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Simpplr vs Happeo

Simpplr vs Happeo – Two Social Intranets Compared

Table of Contents

Simpplr vs Happeo is a popular consideration when choosing a modern social intranet solution. A suitable internal platform can mean the distance between a successful and effective workplace and one that is less successful and less engaged.

Any organization may increase profit from an intranet tool. No of their line of work, modern employees want simple access to the right resources and contacts.

This article provides a clear and multiple-angle comparison between Simpplr and Happeo. Here are the key points to view this “Simpplr vs Happeo” article:

  • What is Simpplr?
  • What is Happeo?
  • Simpplr vs Happeo: Which product is more effective?
  • Who provides more features?
  • Which tool is easier to install, train, and use?
  • Simpplr vs Happeo: pricing
  • What did users talk about?

Simpplr vs Happeo: What is Simpplr?

Image source: argyleforum

Simpplr is an intranet solution driven by AI that allows businesses to interact with and govern workers. Simpplr allows the company’s contemporary intranet platform to improve internal interaction and foster employee connections. It helps businesses link employees and increase staff engagement, cooperation, and performance. 

With AI technology backing, the platform enables businesses to interact with no limit in a remote environment. AI helps Simpplr gauge companies’ health by assessing employee mood and cohesion every time.

Dhiraj Sharma founded Simpplr in Silicon Valley in 2014. He located Simpplr’s headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. Simpplr also has offices in the UK, Canada, and India. This platform gets a $61 million investment from: 

  • Norwest Venture Partners;
  • Still Venture Capital;
  • Tola Capital. 

Large corporations like DocuSign, Eurostar, and AAA trusted Simpplr as the top choice in social intranet solutions. Businesses may use this solution to enhance the companies’ performance, increase employee interaction and retention, and achieve significant productivity advantages.

Organizations supposed Simpplr to be the fastest-growing, most inventive, and well-liked modern intranet solution in the field. Simpplr received many awards, including the Forrester Wave Intranet Platforms Leader 2022 award.

Simpplr Overview

What is Happeo?

Image source: ancoris

Happeo is a cloud-based social intranet solution that enhances corporate communications. Happeo allows users to integrate with G Suite from Google. The platform offers users access to content governance features, employee interaction statistics, authorization management, and the rest of the Google toolkit.  

Happeo combines social media sites, collaboration tools, and an internal intranet into a single, integrated system. This tool also offers language and looks customization options to match user brands and corporate cultures.

Happeo intranet focus on three primary roles:

  1. Channels for tasks: Happeo allows users to generate and send files, folders, and ideas, as well as interact with other teammates.
  2. Pages for the traditional intranet: Staff members can exchange HR paperwork, forms, and other crucial business data.
  3. People feature for employee contact updating: Users may locate company charts, divisions, contact details, and skill sets using the people feature, which keeps staff contact data current.

350+ industry leaders utilize Happeo as their intranet, including: 

  • Doctolib;
  • Pinterest;
  • Marqeta. 

Leading brands believe Happeo gives their teams access to the information, information, and sources they need to accomplish at the highest level. The European Union named Happeo one of Europe’s most potential businesses in 2017.

Happeo Overview

Simpplr vs Happeo: Which product is more effective?

Simpplr product

Image source: simpplr

The product benefit is the first factor in the “Simpplr vs Happeo” comparison. Simpplr offers several innovative capabilities dispersed throughout a straightforward touch screen. Via adaptive personalization of material, businesses can communicate and interact with their employees.

Managers may design social workplaces using Simpplr and adapt them for specific groups and sectors. Users can post and make scheduled tasks, complete with dates and times, maps, and RSVPs.

Users may evaluate polling data, track employee accomplishments, and create mailings. Using a single instance, workers may access the material thanks to the connection with Okta, OneLogin, and Salesforce Identity. For document sharing, the service enables connectivity with Sharepoint and Google Drive.

Employees can keep updated with essential documents, interact with teammates, monitor team events, and participate in digital celebrations using Simpplr’s Smart Feed function. It provides pictures and video hosting, secure access to and sharing of all sorts of data, and other capabilities for teamwork.

Image source: simpplr

Simpplr’s AI technology provides social cooperation and content suggestions. Users may discuss and coordinate planned goals as convenient, thanks to Simpplr’s smart feed, dynamic dashboards, and multi-channel collaboration feature. Users can create integration with third-party systems like Slack, Chatter, and Team. 

Simpplr already has pre-integrated connections to several popular apps, including Salesforce, Workday, Box, Google Drive, Office 365, SharePoint, Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube, and Vidyard. The support center develops new integrations and functionalities day by day.

Happeo product

Image source: Google workspace

Happeo provides customers with the versatility to connect and interact on the road via any online device as a cloud-based platform with iOS and Android apps. By eliminating top-down dialogue, the software creates a free flow of connections to the people users need.

Users of Happeo may create streams to cooperate and interact with staff members every time and from every location. Happeo is a business social intranet that enables users to write messages, exchange files and documents, remark and like, tag others, and have discussions from one central spot.

Happeo offers a customized timeline to make sure that staff members only view information and events that are pertinent to them. With Happeo’s integration with Google Drive, users can locate, share, and modify Google Drive files without ever leaving the app’s interface.

Using Happeo’s simple page editor, users may also build and manage intranet pages. Happeo enables customers to share actual material from their social media accounts or Google Drive folders with their staff by supporting flexible content boxes.

Users can locate what they’re looking for thanks to smart search technologies. When a user types in a phrase, Happeo returns a compiled list of results from all channels, pages, contacts, Google Drive, and other accounts.

Image source: happeo

Happeo leverages the organizational chart-related information saved in the Google Directory. With the aid of the information from digital interactions, the analytical module allows the administration to get insightful knowledge of their sources.

Happeo incorporates several productivity-enhancing tools such as Google Drive, Trello, Calendar, Gmail, Google Analytics, and social media feeds. With the help of SSO authentication, Google Cloud, and GDPR compliance, Happeo safeguards users’ business communications.

Winner: Simpplr

Although both intranet solution allows users to manage internal information sharing and engaging, Simpplr outweigh Happeo with the AI technology. Simpplr’s AI provides users with an in-depth employee experience and actionable suggestions.

Happeo vs Simpplr: Who provides more features?

Happeo key features

Happeo key featuresDescription
Mobile appUsers may keep in touch with colleagues and stay up to speed on crucial communication while on the road with native Android and iOS mobile applications.
Google G Suite integrationUsers of Happeo may utilize their Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Email through the Happeo interface.
Personalized UXUsers of Happeo are guaranteed only to view the news that matters to them.
Smart search technologyUsers can locate what they’re seeking thanks to this functionality. When a user types in a phrase, Happeo returns a compiled list of results from their channels, pages, contacts, Google Drive, and other accounts.
Easy page builderUsers may construct a unique business homepage with relevant dynamic information for each user, job, and function.
Social engagement analytics Happeo provides a comprehensive yet simple-to-understand picture of who is seeing what via the most popular search terms, time to locate results, closed searches, and success and failure metrics.
Employee communicationUsers can build their online communities and publish messages in Channels, allowing for bottom-up communication.

Simpplr key features

Simpplr key featuresDescription
Smart search and updatingUsers of Simpplr may conduct intelligent, AI-based searches to find the most relevant results.
Simple administrationNon-technical people may set up, manage, and group-fed property across the business with Simpplr’s straightforward interface.
Auto management abilityAI technology assists users in managing out-of-date content, deactivating useless websites, and surfacing relevant information. Simpplr AI automates language translation, subject recommendations, content administration, and moderation to increase operational effectiveness.
Effective integrationsSimpplr offers seamless integrations with various cutting-edge, best-in-class cloud apps, including Workday, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Office365, Google Drive, Okta, and others.
Personalized UXUsers can tailor their material and only deliver pertinent information to each employee. Simpplr uses automatic translation and localization to assist businesses in communicating and aligning across language problems.
Employee insight listeningSimpplr aids users in comprehending their workforce. Simpplr AI offers employers real-time data on worker sentiment, message understanding, and trending themes to aid in better decision-making throughout the business.
Mobile friendlyUsers can choose the mobile intranet website or native iOS/Android applications.
Fast executionWith the aid of Simpplr’s committed client success team and best procedures library, companies can activate the tool in weeks rather than months.
Security and scalable  abilitySimpplr provides unmatched security and scalability because of building on the Salesforce platform. Users that do not use Salesforce also benefit in the same ways.

Draw: Simpplr vs Happeo

In the case of “Simpplr vs Happeo”, both intranet solutions provide helpful features for businesses. They allow users to choose which package of features to customize for personalized demand.

Simpplr vs Happeo: Which tool is easier to install, train and use?

Simpplr ease of use

Image source: simpplr

Like many cloud-based systems, users can get Simpplr installed in hours. Simpplr team also goes above and beyond to offer a six-step customized consulting approach to guarantee a successful launch and strong uptake.

The Simpplr Modern Intranet is independent of IT, which benefits intranet managers. Anyone, not only techies, can manage it. Simpplr’s setup and onboarding procedures are described in full for users at every stage by the support staff.

Simpplr enables organizations to save, create, and manage internal material and information, highlight office activities and internal occurrences, and present employees with charts to give them a full image of the firm.

Happeo ease of use

Image source: happeo

The Happeo team is receptive to recommendations from businesses. They try to add user-requested improvements to the roadmap and turn them on for the platform. The Happeo configuration procedure is simple and easy to follow.

Happeo makes it easy and convenient to design content pages. Users may adapt the layouts and the design methodology to their particular organization.

Users may maximize the utilization of their current G Suite systems with the help of Happeo. Users may search through all of their products, including Confluence and Slack, from Happeo using Federated Search. Users’ uptake has been straightforward, given that coworkers are already familiar with Drive, Calendar, Gmail, and G+.

Simpplr vs Happeo in the convenience competition: Simpplr wins

Simpplr wins the “Simpplr vs Happeo” competition about ease of use. Happeo has no exception for accessing non-Google accounts. Happeo is time-consuming for users.

Simpplr vs Happeo: Who provides a more competitive price?

Simpplr pricing

Image source: Glassdoor

Simpplr is more expensive than the industry average. The platform offers 14-day trials, but space is limited.

Simpplr starts at $8 per user per month, but they provide a customized quote depending on: 

  1. The company’s size; 
  2. The support needs; 
  3. The complexity. 

This starting price includes all product features, four major releases per year, global support, and access to the knowledge base. Simpplr offers discounted intranet pricing to organizations with 500 employees or more.

Happeo pricing

Image source: happeo

The number of users, features, and add-ons users select will affect the price of Happeo. Users must get in touch with the Happeo sales team to get a quote or to explore further options about price or other business requirements.

There are many levels of tools included in three bundles:

  1. Essential plan;
  2. Recommended plan;
  3. Custom add-on.

The fact that users can select the add-ons they wish to use means they can only pay for what they use. Happeo’s monthly subscription fee is $7.54 per user. After signing up for the demo, Happeo offers a 14-day free trial to enable successful implementation and utilization of the trial period.

Simpplr vs Happeo in pricing: Happeo wins

Although both platforms provide customized price plans, Happeo is the lower-rate choice when considering Simpplr vs Happeo pricing. Simpplr is the best option for big businesses and leading brands with over 150 employees.

Simpplr vs Happeo: What did users talk about?

Simpplr Reviews

Image source: simpplr

Information sharing is convenient with Simpplr. Simpplr has recognized the difficulties in employee engagement and offers the resources required for editors to communicate articles and business news. Lauren G. (a marketing manager) said that her company had seen better-than-expected interaction with workers.

Many users suppose the downside to the Simpplr solution is the limited ability of page design. There is no drop and pull action. Users have no choice for creating hidden pages. Tim S. (a biotechnologist) said that it would be better if there were more features of page creation for Simpplr.

Other companies want a native calendar feature developed by Simpplr. Michael S. (an entertainment employee) said that many groups within her companies had requested the native calendar function but not yet.

Users complain that the material on Simpplr’s help site is just sometimes helpful since they want to find how-to articles or videos that may assist them in finding solutions. Shannon Q. (an HR specialist) said that she expected Simpplr to have an admin and user site so she could get her environment.

Happeo Reviews

Image source: happeo

Businesses think that Happeo would enable them to consolidate all of their lessons, guidelines, and updates into a unified system. Since individuals share their thoughts and ask questions in the Happeo channels more, information becomes more apparent. Tina (a medical employee) said that the primary reason to invest in Happeo was easy information sharing and access.

Other users suppose Happeo still needs access for non-Google users and is looking forward to more functionality on the developed app. Peter D. (a veterinary administrator) said better access to individual devices would be helpful in his organization.

Some users think Happeo’s page layouts could be more flexible, and some used widgets need to be included. Dan ( an administrator) said there was a limitation on the page layouts of Happeo because he moved a picture to the wrong point.

Limited functionality to communicate/share messages on channels, which makes teamwork slower. Ravindra (a senior coordinator) said it would be better for Happeo to get something like Slack. Users also expect more functionality in the area of messages, and search would be excellent.

Many businesses desire an improved Analytics feature for this product to gain more knowledge about how their set-up intranet is used. Taina (a communication manager) said she loved getting more out of analytics, such as a dashboard with actionable insights.

Conclusion for Simpplr vs Happeo comparison

The above is the article for the Simpplr vs Happeo’ comparison in the social intranet industry. Simpplr is the best choice for large companies that have huge budgets and want to focus on employee insight listening. Happeo is the more suitable option for small-size businesses or beginners using a modern intranet. Considering Simpplr vs Happeo in a competition, the intranet’s ultimate success depends on selecting simple software to manage and scale.

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