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Reachdesk vs Sendoso

Reachdesk vs Sendoso – Which Gifting Platform is Better?

Table of Contents

To help you decide, this post compares Reachdesk vs Sendoso. Read on to learn about both platforms’ features, pricing and qualities!

Digital communication has made the life of many companies easier. At the same time, it has created an alarming amount of noise – the biggest obstacle in any company’s marketing strategy to generate leads. With the inboxes of customers brimming with emails about new launches, products, business updates, sales prospecting, and upcoming events, it gets almost impossible to get noticed. 

To tackle this issue, many businesses have opted for gifting to lure customers into the marketing funnel and guide them towards the very bottom –It’s not as sly as it sounds!

Since sending a gift, keeping track of customers’ behavior, and finding the impact of campaigns can be a hefty task, many digital platforms have sprung up to ease the process.

Two popular platforms from this category are Reachdesk and Sendoso. Both aim to make the gift-sending process streamlined and convenient for businesses, but which one is better for you?

Reachdesk and Sendoso – What are they?

Reachdesk and Sendoso are B2B direct mailing and CRM platforms that enhance marketing campaigns with data-driven approaches. However, the companies differ from other CRM and emailing platforms as they emphasize gift-sending techniques to stand out digitally and physically in the clutter.

With these platforms, personalized gifts, eGifts and branded items can be sent from within the platforms or their warehouses (in the case of physical gifts). Once the users interact with these items, companies get to quantify their boost in revenues, sales and user interaction through the data gathered at the back-end. 

Sendoso originated in 2016 and, since then, has created a global footprint with reach in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. 

Reachdesk entered the field a little later, in 2018, and has headquarters in New York. It is also operating worldwide. 

Both platforms are well-known and highly professional in their field of work, yet each has its uniqueness. This Sendoso vs. Reachdesk post will highlight the similarities and differences in both platforms, starting with their use cases. 

What is Reachdesk?

What is Sendoso?

Sendoso vs Reachdesk – Use Cases

Since both companies focus on gift-based mail and e-marketing, they have similar use cases. Here are a few of them to help you understand how these platforms can amp up your marketing strategy:

  • Account-based Marketing Campaigns

AMB campaigns gather specific targets of the sales team and close deals with them. Reachdesk and Sendoso provide bespoke gifts and merchandise that can catch the attention of high-paying customers. In this way, companies can close deals faster and at higher rates. 

With their data-driven platforms, you don’t need any guesswork. The impact of your gifting campaigns is quantifiable and understandable.

  • Demand Generation

Gathering more leads and entering people into the sales funnel is easier with a PR package or a small gift that gives customers a feel of the company’s product. Both Sendoso and Reachdesk allow an increase in conversion rates through eGifts and products, for instance, a free coffee card before a demo call.

  • Holding Successful Events

Gifts and branded merchandise can increase the hype of tradeshows, leading to increased attendance. Similarly, the take-home branded merchandise makes the business memorable and turns many strangers into customers. With Sendoso and Reachdesk, companies can make their events memorable and easier by allowing these platforms to handle the merchandise, personalized gifts and other giveaway items, packaging, and logistic. In this way, they can focus on successful execution with a clear mind.

  • Revenue Boosting

Boosting revenues is easier with Sendoso and Reachdesk as they allow businesses to build personal connections. The era of sending polite emails and scheduled phone calls is far behind–send a box of cookies to your prospect’s doorstep with these futuristic platforms! 

Companies can also revive lost leads and retain more customers with a little personal touch to the extremely corporate environment. 

In this regard, Sendoso and Reachdesk also offer a feature named Address Confirmation that ensures that a parcel land right where the target is –in their office, their holiday house, or at the beach!

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers are the most important aspect of any business. To keep them happy, Sendoso and Reachdesk provide various features, which will be discussed soon. However, at this point, it is important to know that a business can drive referrals, lure prospects into the sales funnel and send an eGift to an unhappy customer using these platforms. In addition, upsells, customer engagement and adoption, and renewals can also get a boost with these mailing platforms. 

  • Employee Gifting and Appreciation 

Employee appreciation is the best way to trigger positive energy in workplaces. With the pandemic, more and more people are working from home, and hence, they don’t get the in-person appreciation they deserve. Sendoso and Reachdesk offer gifts, shipping and packaging services so a business can keep its employees happy, recruit top talent and create memorable onboarding experiences. 

Sendoso and Reachdesk – Features

Sendoso and Reachdesk are very similar platforms yet have their strengths and benefits. Some of these benefits lie in the features they offer. Here are the details explaining the features of Reachdesk vs Sendoso –

  • Analytics and Insights

This feature allows companies to understand how their gift campaigns impact their sales, lead generation, conversion rate, and ROI. 


Insights about the number of gifts sent every day, the number of gifts redeemed, the number of gifts unopened, and their ROI are present in the dashboard of both platforms. Moreover, these platforms offer information about influenced pipelines and the performance of each gift.


  • Reachdesk focuses on providing budget-related insights so companies can decide which gifts are worth their money and where their money is going.
  • Although both offer tracking services for the shipped product, Sendoso has a much more advanced tracking platform with information available from UPS, FedEx and other platforms as well.
  • Address Confirmation

Address confirmation allows companies to ensure that their gift reaches the right place. Companies don’t need to have their client’s addresses; these platforms gather the addresses themselves and deliver the gift to the right place.


Both Reachdesk and Sendoso offer automatic emails with this feature via their platforms to confirm the address. They also offer complete privacy and security of the information obtained.


  • Reachdesk personalizes every email it sends to the clients with the brand’s logos and colors and offers the option of generating the email with the brand’s domain. 
  • Sendoso takes care of the budget by automatically canceling gifts within 24 hours if the recipient fails to respond. The cancellation date can vary from one to seven days, depending on your preference. In this way, none of the gifts go to waste.
  • eGifts

eGifts can involve a virtual experience, a voucher for the local brand, or a free coffee coupon. Since both Reachdesk and Sendoso are gift-sending platforms for garnering business opportunities, the companies support eGift facilities for local and international clients.


There is email and LinkedIn support for eGifts on both platforms. They also have their own marketplace, including a large number of eGifts available for every purpose and occasion. Users can send this gift to anyone, anywhere in the world, with the click of a button!


  • Reachdesk offers the unique feature of sending gifts to local vendors in local currencies of 50 different countries. In this way, people who have international chains too far from them can enjoy a meal at their favorite local restaurant or purchase from a popular local store.
  • Reachdesk only charges for the gifts that customers redeem. If the gift remains unopened or unused, clients will not pay a single penny. However, Sendoso charges for every gift that is sent out.
  • Reachdesk does not add any margin to gifts, they are sent at cost. Sendoso adds margin, rumored up to 20% on some items.
  • Sendoso allows businesses to offer a gift before their scheduled meetings. This can be done by making them schedule a meeting before redeeming their vouchers or offers.
  • With Sendoso, a user can curate a bundle of 2-4 eGifts out of a specific category, giving the recipients a say in what they receive out of the bundle. This option is not available with Reachdesk.
  • Swag Stores:

Apart from gifting use cases, brands can find ecommerce stores to sell their merchandise. These are customizable stores with custom domains and in-built payment options. 


The swag store feature by both companies includes storing, packing and shipping the merchandise. Both Sendoso and Reachdesk have warehouses all over the world, where the merchandise stays before a customer orders it. They follow the shipping guidelines of every region, so make sure you are not sending something illegal!


  • Reachdesk only offers Shopify-based stores. However, Sendoso supports both Shopify and Magento (Adobe Commerce). 
  • Sendoso has a number of shipping carrier options, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Reachdesk does not provide such a vast array of options.
  • Reachdesk’s payment and fund conversion are slower than Sendoso’s as it needs support from the Reachdesk account manager for international gifts.
  • Virtual Experiences

After the pandemic, the virtual world has taken off. Therefore, businesses needed to adapt to this new environment as well. Today, businesses offer virtual trade shows, demos, presentations, master classes, and much more! All of this can be done with Sendoso and Reachdesk.


These platforms have their own curated list of events, from a chef’s class to corporate presentations. Users can create landing pages to match their brand’s outlook and drive more attendance by offering registration gifts and giveaways.


  • Sendoso allows its customers to leave a lasting impression by letting them send a branded merchandise kit to the homes of the attendees. This option is not available with Reachdesk yet.

Other Features:

The Sendoso vs Reachdesk feature comparison is not over. These platforms offer tons of other features that make direct mailing and gift-sending convenient and exceptionally rewarding for their clients. Some of these are:

External Data Export/Import
Special Triggered Mails
Integration of Mail Services
Ready-made Templates
Proper Documentation
Online Support
In-person training
Automatic ROI calculator
Meeting Scheduler
Direct Amazon Gift Sending

Sendoso vs Reachdesk – Integrations

With integrations, companies can directly create and track the activity and statistics, such as ROI, of gift campaigns from other platforms and tools. This gives the advantage of not having to go to a separate platform for tasks and allows higher work efficiencies. 

With Reachdesk, businesses and brands can integrate tools with simple clicks and drops, and if additional steps are needed, the overall process is still quick and convenient. Integrating Reachdesk with either Salesforce or Marketo can keep a check on a brand’s campaign state at the program level. However, for other platforms, companies can only see how their gift campaigns and interactions are doing at the tasks level.

Sendoso offers integration with more platforms and tools as compared to Reachdesk. It can be incorporated with 36 platforms as compared to only 19 with Reachdesk.

Almost all of the tools compatible with Reachdesk can be integrated with Sendoso as well, except for three. 

However, one of the best things about Sendoso is that it can be integrated with Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace with more than five billion visitors each month. And since Amazon operates in more than 50 countries, this allows companies to target potential customers with gifting campaigns that they might not be able to at any other platform! Just like with Reachdesk, integration using Sendoso is simple as well, and businesses can use it with mentioned tools to quickly create or check the performance of their current campaigns.

Comparison of Integrations provided by Reachdesk and Sendoso:

Microsoft Dynamics
Chili Piper
Salesforce Pardot
Ping Identity

Reachdesk vs Sendoso – Pricing

Sendoso offers multiple plans for small teams, large companies, global enterprises, and large-scale industrial players. Each plan has different pricing available on-demand, but on average, it is expected to be $300/month for the most basic plan. 

Reachdesk has no set plans, and purchasing it includes all its features and services in one go. They offer a custom plan to every company, unlike Sendoso, which offers pre-made plans as well. Users can schedule a demo to get a quote according to their requirements.

One thing that sets Reachdesk apart is its zero margin policy on gifts. The platform does not keep any commission on the gifts, and users pay the price mentioned on the vendor’s page. Sendoso, however, deducts money upon purchase automatically. It also charges extras on integrations, shipping and ready-made templates.

The budget and spending control services of Reachdesk are also better than Sendoso. So, if you are looking for a program that offers lesser spending, it might be better to go for Reachdesk vs Sendoso.

ACTUAL Reachdesk Pricing and Sendoso Pricing

Reviews for Sendoso vs Reachdesk

Reviews tell a great deal about how useful a tool is since they highlight people’s experiences. They not only tell the pros and cons of something but can also help new users in their decision-making process. Here is a list of reviews offered by the community for Reachdesk and Sendoso:

  1. The ability of Reachdesk to send out track-able emails is a liked feature, but a popular belief is that this tool is more advantageous to local businesses. 
  2. Sendoso, on the other hand, is loved for its good and vast gifting catalog, but some customers find it to be time-taking and difficult to go through it all, especially without any visuals.
  3. As for the customer support, in case of any issues, users find Reachdesk to have a better one as compared to Sendoso.
  4. Users also find Reachdesk to be easier to set up. 
  5. Users, however, trust Sendoso more when it comes to providing updates for the set of features it offers. 

The Verdict of Sendoso vs Reachdesk:

Both platforms are excellent in their services and features. However, Reachdesk has a more budget-friendly approach, a one-click purchase feature, and better insights on the impacts of gifts. These features make Reachdesk perfect for small businesses and companies that demand less hassle.

Sendoso offers an unlimited number of templates, integrations, and plans, along with excellent methods of scheduling meetings and a vast array of shipping options. Large enterprises have the staff required to dig through the uncountable options and make good use of them. Sendoso works better for companies that have a larger workforce and ask for more control.

In this comparison of Reachdesk vs Sendoso both came out on the top in separate categories!

If you’d like to take a look at the larger category, check out this article on Sendoso competitors and alternatives.

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