can cost around $2,000-$3,000 per year. Non-profit organizations may qualify for some discounts.

If DocuSign Pricing is Too High, Check Out these DocuSign Alternatives

Not sure whether you need all the features of a paid DocuSign account? DocuSign has a free version that allows you to view, store, and sign documents and contracts. This may be useful for anyone who doesn’t need to create and send documents for signing. You may also find that HelloSign, Adobe Sign, and AltoSign are cheaper alternatives to the paid DocuSign. PandaDoc Pricing is also available and a DocuSign alternative.

DocuSign Competitors Compared

Check out these 11 DocuSign competitors, 13 PandaDoc competitors, this breakdown of DocuSign vs HelloSign, PandaDoc vs DocuSign, Dotloop vs DocuSign, and DocuSign vs Adobe Sign if you’re considering other eSignature tools.

DocuSign FAQ

Can you use DocuSign for free?

Yes, DocuSign offers a 30 day free trial. Pricing starts at $15 per month on a month to month plan and is $10 on an annual plan.

Which DocuSign plan is hipaa compliant?

All plans offer features that relevant to hipaa compliance but the answer isn’t that simple. You’ll want to review DocuSign hipaa compliance docs.

Are DocuSign documents encrypted?


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