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clearbit pricing

Clearbit Pricing – Actual Prices With Full Package Details

Table of Contents

Below is a full breakdown of Clearbit pricing, including pricing for when they make you call.

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What is Clearbit?

Clearbit is one of the leading marketing data engines currently available, turning all your customer data into something meaningful. The company focuses significantly on turning data points into something more concrete, recognizing patterns and interactions to make your business’s marketing extraordinary.

Clearbit’s real-time platform provides some insight into the best options to acquire new customers, convert leads into goals, and build your operations into a more streamlined option. Once all your marketing data integrates with Clearbit, you’ll find instant recommendations and ways to improve your tactics.

Clearbit For Salesforce

Clearbit Pricing

While Clearbit doesn’t list pricing on its website, the company has a few notable points, which they do mention.

For example, the pricing depends on the sheer size of your database, alongside monthly web traffic and contact creation. As any or all these aspects grow, so does the charge.

Clearbit Pricing Tiers

According to Clearbit, the company provides monthly and annual subscriptions. Like the company’s competitors, we expect the annual subscription to offer a discount, locking in a rate from your current statistics.

Again, while there’s no data on the company’s separate tiers, Clearbit mentions “Enterprise-level plans” within their FAQ, likely pointing towards a smaller business tier alongside one for more giant corporations.

Since the company revolves around a “pay-as-you-use” subscription method, the charges vary depending on business size. Additionally, use time and product choices likely impact specific pricing as well. To find out more precisely, you’ll have to request a demo at Clearbit’s Pricing page.

Clearbit Product Comparison

In total, Clearbit currently offers five unique products: 

  1. Advertising
  2. Reveal
  3. Enrichment
  4. Prospector
  5. Alerts

Each product likely ties into the company’s tiered pricing system, with your demand determining what access you gain, at what price.

Clearbit Advertising is its first product, supplying “LinkedIn-level targeting on Facebook.” The company says that Advertising allows you to directly target potential visitors and future employees through 100+ “firmographic, technographic, and employee attributes.”

Advertising is one of the company’s most popular products, providing immediate and real-time access to highly detailed advertisement software. Through Facebook, Clearbit allows you to have further in-depth and accurate advertising for just the right people.

Reveal “reveal[s] your highest value website visitors,” using your data to show off high-target visitors who are your top users. Additionally, Clearbit says it ropes into campaign traffic and reveals the most engaging content.

This product connects to the company’s Alerts service, which together informs you of any opportunity to build upon a target customer’s visit to your site.

Clearbit’s Enrichment provides instant context on leads, contacts, and accounts, expanding a bio from the given data points. The company uses over “100 unique B2B data points” to “equip sales for success.”

Enrichment’s use builds detailed data on the information your company already holds, adding additional points of context along the way. Clearbit integrates this product heavily, working from what you and the company know.

Fourth is Prospector, which allows access to Clearbit’s over-200-million contacts at 20 million companies. As the company’s data refresh in real-time, you can access accurate target profiles within seconds.

Alerts is the final product, providing real-time notifications about Reveal target accounts to Slack, Salesforce, or email. This product determines high-target accounts and instantly informs you of their visits, integrated heavily with Clearbit’s other products.

How Much Does Clearbit Cost?

Although Clearbit’s pricing isn’t readily available, the company’s Enrichment Batch page mentions a flat rate of $0.10 per accessed record. As this is one of Clearbit’s most specialized products, that means that the company’s other services are likely cheaper, although not confirmed to be so.

In the past, Clearbit Enrichment cost $99 and $199 monthly, with both belonging to a specific use bracket. Since then, though, these numbers and the additional Clearbit Prospector plan at $999 monthly and $12,000 annually have disappeared.

These costs are only associated with past Enrichment and Prospector services, meaning each of the five services will likely run between $99 and $999 per month. The company does provide trial runs, though, allowing a more precise glance into the specific pricing on a case-by-case basis.

Clearbit Pricing Prospector for Salesforce


There are two options for accessing our database of accounts, contacts, and contact information:

1. Prospector for Salesforce– allows you to find the accounts and contacts within your TAM (total addressable market). This solution requires Salesforce and starts at 18k/yr.

  • Provides you with name, email, title, direct dial, and social profiles
  • Most customers purchase this with our Enrichment product so it gives their sales team additional firmographic data.
    2. Connect Email Extension (free Google extension)
  • Connect allows you to look up emails from domains or company names directly in your email.
  • This lite version of prospector offers you 100 free lookups per month per user.
  • Note: You cannot buy additional credits with this free product.

If Clearbit Pricing Is Too High, Check Out These Clearbit Alternatives

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