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Trello Pricing

Trello Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans, Enterprise Too

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Are you looking for Trello pricing? We’ve got you covered so you can understand how much does Trello cost. Trello is a top project management tool. It allows a user to start up a board in seconds, automate tedious tasks, and collaborate anywhere, including mobile.

What is Trello?

Trello is a popular, simple, and easy-to-use collaboration tool that enables you to organize projects and everything related to them into boards. Trello is in the crowded project management tool space. Trello helps teams and individuals track what they’re working on, when they’re working on, and when it has been completed. Like many tools in the category, it helps with various project management needs.

Trello is popular because it’s a simple tool to use. With Trello, a team can get started in minutes. Trello can be used anywhere, even on mobile devices. Trello helps teams manage workflows, tasks, and more. Trello has 3 core components, boards, tasks, and cards.

Trello Overview

Trello Pricing

Trello comes in four plans which are Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. Trello offers a non-profit community discount as well as education discount. It also offers both monthly and yearly payment. If you are unsure whether to subscribe to Trello or not, you can always try out their Premium free trial.

The Trello pricing for the packages are as follows:

Price/ Per MonthFREE$6 per user$12.50 per user$17.50 per user
billed annually
Suitable ForIndividuals or teams looking to organize anything. Teams that need to manage more work and scale collaboration.Teams up to 100 that need to track multiple projects and visualize work in a variety of waysOrganizations that need to connect work across teams with more security and controls.
Annual DiscountFREE$6
per user
per month
billed annually
per user
per month
billed annually
annual price per user 

Trello Pricing Plans

There are a number of features available with the Free version of Trello. By creating a login, users can use the platform for free, forever.

If you subscribe to the Free package, you can start using the available features and it is free forever. This plan is not a trial version but rather a brief look at the software and all that it can offer. In the Free package, you will get access to:

  • Unlimited cards
  • Up to 10 boards per Workspace
  • Unlimited Power-Ups per board
  • Unlimited storage (10MB/file)
  • 250 Workspace command runs per month
  • Custom backgrounds & stickers
  • Unlimited activity log
  • Assignee and due dates
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • 2-factor authentication

With the Trello Standard package, you will get everything in the Free package, plus:

  • Unlimited boards
  • Advanced checklists
  • Custom Fields
  • Unlimited storage (250MB/file)
  • 1000 Workspace command runs per month
  • Single board guests
  • Saved searches

While in the Premium package, you will get everything in the Standard package as well as:

  • Dashboard view
  • Timeline view
  • Workspace Table view
  • Calendar view
  • Workspace Calendar view
  • Map view
  • Unlimited Workspace command runs
  • Admin and security features
  • Workspace-level templates
  • Collections 
  • Observers
  • Priority support
  • Simple data export

The fourth plan that Trello offers is the Enterprise package. This plan is perfect for large organizations. In this plan, user will get everything in the  Premium package, plus:

  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Organization wide permissions
  • Organization visible boards
  • Public board management
  • Multi-board guests
  • Attachment permissions
  • Power-Up administration
  • Free SSO and user provisioning with Atlassian Access

Trello Enterprise Pricing

If none of the other account plans suit your needs, you have the option to create a custom Enterprise package. This includes all the Premium package features, plus any other features you may need.

Trello Enterprise package is suitable for organizations that need to connect work across teams with more security and controls. In the website, it gives the estimated cost for up to 5000 users. If the organizations has more than 5000 users, clients need to contact sales representative to discuss the cost.

Trello Product Comparison

When considering which project management software is right for you and your team, you’ve likely come across Microsoft Planner and Trello. Both offer very similar core functionality, and the deciding factor primarily comes down to whether your organization already uses the Microsoft 365 suite. 

The simple fact that Microsoft Planner is essentially bundled with Microsoft 365, available to all your existing subscribers, and readily integrated into other Microsoft software creates a high bar for choosing Trello. Trello offers a bit of additional configurability and functionality with its task cards. It may be easier to use with teams distributed across multiple organizations that might not all be Microsoft 365 subscribers.

How Much Does Trello Cost?

Trello uses monthly and annual billing for all of its’ plans. You can have a discount with an annual billing payment.

Here’s what the actual cost of Trello is if you pay it off monthly compared to the lump sum:

PlanTotal Per Year Paid Monthly/per userYearly Once-off/per user
Standard$6 X12 = $72$5 x 12 = $60
Premium$12.50 X 12 = $150$10 X 12 = $120
Enterprise$17.50 X 12 = $210per user/ month (billed annually) $210 (annual price per user)

If Trello Pricing is Too High or Not a Fit, Check Out These Trello Alternatives

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