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what is cognism

What is Cognism – Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

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If you’re wondering what is Cognism, all you need to know is that it’s a sales intelligence platform that is a foundational sales tool for many sales and marketing teams in need of B2B data, especially for international sales teams. Try a free trial for Cognism right here.

What is 

Cognism is a leading sales intelligence platform that enables revenue teams to find phone numbers and email addresses of ideal leads for their product or service. The platform intends to provide accurate, unrestricted international coverage to contact information that sales teams can leverage to book new demos and secure new deals. With verified information, Cognism allows account executives and sales representatives alike to save time prospecting and be sure they are connected with trustworthy leads. 

What is Cognism Used for? 

Cognism aids a number of different departments, but most importantly sales, marketing, and revenue teams in addition to Go-to-Market (GTM) leaders across a company. With respect to sales teams, the Cognism service can be used to directly dial valuable, yet verified contacts, easily prospect for new leads, access company-specific data, expand into international territory, and even connect with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. 

  1. Direct Dial Contacts
  2. Create Prospecting Lists
  3. Reach Global Territories
  4. Access Company-Specific Data
  5. Integrate with Your Company’s CRM

Pertaining to marketing teams, the platform can help them target new accounts looking for a new sales intelligence solution, increase outbound meetings with sales representatives, increase your total addressable market (TAM), identify new distribution channels, and enrich your company’s database with complete contact information. 

In addition, Cognism can assist GTM leaders with developing key strategic initiatives to grow their company. The platform helps them to identify buyer intent and comply with data privacy laws in conjunction with accessing an insightful number of contact details. Together, these features can allow businesses to accelerate growth, reach revenue goals, and even expand to new markets. 

  1. Increase TAM
  2. Assess Buyer Intent 
  3. Comply with GDPR and CCPA
  4. Develop New Distribution Channels
  5. Generate More Outbound Meetings 
  6. Target Companies Needing Solutions
  7. Enhance the Company Contact Database

Lastly, Cognism assists revenue teams with three important components. Cognism allows these teams to check out new insights that can increase market coverage by creating territorial action plans, starting conversations with new clients by identifying missing lead values and managing a marketing campaign from a single dashboard. Together, these components empower sales teams to have focused conversations and predictably close deals.  

  1. Develop Strategic Sales Territories
  2. Manage an Extensive Marketing Initiative
  3. Fulfill Missing Information in Your Database

Who Uses Cognism? 

There are a number of different profiles that can use Cognism in accordance with their needs. To summarize, Cognism targets businesses that engage in business-to-business (B2B) conversations. This indicates that small, medium and enterprise-sized businesses can successfully use the accessible Cognism platform to fulfill their sales and marketing goals.  Various sales job titles use the data like SDRs, BDRs, AE, AMs, Vice President of Sales, and other marketing roles.

Not only is the use of Cognism based on company size, but Cognism can be specific to each company department. Departments like sales, marketing, revenue, and even strategy are currently using Cognism to support their specific goals. 

In addition, Cognism specifically states that its service is not built for a business-to-consumer (B2C) company, freelancer, or source that is looking for an all-in-one platform. 

What Does Cognism do? 

Cognism performs several key actions such as connecting with social applications via a Google Chrome Extension, linking established sales teams with companies ready to purchase, fulfilling missing gaps in a prospect database, managing workflows, and even integrating into a CRM. 

The Cognism Chrome Extension primarily cleans data on LinkedIn to identify accurate phone numbers and reliable emails for business and sales development representatives to use for outreach. The core SaaS product at Cognism in addition to the Chrome Extension both maintain data privacy compliance so there is no need to worry about regulatory concerns. 

Integration into a CRM enables various departments to access all the business intelligence information they need to help their department succeed. Whether that is scheduling and managing new outbound leads, creating a new marketing strategy, populating missing data, or even direct dialing prospects, Cognism enriches the work experience of many. 

How Does Cognism Work? 

Cognism is built with proprietary machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology that is able to crawl millions of records and websites to gather contact information. By scouring billions of data points globally, the service at Cognism allows companies to retrieve actionable insights from the Cognism SaaS platform. With its unique AI and ML technology, Cognism is able to connect data points together and create a well-established database with comprehensive information for each individual and company. From creating intent data to identify companies searching for a solution to compiling in-depth prospect lists, the scientifically-backed Cognism platform enables businesses to elevate their sales game with new intelligence. 

Cognism Features 

To highlight, Cognism offers six important features that are proven critical for any sales, marketing, and revenue team to use for their business. Take a look at the table below to learn about what core components of Cognismcan help your company succeed today. 

Contact DatabaseData Verification
Lead GenerationPipeline Management
Sales Trend AnalysisSearch/Filter

With the components of a contact database, data verification, search and filter, and lead generation, any sales representative will be able to thoroughly and accurately identify new prospects to target. Cognism is able to verify backend data to ensure company departments are accessing the most reliable insights from the platform. In addition to lead identification, sales and revenue teams are able to manage their pipeline and track sales trends over time. This can allow key leaders to measure the impact of Cognism on their business by identifying conversion rates, seeing an increase in outbound leads, and monitoring revenue generation. 

What Does Cognism Integrate With?

Given that the company primarily targets sales and revenue teams, the SaaS application is specifically designed to integrate with popular CRM platforms and other sales tools. Using a CRM platform is critical for any sales team’s success, therefore the team at Cognism ensures that its service could be accessed from the confines of top-performing CRM services to ensure concise accessibility. See a list of CRM platforms that Cognism integrates with below. 

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Pipedrive
  • SalesLoft 

If you integrate with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, or SalesLoft with the Cognism tool, you are bound to observe the multitude of functions that the B2B sales intelligence platform provides to its clients every day. 

Who are Cognism’s Competitors and Alternatives? 

The sales intelligence industry is a growing sector with a number of emerging competitors vying for a large chunk of market share to become a leading B2B data provider. Therefore, there is nothing short of many Cognism alternatives for teams to choose from. Read about some of the alternative solutions to Cognism below for more information. 

  • ZoomInfo: Allows customers to check out a list of contacts that align with their company’s solution. 
  • Uplead: Helps any size business with building a custom contact list that can be used to target new leads. 
  • Lead411: Provides clients with 96% accurate email and phone contacts that sales teams can use to start a conversation. 
  • SalesIntel: Collects verified data for sales, marketing, and hiring teams to use for their needs. 
  • Lead generation platform created to develop targeted lists, manage new prospects, and reach new markets. 
  • Lusha: Lusha helps businesses reach new clients with a contact database, but focuses on increasing conversation rates to secure new deals. 
  • Designed as CRM software to provide sales and marketing teams with automated outreach and the ability to manage leads. 

Cognism Pricing 

Cognism pricing isn’t available on their site. When visiting their pricing page you will come to understand that there is no clear subscription model that charges per user on a monthly basis. Instead, the Cognism team encourages you to schedule a sales call to interact with their representatives and view a demo but we have Cognism pricing. By engaging with their team, they can identify your current workflow, allow you to ask deeper questions, and develop a pricing package that is tailored to your specific needs. Building a pricing model this way ensures that clients of Cognism aren’t underpaying or overpaying for their access. 

If you’d like you can read more about the Cognism Free Trial.

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