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Lucidchart pricing

Lucidchart Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans, Enterprise too!

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Are you searching for information on Lucidchart pricing and plans? Not all their pricing is found on their website. Learn more about Lucidchart pricing plans here, including the enterprise plan and how much it costs.

What is Lucidchart?

Lucidchart is an intelligent diagramming application. You can easily create flowcharts and diagrams as well as visualize ideas. A large range of templates helps users to accomplish many tasks from brainstorming to project management. Many organizations use Lucidchart to create business process maps, map data flows, and plan and organize their teams.

Product Overview

Lucidchart Pricing

Lucidchart has four basic plans. You can use the software on the free plan which has limited features. With the Individual and Team plans, you’ll get access to more features. And on the Enterprise plan, you and your team will be able to use all of the features and advanced controls. Let’s have a closer look at Lucidchart pricing for each plan, then we’ll look into the cost of the enterprise plan and how it works.

Lucidchart Pricing Plans

The free Lucidchart plan is for individual use. You’ll have access to 3 editable documents and can work together with others using Lucidchart with some basic collaboration features, such as links and the ability to download your documents. You’ll also receive access to 100 professional templates to help you create a visual diagram of your ideas. Some basic integrations with other products such as the Google Suite and Microsoft Office are included.

The Individual Lucidchart pricing plan starts at $7.95 per month. This works out at $95.40 per year. You’ll receive unlimited editable documents plus everything that’s included in the free plan. You will receive access to Lucidchart’s complete set of over 1000 professional templates.

The Team plan is only slightly more expensive at $9 per month per user but has a minimum of 3 users. Annually the Team plan will cost $108 per user. Collaboration features you’ll receive are advanced, with access to revision history, commenting, and more. And you’ll also be able to manage your team with basic admin controls such as granting licenses and setting account permissions.

Lucidchart pricing plans with features and cost per month (source:

Lucidchart Enterprise Pricing

Lucidchart’s enterprise plan gives companies access to all the features in the Team plan, as well as more integrations, advanced admin controls such as domain restrictions and document management, plus SSO.

There’s a minimum of 3 users to start on the enterprise plan, then user licenses increase in increments of 5. That means you can have 5, 10, 15, etc licenses. For instance, if you have 22 employees who need a license, you would need to buy a block of 25 licenses.

How much does Lucidchart cost for an enterprise plan? To start with, it’s only available annually. The enterprise plan costs $199 per user per year. There are also volume discounts available. If you have 25 or more licenses, it will cost $189 per user, and if your company needs 50 or more seats the price comes down to $179 per user.

If Lucidchart Cost is Too High, Check Out These Lucidchart Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to the Lucidchart software? You might like to investigate Miro, Microsoft Visio, and SmartDraw. These online drawing platforms may provide what you’re looking for.

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