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Sage CRM – Features, Pricing, Integrations, & Alternatives

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Sage CRM allows for efficient management of marketing, sales, and customer support. It is a powerful customer relationship solution that is quick to deploy. This CRM is a web-based solution, but it also comes with great mobile features. It is accessible over the web, and you can use it on mobile phones and tablets.

Sage CRM also can be used for tracking leads across the funnel. Reports and advanced dashboards offer valuable forecasting opportunities for businesses. This CRM helps to track targets and set up specific groups for sales and marketing campaigns.

What is Sage CRM?

Sage CRM is a cloud-based CRM software that is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is an affordable CRM and ensures solid value for a business. This customer relationship management solution is easy to install, manage, learn, and maintain. You can either get a fully-integrated CRM or deploy Sage marketing, sales, or service modules according to your requirements. This solution helps to simplify the sales processes.

This CRM organizes the customer data, helps a user take control of the sales cycle, and improves customer relationships. Sage provides tools for organizing and managing sales processes to focus on the most profitable and winning deals. It helps to improve marketing, accelerate sales, provide customer support, and keep sales teams productive.

Tasks That Can Be Performed:

  1. Maintain and manage strong customer, suppliers, and prospect relationships
  2. Track sales opportunities and pipeline
  3. Effectively track customer issues and support calls
  4. Manage and generate marketing leads
  5. Access relevant accounting information

Sage is a comprehensive and robust customer relationship management solution that gives more insight into the business. It allows us to know more about business, understand customer needs, and grow enterprises. This platform helps to discover business insights that help to make smart decisions. It generates precise and more targeted campaigns that reach the right customers at the most appropriate time. Companies can stay ahead of competitions by knowing about the most profitable deals. 

Product Overview

Sage CRM pricing

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Sage CRM pricing depends on the version you choose. It does not offer a free trial, but its prices are affordable. There are two versions with three pricing levels, cost and features depend on them. The two versions are:

  • Sage CRM Standard
  • Sage CRM Advanced

The three levels of pricing are:

  • Sage CRM Essentials
  • Sage CRM professionals
  • Sage CRM On-premise
Sage CRM Essentials£20 per monthPer-user
Sage CRM professionals£50 per monthPer-user
Sage CRM On-premisePrice quoted based on requirementsUp to 1000 users

The cost of the license also varies with the perpetual and subscription license pricing.

Perpetual License Pricing Examples (Standard)

Sage CRM Perpetual LicenseCostUsers
Base Platform£750__
Named User£4501-20
Concurrent User£6751-20

Perpetual License Cost Examples (Advanced)

Sage CRM Perpetual LicensePriceUsers
Base Platform£1000__
Named User£5501-20
Concurrent User£8251-20

There is an initial cost of the platform. You can pay for additional users that can be either named or concurrent. The price increases depending on the number of users. For both standard and advanced, there is no upper limit on the number of licenses you can buy.  You can not purchase a combination of named and concurrent users. There is a cost for support and maintenance that is 10% per annum of the license pricing. Other than license cost, there is a need to buy an SQL server or Oracle. 

Sage CRM Subscription License Pricing

Subscription License is available just for the advanced user, and there is no need to buy a base platform.

Sage CRM Subscription LicenseCostUsers
Named User£360 per annumPer-user
Concurrent User£540 per annumPer-user

Sage CRM Integrations

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Automating processes help businesses to achieve more with less effort. You can enhance the growth of businesses by integrating the Sage CRM with other systems. These include ERP, Sage 300, Mailchimp, Sage 50 accounts, and Zoho, etc. It ensures that employees can work efficiently and management can make informed business decisions. Integration of Sage CRM can increase revenue, control cost, and accelerate the success of businesses. 

Technologies used for Integrations :

  1. Custom programming for third-party integration
  2. Sage CRM COM API and .net API
  3. Sage CRM web services
  4. SOAP-based web services
  5. SDATA customizations
  6. Crystal Report
  7. SQL server

Integration of Sage CRM & Sage ERP

Sage CRM Integration with Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can transform the businesses into customer-centric companies. Customer Relationship Management tools were considered as the foundation of sales, marketing, and customer service. CRM is now a core business component that optimizes operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability using customer-centric processes. 

Integrating Sage CRM with Sage ERP reduces the information gap between departments and employees and enables team collaboration. It helps to increase the productivity of an organization. Integration of Sage CRM with Sage ERP can:

  1. Improve communication between departments with better collaboration.
  2. Helps to make more informed decisions by providing a better view of the business.
  3. Become more customer-focused by providing key information among departments.
  4. Reduce duplication of data using a central database.
  5. Drive profitability by increasing productivity.

There are different types of Sage ERPs, and each of them has several benefits.

Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 ERP provides:

  • Maintenance of data integrity
  • Elimination of duplicate data
  • Increased customer visibility
  • Single source of data

Sage CRM integration with Sage 300 ERP provides:

  • Business process automation
  • Better partner relationships
  • Increased customer visibility
  • Maintains control

Sage CRM integration with Sage ERP X3 can:

  • Better forecast customer demands
  • Automate business processes
  • Increase customer visibility
  • Streamline processes

Sage CRM Integration with Sage 300

Integrating Sage CRM with Sage 300 increases visibility and allows communication in a better way. The integration results in better insight into business performance, more efficient processes, effective communication, and improved productivity. 

Integration of Sage CRM and Sage 300 streamline sales and marketing activities. It allows organizations to gain better business insight and unlocks the secret of customer success. This integration adds new tabs, screens, and features that give more access to information. 

Sage CRM and Sage 100 Integration

Integration of Sage CRM with Sage 100 empowers organizations to leverage information and make better business decisions. It provides a single source of data across several devices. The cross integration allows Sage CRM users to access Sage 100 accounting data or enable Sage 100 users to access the customer information from Sage CRM.

Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 provides the following benefits.

  1. User-friendly BI information dashboards provide superior visibility.
  2. Enhanced end-user experience due to personalized responses.
  3. Critical information is accessible across devices.
  4. Increase productivity due to non-redundant data.
  5. It is a real-time bidirectional integration.
  6. Facilitates informed decision making.
  7. It provides greater access control.

Sage CRM Integration with Sage 50

Integration of Sage 50 with Sage CRM provides a powerful and comprehensive customer relationship management. It provides a central CRM database where all meetings, phone calls, emails, and documents are stored against each record. This database is shared across the organization for a better insight into data. Employees can have better interaction with all customers and suppliers. Centralizing the database enables teams to work closely, which results in enhanced productivity.

Mailchimp and Sage CRM Integration

Integration of Mailchimp with Sage CRM allows you to communicate and send emails to customers. It holds the contact data in the Sage CRM database. After integrating Mailchimp with Sage CRM, you can create email campaigns within the system. It is a two-way data synchronization that personalizes and sends email campaigns based on customer preferences. 

Using Mailchimp, it sends a welcome email to new customers and provides product recommendations. It develops opportunities for salespeople to follow up. Mailchimp sends well-designed emails using the email template editor. Integrating Mailchimp with customer relationship management software is an effective way to enhance a better customer experience.

Sage CRM Features

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Lead ManagementSage CRM stores comprehensive information about contacts. It pipelines the data and provides visibility of opportunities through built-in dashboards. The system supports lead management.
Customized DashboardsCustomizable dashboards pull data from multiple resources. Metrics contain generated leads, conversion rates, ROI on campaigns, conversion rates, open deals and processes, and sales trends against forecasted expectations.
Mailchimp supportSage CRM integration with MailChimp provides email marketing capabilities. It allows building new campaigns using custom templates. Mailchimp integration automates campaigns and gathers customer feedback. 
ReportsSage CRM supports reporting features for sales and customer service metrics. It allows compiling data such as case resolution times, follow-up stats, and sales opportunities. It provides standard and customizable reports.
ForecastingSage CRM enables users to draw from a range of real-time data points to build a forecast. You can export it to excel.
Case ManagementSage CRM provides a detailed outline for each case. The outline contains details about severity, stage, customer service agent, description, and SLA status.
Quotes and OrdersSage CRM allows generating quick proposals using built-in templates. Current access to updated products and pricing information ensures accuracy.
Calendar & Task ManagementSage CRM provides full activity management capabilities. It offers calendar and task management that can be viewed by day, week, months, and due dates.
Extensive Workflow AutomationIt allows you to define business processes. The automation process carries out activities according to policies.
Real-time InsightsProvide expenses and time tracking to get real-time insights for completed tasks.

Sage CRM Reviews

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Executive Account Manager

BAASS Business Solutions

According to the Executive Account Manager of BAASS Business Solutions, Sage CRM provides opportunity and lead management in the sales department. It is used for collection tracking in the accounting department and scheduling across organizations particularly the service delivery department. Sage CRM provides support and customer care for logging and tracking issues. The marketing department uses Sage CRM to maintain customer databases and creates lists.


  • It provides integration with the accounting system. It allows sales teams to view accounting information and accounts teams to view sales information.
  • Sage CRM allows creating workflow around key business processes.
  • It can integrate with other applications such as marketing and support apps.
  • It has great reporting capabilities and offers customizable dashboards.


  • It needs to integrate with other applications from the cloud version.
  • Some areas need improvements. The interface needs to be modernized.
  • Screen size needs to be improved.

ITAD Consultant


ARCOA Group uses Sage CRM for sales team and email marketing. The management team uses it for activity tracking. According to them the pros and cons of Sage CRM are:


  • Mailchimp integration with Sage CRM sends emails to customers and prospects.
  • Sage CRM leads tracking and helps salespeople keep track of prospects.
  • It provides support to new updates and services.
  • It can customize user databases.


  • The customer support feature is sometimes difficult to handle.
  • As compared to salesforce, it is a bit difficult to learn.

Sales Administrator Manager

Bupa Worldwide

According to the Sales Administrator of Bupa Worldwide, Sage CRM is user-friendly, intuitive, and easily customizable. With the little help of the IT department, it can be easily deployed. The application has better out of the box basic configurations. The UI of the application is well-designed and web-oriented. Sales quoting, forecasts, and pipeline management is easy to deploy and configure. According to them the pros and cons of Sage CRM are:


  • Opportunity management
  • Pipeline and forecasting
  • Reports configuration
  • Product list
  • Sales quote


  • Integration with MS outlook is not great.
  • Onsite training and certification.
  • Support from the sales channel.
  • Multi-pricing model.

Sage CRM Software

Sage CRM software is for small and medium-sized businesses to manage marketing, sales, and customer services activities. It helps organizations to find new customers and build lasting and profitable relationships. Sage CRM is quick to deploy and easy to use. It delivers a rapid return on investment and leaves a positive impact on business. 

Sage CRM Professional (Cloud)

Sage CRM Professional is a CRM solution that gives a complete view of customer interactions within the organization. It allows teams to collaborate and respond to sales opportunities quickly. It is an ideal solution for those who want to get up and run immediately. If you do not want to manage servers or databases, then go for Sage CRM professionals. 

Sage CRM On-Premises

It is a fully-featured software solution that automates sales, marketing, and customer service opportunities. It can be customized easily to meet business requirements. Sage CRM On-Premises is the ideal choice if you want advanced customization and integration capabilities. It provides control of data on your site and desires a low cost of ownership.

Sage CRM Alternatives

Here is a list of top alternatives for Sage CRM.

  1. HubSpot
  2. Oracle NetSuite CRM
  3. Dynamic 365 Sales
  4. Salesforce CRM
  5. Insightly CRM
  6. Maximizer CRM
  7. Oracle Siebel
  8. Pipeliner CRM
  9. Zendesk Sell
  10. Pipedrive
  11. PipelineDeals
  12. Workbooks
  13. Zoho CRM
  14. SAP CRM
  15. Sugar Sell
  16. Nutshell
  17. EngageBay
  18. SalesHud
  19. InStream
  20. SutiCRM
  21. GoldMine
  22. Nimble
  23. Agile CRM
  24. Best CRMs for Investor Relations
  25. Best Free CRMs for Startups
  26. Best Call Center CRMs

Final Thoughts

Sage CRM is a customizable and versatile CRM that can integrate with different tools and software. From Sage 50 to Sage 300, it provides a seamless connection to your business. This CRM enables you to manage sales, marketing, and customer service. You can access Sage CRM from mobile phones, iPad, tablets, laptops, and computers. It can be deployed on the cloud and on-premise. You can access your CRM remotely. The reviews are mixed though.

It provides you with reports to run your business and stores all business information in one place. You can control your processes with customizable dashboards. Fully customizable Sage CRM allows segmenting data in many ways. It provides a solution for managing, forecasting, and reporting all phases of the sales cycle.

Sales CRM improves data visibility, sends targeted messages, enables easy access, delivers exceptional customer service, drives more revenue, and applies standardized processes.

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