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What is

What is – Reviews, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Table of Contents

If you’re looking to better understand what is, we’ve got you covered.

Are you facing issues with converting leads into revenue?

Are you looking for CRM software that is packed with impressive functionalities, easy to use, and is a great value for the money?

Wondering where could you find an all-in-one platform that serves as a standalone tool and eliminates the need for a sales email tool or a calling software?

You may be interested in learning more about

Close is a CRM and sales productivity platform that aims at making salespeople as efficient as possible, eliminates manual entry, and makes processes scalable with the power of predictive dialing and bulk email automation.

In this post, we are going to help you understand what is by covering the different aspects like what it is used for, what are the features, review, pricing, its competitor, alternatives, and much more.

What is

Close is an all-in-one CRM platform built for small businesses that aim at enhancing revenue by giving businesses the freedom to email, call, and text leads without having to install an add-on. It is a sales engagement platform focusing solely on salespeople and teams to help them grow their pipeline, get more leads, convert more leads into customers, and establish and foster a long-term relationship to serve a loyal base of customers.

While it boasts of a wide range of features like lead management, contact management,  task management, analytics, reporting, and more, its prime focus is on outreach, be it through phone calls, SMS, and email.

What Is Used For 

Close serves as an efficient tool for helping businesses establish, strengthen and manage their relationships with leads and customers. It is designed to help businesses contact, nurture and close their leads with limited to no technical expertise. It can be used by sales representatives as well as sales leaders to amp up their performance.

It has a wide range of productivity tools like a power dialer and email automation along with embedded communication for phone and SMS. It offers call, email, video, and SMS solutions for sales representatives and empowers sales leaders with features like reporting, call coaching, integration, and custom fields and activities.

Close Key Features 

  • Calling
  • Email
  • Custom fields and activities
  • SMS
  • Video
  • Call coaching
  • Reporting
  • Integration

Who Uses Close?

Close takes pride in being a CRM tool that is by the salespeople and for the salespeople.  It is suitable for small to medium-scale businesses that have a desire for tech-enabled sales teams. Any business that is involved in prospecting, outreach, and selling, will benefit from Close CRM. While there is no restriction to the industry in which Close services, businesses in the following sector have been using Close for its ability to help them efficiently manage sales and boost their sales productivity. 

  • SaaS: This high-performance CRM is built to convert trials and demos into customers. Personalized bulk email templates with custom lead data automates follow to ensure that the next appointment is booked. It provides call automation tools like power dialer and predictive dialer to maximize the impact of outbound reach. It offers native, Zapier, and API integration to make the process of collaboration simple and seamless.
  • Remote Sales: It offers automation tools for calling, email, and video chat and optimizes the CRM for maximum results. It offers syncing across time zones and tools like the predictive dialer, and the power dialer to ensure frictionless follow-ups.
  • Outbound Sales: It helps the outbound sales team convert cold leads into customers and fill up the pipeline with high-volume outreach to qualified prospects. It centralizes communication, syncs and auto-log work to help the sales representative focus more on closing deals.
  • Inbound Sales: It provides four communication channels to ensure that the leads are replied to on time. It gives the freedom to segment and queue the leads into Active Trials and Hot leads so that the team knows who to prioritize.
  • Financial Service: It eliminates the need for spreadsheets to track and close deals and offer services to convert leads to long-term clients. Some of the areas where it helps are wealth management, taxes, accounting, debt management, loans, lending, investment banking, and insurance brokerages.

Who is for? 

For sales reps:

It helps the sales team double the volume of the number of calls they can take by offering a power dialer and predictive dialer.  The sales team can also customize their settings and make outbound calls to more than 200 countries. It simplifies email integration by letting the sales reps import their existing email from Microsoft, Gmail, and other providers into Close with just a click. 

It also imports the email history along with all the leads to sync the timeline chronologically. It offers templates and cadences to provide email automation. The sequences can help sales reps add calling steps which will increase the probability of getting meetings booked. 

Its SMS software offers one-click SMS and templates to speed up reaching out to prospects. It centralizes the conversations so that the Sales rep can quickly read and respond to the messages without leaving the Close inbox. 

It automatically connects with a Zoom account and stores the recordings directly in the CRM. The sales rep will be notified of the meeting 5 minutes before the call and the meetings take place in lead view so that the sales reps can add notes and update the necessary fields for context. It automatically syncs the meeting with the leads immediately after the call.

Sales leaders: It helps sales leaders make accurate sales forecasting projections on open deals. By offering a holistic view of the KPIs it ensures that the sales leaders are able to docs on closing the deals. They can keep track of the leading indicators and identify any potential roadblocks which they can fix.

It helps sales leaders analyze phone time, see customer data distribution, and more. With the integration and exporting,  sales management can easily export data and sync Close data with the business intelligence tool of their choice.

Sales leaders like a Vice President of Sales can compare different metrics like deal count, deal value, and conversion rate and also monitor the velocity between the pipeline stage and overall conversion rate. It offers built-in opportunity funnels reports that the sales leaders can access and use without any upgrades or add-ons.  

It comes with a built-in coaching tool that can be used by sales leaders to coach sales representatives and enhance their performance. It offers free scripts which are available for download and can help the sales rep close more deals. It has an in-app coaching tool that offers learning and development in real-time and helps sales representative reach their sales quota.

The call coaching tool helps in retaining the top performers whose recordings can be used to motivate their peers. It does not require the user to buy any subscription as the call coaching tool is available for use in the lead view of Close for all business customers. 

Sales management can customize their CRM according to the specific requirements of the business using custom fields and activities. All the workflow is centralized and custom fields help in increasing the volume of outreach. Integrations 

It provides a one-click integration link for various tools and third-party applications like Calendly, Asana, Zoom, Zapier, Gmail, HubSpot, Airtable, and more. Users can avail of Close services without having to enter their credit cards. It offers a free trial, migration, and support to help the sales team close more leads and generate more revenue. Pricing

Close has a straightforward pricing structure wherein all the plans include email, calling, and SMS. It also offers a 14-day free trial period without entering the credit card details. Businesses can also check out the features and services provided by Close in an on-demand demo. For more information on Close pricing, we’ve got you covered.

Close offers its services in four different plans: Starter, Basic, Professional, and Business.

Starter$29 per user per monthThe plan includes features likeLead, contact, and opportunity storage
Smart Views (saved lead lists)Email support and help center
2-way email sync, and templatesTask management
Built-in global calling
Built-in SMS
Pipeline, activity, and opportunity reporting
Suitable for a team of 1-3 people.
Basic$69 per user per monthCall forwarding
Custom fields
External phone numbers
Sales leaderboard
Comparison reports
Suitable for medium-scale businesses looking for more features like custom fields, and leaderboard.
Professional$99 per user per monthEmail and domain filtering
Bulk email sending
Email sequences
Call Recording
Power Dialer
Suitable for businesses looking to explore outreach with advanced email, calling automation, and sequences.
Business$149 per user per monthPredictive Dialer
Custom roles & permissions
Built-in call coaching
Voicemail drop
Call transferring
Group numbers
Custom reporting graphs (Explorer)
Dedicated account manager (6+ users)
Suitable for businesses looking to coach their sales representatives 

Close Reviews 2022

Let us now look at some of the feedback from customers who have used Close in their business operations.

○ Pros 

  • Efficient reporting and lead management
  • Made for high volume telesales
  • Quick and easy filtering
  • Useful calling feature
  • Ability to create custom leads for lead calling
  • It offers great functionality, flexibility, and customer support.
  • It is quick and makes the customer ticketing system easy.

○ Cons

  • Searching for data can be a daunting task.
  • It could use an intuitive dashboard.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • High upgrading cost.
  • Can not opt out of duplicating leads, which increases manual work.

Close Competitors and Alternatives 

Having discussed what is — let us now discuss some of the competitors and alternatives to Close that will help you understand which tool is right for your business requirements.

  • HubSpot Sales Hub: HubSpot Sales Hub is a HubSpot product built for small to medium enterprise organizations. It is designed to help businesses manage, communicate and track their leads without having to spend time, energy, and valuable resources on manually entering the data. It has an intuitive platform that boasts features that help in growing the business and taking care of all the tasks, freeing up valuable time for the business to focus on what is important. It offers seamless integration with leading third-party applications like Salesforce. Some of its prominent features include pipeline management, account-based marketing, contact management, lead management, sales automation, analytics, and reporting.
  • Freshsales:  Freshsales is a sales automation platform by Freshworks that offers help to sales representatives in different aspects like attracting quality leads, engaging in contextual conversations, AI-powered insights, and nurturing customer relationships. It comes with built-in chat, phone, and telephony. By automating the sales process, it encourages the sales team to focus more on selling, thereby boosting efficiency and productivity. It simplifies the process of generating and sharing important sales assets like quotes by providing the option to use native CPQ. By integrating with Freddy AI, it offers actionable insights to the sales representatives, which helps in identifying the gaps and predicting revenue with sales forecasting.
  • Pipedrive: Pipedrive is a pipeline CRM that focuses on strengthening customer relationships and making sales more profitable. It simplifies importing leads, assigning them to the salesperson, and moving through the different stages of the sale lifecycle easily. It is customizable and flexible, making end-to-end sales management easy. It has a wide range of features like custom columns and filters, customized email templates, logging leads in, revenue projection, scheduler, and more. Pipedrive supports 150+ integrations, some of which are — Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Livestorm, Aircall, Just Call, Twilio, PandaDoc, and Microsoft Flow. API is provided for the developers to create custom applications and plugins. Users can access the products created by the developers on Pipedrive’s Marketplace.
  • Zoho CRM: It is an online CRM software that acts as a centralized repository for bringing the sales, customer support, and marketing activities together and streamlining the process for better customer experience and driving revenue. It has omnichannel capabilities that allow businesses to reach customers through every channel possible and get real-time notifications about when the customers interact. With Zoho Connect, it lets businesses integrate all the applications and access the updates inside Zoho Connect without having to switch between the applications. It offers integration with leading third-party applications like —  Writer, Campaign, Calendar, Sheets, Doc, Cliq, Project, Showtime, Creator, and Flow. It also offers integration with Trello, Asana, Google Drive, Calendar, and RSS Feed. Through Zapier, it offers integration with Slack, WordPress, HubSpot, Twitter, and Gmail.
  • Outreach: It is a sales execution and conversation intelligence tool that identifies and fills the gap between the potential revenue of an organization and what it wants to achieve. It automates workflow and guides the organization in real-time enabling the team to take the needed action. This helps in improving the performance and allow them to serve customers in a better way. It provides greater transparency into the pipelines and forecasts by capturing buyers’ behavioral data. Managers and leaders are empowered to change their business strategy from guessing the future based on past results to changing it using the recommended actions. The three products— Kaia, Insights, and Success Plan are all designed to help sales representatives, managers and leaders create a seller engagement model. Kaia provides in-the-moment coaching to shorten the deal cycle, enhance the buyer’s experience, and speed up the seller ramp time. Insights is a reporting and analytics solution that helps the sales team understand the level of interest a prospect has in a sales conversation. Success Plan records data from integrations to help the team strategize the action plans that will result successful business results.
  • Keap: It is a cloud-based CRM platform that is designed for service-based businesses with specific requirements. It offers built-in invoicing and various payment processing integration that aims at enhancing the conversion rate and average cart value. It stores all the contact information in one place and manages the interactions with the contacts that are automatically added to the account for a quick review. It provides pre-made templates which make automation easy. It offers integration with over 2500+ applications, natively as well as via Zapier premium. It is designed to especially help small businesses streamline sales and manage their customer experience. It lets the user segment contact, track the interactions, and send emails with personalized triggers based on the topic of the email. 
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud: It is one of the leading cloud-based CRM solutions which provides a popular CRM tool for support, sales, and marketing teams in the organization. It is built on the platform, and it lets manages customer interaction through different modes like emails, phone calls, communities, social media, and more. From marketing to service, it comprehensively manages all the various aspects of a customer relationship with the organization. It offers more than 2500 integration with the applications to customize the CRM experience. It boasts various features like quote management, contact management, quote-to-cash management, opportunity management, trailhead, lead management, mobility, sales forecasting, channel management, partner management, territory management, workflow automation, sales collaboration, and more.
  •  ActiveCampaign: ActiveCampaign is a cloud software platform designed to help small to medium-scale businesses by offering customer experience automation  which combines the strength of transactional email, email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and more. Build on the idea of enriching customer experience by going beyond traditional marketing techniques, ActiveCampaign helps businesses deliver personalized and high-touch experiences from the beginning. It helps businesses scale their 1-to-1 personal customer relationship with connected experiences by removing siloes from data sources and the communication channel. Users can automate the customer experience with personal touchpoints. It ensures deeper segmentation and effective market outreach by helping the business identify and track the buyer’s preferences. It helps the business utilize data to understand which content should be sent to the customer at what time, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the message.
  • Reply: It is a sales engagement and automation platform that is designed to help the sales team acquire new customers by offering automation and scaling multi-channel outreach. It has 3 tools within its lead generation feature—  email finder, email validation, and email warm-up. The LinkedIn email finder extension, helps sales reps look for a prospect’s emails within seconds. It captures contact details from LinkedIn, Gmail, or CRM. Reply sequences automate sales outreach by automatically sending messages on LinkedIn, making calls, and sending emails. By identifying the leads that are ready for sales it makes the sales rep’s job easier since now they only have to do is book an appointment. It comes with a  built-in validation system that verifies emails and phone numbers by their bounce rate, deliverability, and other such metrics. It empowers the sales reps and enhances their ability to deliver right to the prospect’s inbox with an email warm-up, which boosts deliverability. Available for GSuite and Outlook, it makes use of peer-to-peer sending to ensure email warm-up is safe and effective.
  • Nimble: Nimble is a social CRM platform designed to help businesses build and strengthen relationships with customers and grow their business online by offering contact management solutions for individuals as well as teams. It helps a businesses offer more streamlined customer experience and close more deals at a faster rate by offering integration with various productivity apps like inboxes and calendars. It is designed to help small to medium-scale businesses nurture and grow their personal as well as business relationships through email, social networks, and more than 90 cloud-based applications. It serves as a powerful relationship management platform that combines the abilities of traditional CRM, contact management marketing automation, sales intelligence, and more to drive relationship insights that can be used to optimize strategies for desirable results.

Other alternatives include Apollo, Salesloft, and various Outreach competitors.

We hope we were able to help you make an informed decision regarding investing in Close CRM. If there is anything else that you’d like for us to cover, let us know in the comment section below.

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