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Leadfeeder vs Albacross

Leadfeeder vs Albacross: Two B2B Lead Generation Solutions Compared

Table of Contents

Leadfeeder vs Albacross is a complex consideration for businesses when they want to use a B2B lead generation solution that generates leads from the website by identifying visitors. 

The reality is that over 95% of visitors leave a site without sharing their contact details. Choosing the proper lead generation solution in Leadfeeder vs Albacross can help businesses increase sales and profit.

This article provides B2B companies with a multi-angle comparison of “Leadfeeder vs Albacross”. Here is what it covers:

  • What is Leadfeeder?
  • What is Albacross?
  • Leadfeeder vs Albacross: Product Benefits Comparison
  • Leadfeeder vs Albacross: Key Features Comparison
  • Pricing Comparison: Leadfeeder vs Albacross
  • Leadfeeder vs Albacross: How do users review?
  • Final thought: Leadfeeder vs Albacross

What is Leadfeeder?

Image source: leadfeeder website

A cloud-based solution called Leadfeeder uses Google Analytics data and other data sources to identify website visitors and create sales leads from them. This cloud-based tool lets companies see which businesses are visiting their websites.

The startup Leadfeeder is located in Helsinki. Thousands of B2B businesses are already using Leadfeeder data to find hidden leads and convert them into clients. The approach works for B2B enterprises of all sizes, and the cost is determined by how many different businesses view the website.

Numerous reputable businesses have trusted it, including: 

  • Capacent
  • Eventbrite
  • Cision

What is Albacross?

Image source: albacross website

A tool called Albacross assists small to medium-sized B2B businesses with lead creation and enables them to monitor their current internet traffic. Users may see real-time leads and receive emails with data on which companies are visiting the site and how frequently.

Swedish company Albacross was established in 2013. With a seed round of USD 2.5 million in May 2018 and a total financing of USD 3.79 million, Albacross aims to be the leading company in account-based marketing and B2B lead creation.

According to Albacross, out of 30 million visits, an incredible fourteen thousand businesses are utilizing their platform to produce three million leads. A 10% hit rate is an impressive number. Albacross is home to several international companies, including: 

  • Mercedes
  • BMW 
  • KPMG
  • Pirelli
  • Leadfeeder vs Albacross: Product Benefits Comparison

Leadfeeder Product

Leadfeeder offers several powerful capabilities for lead creation, lead scoring, and automatic reporting. When one of their selected firms visits the website, users are alerted through email, allowing for prompt follow-ups. Users’ workloads are prioritized by scoring leads and placing the promising ones at the front of the lead list.

By filtering out bots, ISPs, and other worthless traffic, Leadfeeder produces high-quality leads. Users can separate leads into feeds and sort based on various factors, including geography, source, and browsing habits. Users can hide any company in which they have no interest. They no longer count against the monthly limit for Leadfeeder.

Leadfeeder enables businesses to reply to leads, assisting them in closing the sale. The program also assists in identifying the engaging material for visitors. Visitors can receive the appropriate knowledge and goods. Focusing on the prioritized lead helps the sales team increase sales.

Leadfeeder displays traffic sources driving target firms to their websites. The platform may incorporate both marketing and sales data from businesses.

Various CRM platforms, such as Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, and WebCRM, are compatible with Leadfeeder. Every time a lead returns to the website, it updates the lead statistics with a note and adds new viewers to the sales funnel.

Users may examine the web browsing habits of email recipients thanks to a collaboration with MailChimp, and LinkedIn connections enable users to find their contacts at other businesses. Users may examine the search phrases that brought the company to its website. It also allows users to save browsing activity and pages visited history of visitors.

Leadfeeder vs Albacross: Albacross Product

Albacross assists users in converting leads into paying consumers by helping businesses identify which businesses and potential clients are visiting their websites. The service gathers comprehensive business data about website visitors to contact them and complete a contract. Users may design unique company filters based on size, industry, and more variables.

Users may get sales intelligence about website users’ behavior and which ones are more engaged. Users may use Albacross to check out the recent contact information (GDPR-compliant individual email addresses) for organizations and people who have visited their websites.

Users of Albacross may access sales intelligence reports that include information on which pages visitors have visited and how frequently. Users can get advice on how to get in touch with these potential clients to close a deal. Salespeople may reach out in a more effective method with the use of this knowledge.

To optimize marketing efforts and get daily, weekly, and monthly reports on marketing initiatives, businesses may integrate Albacross with their current CRM solutions. Solutions like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Zoho are all integrated with Albacross. It provides plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Google Tag Manager, and Joomla. 

Leadfeeder vs Albacross: Key Features Comparison

Leadfeeder Key Features

Image source: leadfeeder website

By capturing leads and converting website visitors, Leadfeeder’s features boost sales for organizations. They enable businesses to reply to leads, assisting them in closing the sale. The program also aids in analyzing material that attracts visitors and then presents them with the appropriate knowledge and goods.

Leadfeeder Key FeaturesDescription
Lead GenerationWithout any effort, Leadfeeder can produce leads for companies. Its tracking script will collect leads from the website’s potential visitors. Leadfeeder will display leads on the website traffic that visitors should have realized they had.
AutomationUsers may also automate their procedures by directing businesses to the solutions they work with. For instance, users can include Leadfeeder in their CRM program. Users also have access to a precise list of their potential leads.
Account-Based MarketingUsers may streamline this procedure and find fresh lead prospects using Leadfeeder. The feature will display to users which businesses have visited the website. Users’ lead problems will improve thanks to a database of employee contacts. The program can recognize anonymous browsers who visit the website.
Visitor TrackingLeadfeeder may help users create leads by setting the stage for the sales staff to approach visitors. This solution provides users with the visitor information they require.
Sales ProspectingThe goal of Leadfeeder is to make companies’ processes easier and prevent users from wasting time looking for such leads. It enables consumers to spend more time looking for prospects, giving the sales staff more time to concentrate on the selling process.
Technology TrackingLeadfeeder helps users determine new visitors by finding accounts and using specific technologies.
Faster ResultsLeadfeeder always refreshes the list of leads and users may see whether a firm is interested in their service. Users can then take the appropriate action.
IntegrationsUsers may combine Leadfeeder with their preferred sales and marketing instruments to take advantage of the lead creation software. Users’ businesses will grow thanks to these integrations, which will also help them turn visitors into clients.

Albacross Key Features

Image source:

Numerous tools offered by Albacross enable users to convert website visitors into paying clients. With these capabilities, users can see which businesses are visiting the website and get their contact information. This solution makes it possible for sales teams to locate and get in touch with qualified prospects who have a high propensity to buy but still need to convert.

Albacross Key FeaturesDescription
Email ScraperAlbacross harvests email addresses and adds them to the lead list from websites for businesses, local directories, review sites, etc.
Visitor InsightAlbacross defines insight into on-site visitor behavior as the ability to comprehend the interests of visitors. Albacross will add more corporate details as accessible, giving businesses expanded company profiles.
Scheduled AlertsAlbacross notifies users of activities like follow-up tasks and new added leads.
Lead Source TrackingAlbacross helps users to track the online channel or source of every website visitor.
Lead SegmentationAlbacross groups lead based on names, site usage, campaign settings, geolocation, etc. It selects the characteristics and requirements users want the Contacts to meet and imports GDPR-compliant contact data into the CRM.
Lead DatabaseAlbacross stores a database that contains contact components for prospects and corporations.
Lead CaptureAlbacross supplies webhooks and integrations to capture lead statements.
ReportsAlbacross comes with reporting abilities and components, custom pre-built reports.
Contact Import/ExportTo keep track of all client information in one place, Albacross lets users import addresses, leads, or other record types into the application from other sources like an email program, a spreadsheet, or the phone. 
Lead ScoringBy giving value to leads or potential consumers based on their behavior about goods or services, Albacross employs lead scoring to score leads or prospective customers.
IntegrationsSolutions like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Zoho are all integrated with Albacross. It provides WordPress, Drupal, Google Tag Manager, and Joomla plugins.

Pricing Comparison: Leadfeeder Vs Albacross

Leadfeeder vs Albacross: Leadfeeder Pricing

Leadfeeder provides a 14-day free trial and three pricing plans:

  1. Starting price: $79.00 per month
  2. Free trial: Available
  3. Free version: Available

With little to no features that might aid consumers in generating leads, Leadfeeder provides a free edition for life. Users of the Lite plan may only view leads from the last three days and take 100 leads. With this free package, users cannot see what businesses do on their websites, excluding integrations and many other cutting-edge capabilities.

Users should choose the Premium package if they wish to check out which businesses are visiting their websites and gather valuable data from their traffic. With extensive features, including corporate details, a contact database, CRM interfaces, filters, and more, the price for this one starts at $93 per month.

The Leadfeeder pricing continues further. After purchasing the Premium plan, users have the option of tiered pricing. This tool calculates users’ tiers depending on how many monthly unique leads they find.

The Leadfeeder pricing continues after this point. Users can choose tiered pricing after purchasing the Premium package. The number of unique leads a user finds each month determines their tier.

Users who proceed with their alternate yearly payment plan will save 10% off the monthly amount they would otherwise make. The pricing structure described above does not imply that users will pay for each contact Leadfeeder finds on their website. Users can delete unnecessary contacts to increase the number of leads.

Albacross Pricing

Albacross website

For this item or service, Albacross has not offered a price. Both software vendors and service providers do this often. For the recent price, customers must get in touch with Albacross. Albacross has a 14-day free trial but no free version. Albacross pricing is not cheap and is rumored to start at over $4K for the year.

Leadfeeder Vs Albacross: How do users review?

Leadfeeder Reviews

There are many conflicting reviews about Leadfeeder’s quality.

Many businesses believe Leadfeeder gave their firm reliable information about website visitors. The pros are that people can use this tool to analyze user activity across the company’s content. The solution’s ability to integrate with Hubspot is essential for every sales staff. 

Other companies complain that pricing becomes complicated when customers utilize many domains through a single organization. Users also suppose that they expect more from leads of this tool. Based on the leads companies get, users hope Leadfeeder shows them similar leads to the current leads’ parameters. 

One inconvenience is that Leadfeeder is unlikely to have the firm’s network ID and still needs to work to identify people within the organization. Another popular error users can experience is zero dwell time if the visit is on a single page. Companies want to know how long a visitor visited if the visit was only on a single page.

Albacross Reviews

Businesses state that Albacross comes with both pros and cons.

Some businesses claim that Albacross is an excellent platform that enables users to target companies and specific people instead of broad audiences. Its customer success team also spends a lot of time with users and their firms, studying it and developing new marketing and sales ideas. 

Other companies want the signup campaign and ad area to be more transparent. These users must always get more information before making any credit card decisions. These factors make Albacross not appropriate for small businesses.
People also complain that Albacross’s lead screening contains specific bugs. It only allows users to view a part of the list of leads. Users have no permission to monitor and extract them into a CSV file in advance. With Appsumo access, the tool offers restricted access to advanced functions. Some cons that corporations also talk about is that they have yet to learn if potential clients viewed their website, although corporations can view and get lead emails.

Final thought: Leadfeeder vs Albacross

B2B lead generation strategies are only as effective as lead generation tools and both can help with appointment setting. Companies can focus on more profitable revenue-building activities. With the right platforms, B2B businesses will save time and resources.

For Leadfeeder vs Albacross consideration, users need to choose the best lead-generation technologies for their team based on their company objectives. Albacross and Leadfeeder are solutions that gather leads from visitors to companies’ websites, whether or not they have made up their minds to contact you. In this Leadfeeder vs Albacross comparison, there are some distinctions between the two.

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