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Zylo vs Productiv

Zylo vs Productiv – Which is better and why? 

Table of Contents

When it comes to SaaS management tools, often buyers are comparing Zylo vs Productiv.

The world is going towards full SaaS and it has become a standard model for businesses . This has made SaaS management tools and software almost table stakes.

SaaS management makes monitoring, managing,  onboarding, licensing, renewals, and offboarding of Software as a Service, an efficient process. Businesses need to have a SaaS management strategy in place to

  • Prevent and reduce shadow IT
  • Minimize the risk associated with unmanaged tools and technologies
  • Enhance the value of purchase software
  • Gain transparency in spent and contract management
  • Keep track of usage and license management
  • Define rules for access control and administration
  • Track software renewals

If you are looking for a SaaS management platform that will transform the way you manage and optimize your SaaS applications but confused between the market leaders Zylo vs Productiv, then we are here to help you make the right decision by offering a comprehensive Productiv vs Zylo breakdown. 

What is Zylo

Zylo is one of the leading SaaS management and optimization platforms that is designed to help businesses across industries effectively manage their SaaS spending by providing actionable insights. Its AI Discovery Engine facilitates holistic SaaS management by offering comprehensive discovery, regular monitoring, and complete optimization of the SaaS platform. It goes beyond just delivering data and guides the user on how to use them to their advantage. It transforms the data into actionable insights and helps the business optimize its SaaS portfolio. 

With its comprehensive discovery, it provides visibility into all the SaaS applications including those which are managed by the IT department. With continuous and frictionless monitoring, it offers all the information on the SaaS like usage, spending, and contract details.

These contract details and usage data can be used as an insight to develop personalized, prioritized, and actionable strategies that work towards better SaaS management and optimize the SaaS portfolio. The  Portfolio, Popular Application, and Price Benchmark provide details into data that help in creating SaaS strategy, and renewals and enhance decision-making. It offers seamless integration with leading third-party applications like Salesforce, Zoom, Slack, Office 365, Google Workspace, and more. Its customer base includes some of the world’s leading enterprises like Keap, Showpad, Chegg, Outreach, and more.

Zylo Overview

What is Productiv

Productiv is a SaaS management platform designed to help businesses optimize their SaaS portfolio and efficiently manage SaaS spending. It offers a wide range of solutions for the CIO, IT, and procurement team for effective SaaS management. It makes use of trusted data to provide actionable insights and holistic visibility, promoting collaboration by aligning the teams. The insights help in reducing risk, boosting efficiency, and creating high-quality output from the SaaS investment. 

It aims at helping the organization better manage app spending,  renewals, and portfolio strategy. It helps the organization rightsize its licenses and in-app purchases by providing insights into which license is being used and what features are being adopted by the teams across the organization. 

It empowers the IT team to align their strategies with the rest of the business by offering complete visibility into the SaaS portfolio which strengthens the decision-making of the organization. It minimizes the risk associated with SaaS management by uncovering shadow IT and all the SaaS apps in a single location via SSO, CASB, and expense and financial system integration. It promotes collaboration and cross-team decision-making by offering a unified source of data and deep insights into app spending and usage by feature, department, team, and more.

Productiv Overview

Zylo Vs Productiv 

Zylo Product

IT- It keeps tabs on the SaaS usage and spending to keep track of and classify the applications thereby minimizing the possibility of shadow IT. It offers an in-depth insight into the utilization, license type, and price to instantly start a workflow that rightsizes the Saas license. It helps the customers by offering them the application they need to complete their work and simultaneously maintain compliance, and security and eliminate any unnecessary applications. It gives users the ability to optimize their portfolio by better understanding the customer’s behavior and gaining access to metrics to move ahead with confidence. Software is compared and classified to identify and rationalize a redundant solution during merger and acquisition. It boosts security by utilizing single sign-on through Zylo Discovery Engine Data.


It provides a comprehensive view of all the SaaS applications in the business especially the ones with overlapping functionality. It helps the business in identifying opportunities by offering a clear view of the billing and payment, providing the procurement team time to manage their SaaS spending. It minimizes the cost associated with duplicate applications by encouraging the business to identify and take necessary action on redundant applications, that are either being overused or underused.

It encourages the team to identify, measure, and keep tabs on the software expenses to ensure that the business aligns them with the demand and behavior of the user. It offers periodic updates on the renewal dates to make sure that no SaaS renewal is missed. By offering up-to-date user, portfolio, and benchmark data, it encourages the team to renew their contracts with confidence.

Software Asset Managers

Zylo’s centralized platform helps in identifying and classifying usage and spending for shadow IT, IT managed, and line of business-owned SaaS software assets. With on-demand benchmarks, it helps the business help in identifying and investing in the best software available in the market for the right price. It lets users contextualize the SaaS portfolio with the on-premise software asset using API connections to the software asset management tools and financial systems.

The holistic view of SaaS usage help cut down the cost of those applications that are underused, or unused, regardless of whether or not they are miscategorized. It encourages the team to benchmark against their peers which ensures that they have a cost-effective application. Managing chargebacks become easy as the tool gives the team direct access to user data which can be exported. SaaS along with other software assets can be contextualized by adding usage and license data into SAM tools. It gives the business the ability to identify and minimize SaaS sprawl by helping them build and maintain a master record of every SaaS application.


It helps the CIOs boost operational efficiency and employee satisfaction by providing users with all the necessary tools required to complete the work. It enhances compliance and maximizes the SaaS investment while encouraging employee choice. With a single dashboard, it lets the user gain complete visibility into the application, regardless of who has purchased it. Zylo Benchmark lets the user compare different applications with the peer to ensure that the right decision is made. It eliminates the possibility of compliance risk by detecting unvetted applications.  It can also be used by procurement managers.

Productiv Product 


It centralizes all the information scattered around and helps the CIO make an informed decision by identifying and understanding the behavior of users who are using SaaS applications. It enriches the employee experience by providing actionable insights. It empowers businesses towards better outcomes by offering comprehensive visibility and keeping track of and managing cost control inside the SaaS environment.


With platform integration to SSO, CSAB, HRMS, and other expense and finance systems, it provides comprehensive visibility into Shadow IT, application usage, engagement, spending, and renewal data in one place. It encourages the employees to create claim rules by the team, location, and activity. It gives the employees the ability to automatically reclaim licenses from inactive users.  It provides forecasts that help in understanding when the license requires an upgrade and with benchmarking, it lets the business know, how are they performing compared to its peers.


It helps the procurement team strengthen its relationship with the IT and finance team by providing them with all the information they need, right down to the feature and team level. It offers information about how the apps are being utilized by discovering app insights at the feature level. It minimizes the possibility of any surprises related to renewal with a SaaS renewal calendar by offering alerts and notifying when any renewal is due. It centralizes the application knowledge to strengthen collaboration regarding app usage.

Productiv Vs Zylo  – Features

Productiv Key Features

Comprehensive discovery and visibility: It combines the data from across the organization with employee engagement insights to help the business gain complete visibility into SaaS spend, usage and engagement. It instantly notifies when a new app gets check out in the business environment along with their usage and spend. With its deep integration, it offers insights into app usage by different metrics like user, feature, team and more. Businesses can analyze their data across the standard and custom segments. They can then benchmark the SaaS portfolio an user engage to gain deeper insights.

Collaborative Spend management: With its collaborative spend management techniques, it helps a business save significantly on the SaaS portfolio by combing the spend insights with recommendations that can help in optmizing the SaaS cost. The spend analytics and allocation helps in understanding the spending habits by app, vendor, employee and category. It helps avoid licensse waste and costly true-ups by offering automated recommendation based on the employee app engagement. It helps the business make well-informed portfolio investment by providing engagement data, pricing benchmarks and planning system integrations.

Data-driven app procurement: It offers actionable insights, recommendation on the app usage, license and renewals ensuring that the renewals are done at the right time.The data driven app procurement approach offers pricing benchmark such as recommendation an benchmark license spend so that the business can validate the license cost against the pricing benchmark and has an upper hand when it comes to negotiation. It simplifies the renewal workflow by offering proactive alerts on the upcoming renewals, analyzing app usage, and spend. This helps in creating a plan with the stakeholders for negotiation. It makes the vendor and contract management easy by providing al the information related to the contract at a single place. It helios a business gain holistic view of the contract and spend with the sellers and vendors by providing information such as application, license, data, auto renewals and more.

Intelligence App automation: It minimizes the time spent on manual tasks by automating workflows like license provisioning, reclamation, and more. It strengthens the app lifecycle management by taking care of the app governance from a single place. It lets the user set metadata, app lifecycle stage, ownership and governance policies all in one place. It also automates employee app access and workflows and provides them with a single place todisover and request the app they need to use. Permission to these apps is granted within minutes with automated workflow approvals. It lets the business gain control of the license management by giving them the power to set custom threshold to revoke access and automatically reclaim underutilized apps.

Streamlined Security and Compliance: By integrating with the organization’s expense system and network system it helps the businesses uncover shadow IT and offers various recommendations which can help in managing the risk. Businesses can keep track of their portfolio compliance with compliance risk detection that offers complete visibility on all the compliance certifications on all the discovered apps and manages the app status based on the compliance insights.

Zylo Key Features

Complete SaaS visibility: It provides complete visibility into SaaS spend, usage and engagement by automatically finding applications that are tagged under SaaS and they are monitored periodically. It offers visual reporting and drill down information into license, users and payments. It offers context to the total SaaS ownership and spending trend analysis.

Optimize SaaS license: Licenses across the organization that are unused gets spotted, reasssined or cancleed by the Zylo’s technology. It helps a business rightsize, reassign or cance the license by offering information on a granular level to otpimize the SaaS spend. The step by step instructions of the Zylo workflow enriches the collaboration with the users at scale around their license usage and lets them confidently automate the actions.

Rationalize SaaS portfolio: With its AI-powered search and classification, uncovering It managed line of the business application along with the shadow IT becomes easy which simplifies the SaaS management process. It frictionless monitoring is always on to keep track of all the applications that enter or exit the organization.

Control renewals: Businesses can negotiate with confidence as Zylo offers complete visibility over license, subscription and payment data. It minimizes the reliance on the manual research so that the IT and procurement team can negotiate and prepare for SaaS renewals within hours and not days. No matter how many applications are there in the portfolio, Zylo manages them all efficiently.

Elevate Employee Experience: The Zylo App catalogues helps refine the search of the users by proiding them with the information on the applications thta are available to use. By offering complete visibility to the employees, it helps them stay efficient and productive.

Ensure SaaS Compliance: It provides insights and experts advice to help the organization better manage their SaaS spend and usage. It offers complete visibility that helps the team make decisions while complying with the purchase policies of the IT team’s application. It ensures that the employee preference are supported and shadow IT is prevented by giving the team ability to share pre-vetted applications tat have been added to the App Catalogue.

Zylo Vs Productiv – Pricing

Zylo Pricing: You need to contact Zylo’s sales team to know about Zylo pricing structure for your org. As per the information we have been provided with and confirmed by Zylo, its base platform fee is $35000- $40000 per year and it is an annual agreement. Zylo is suitable for organizations that have more than 500 employees. It is important to note that Zylo’s pricing increases with the increase in the number of users. To get the most value out of the product businesses would need an SSO or ERP. 

Productiv Pricing: To get customized pricing per businesses’ requirements, Productiv requires businesses to sign up to their demo page.

Zylo Vs Productiv – Reviews

Let’s take a look at some of the recent reviews by their customers:

Zylo Reviews 


It allows advanced tracking of software usage.

It periodically reminds the users about subscription renewals.

The intuitive dashboard offers insight into active and inactive licenses.


It does not register statistics of the software that are not combined with Okta.

Requires manual data scrubbing to ensure that the information is valid.

Productiv Reviews 


It helps identify the software that is not being used.

It offers visibility into software spent.

It minimizes the dependency on spreadsheets.


Minimizes risk associated with data leaks.


The customer support team needs to work on their response time.

It sometimes overlooks discovering certain SaaS which makes manual checking necessary.

Lacks connectivity with major accounting software.

Zylo vs Productiv – Verdict

If you are an organization looking for SaaS management and optimization to discover, optimize and govern SaaS applications while enriching the employee experience, then you should go for Zylo but if you are on the lookout for a SaaS intelligence tool that is easy to use, comes with advanced features and offers straightforward functionalities with an impressive portfolio including Databricks, Uber and Equinix, then you should opt for Productiv.

We hope this blog has been of help in making a well-informed decision regarding your investment in a SaaS management platform. Is there anything you’d like for us to cover? Drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

Zylo and Productiv – Additional Reading

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