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what is lusha

What is Lusha?  Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

If you’re wondering what is Lusha, all you need to know is that it’s a sales intelligence platform that is a foundational sales tool for many sales and marketing teams in need of B2B data.

What is 

Lusha is designed as a lead management platform that has been built to identify and connect with thousands of sales leads. The platform consists of various features that allow businesses to identify contact information, learn about clients, and connect with prospects in an attempt to convert them into future users. By enabling individuals, small businesses, and large corporations to reach new clients, Lusha allows its users to gather enriched data in an attempt to secure deals and grow their revenue base

What is Lusha used for?

There are a number of use cases that Lusha is intended for. But, the three main intentions for Lusha are sales, marketing, and recruiting

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Recruiting 

With respect to the sales department, the Lusha platform helps sales managers and vice presidents of sales to increase revenue, account executives close deals, and sales representatives drive more outbound meetings for their company. In addition, Lusha aids the marketing department with developing targeted marketing campaigns to generate new leads for the sales team. Not only does the solution generate leads, but it also creates a high-performing database of marketing clients that can help secure meetings in the future. Lastly, recruiters are able to leverage Lusha to get in front of top-performing talent, directly dial new candidates, and develop personable connections to reduce company vacancies. 

Who uses Lusha?

Lusha is built to support an array of client profiles. For example, as a company, Lusha supports individual entrepreneurs, renowned freelancers, small businesses, and even enterprises that have a global corporate presence.

  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Businesses
  • Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Enterprise Businesses/Corporations

Regardless of the company size, Lusha is built for any user looking to generate leads and convert prospects for their product or service. The team at Lusha embraces its versatility to ensure the needs of many different business owners are met.  

What Does Lusha do? 

Lusha is tasked with a number of different functions. As an example, Lusha permits organizations to collect custom data segments that are aligned with their customer profile, filter and search for proper leads based on unique characteristics, and maintain compliance with the latest data privacy laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By maintaining corporate compliance, Lusha enables companies and individuals to conduct prospecting accurately, efficiently, and securely

  1. Collect Data Segments
  2. Filter and Search for Leads
  3. Develop a Contact Database
  4. Support New Hire Campaigns
  5. Assist with Advertising Campaigns 
  6. Maintain CCPA and GDPR Compliance 

Not only does Lusha allow organizations to effectively search for leads, but it also supports cross-collaboration between multiple company departments. Each department can integrate with Lusha to develop a database and create contact lists that can support the advertising campaigns and new hiring initiatives alike. 

How does Lusha work? 

There are three key functions that assist the Lusha platform with fulfilling company needs. These needs include but are not limited to the Google Chrome extension, search platform, and business application programmable interface (API). 

  • Lusha Business API
  • Filter and Search Platform 
  • Lusha Google Chrome Extension

First, the Lusha extension is a Google Chrome Extension that allows prospectors to identify phone numbers and email addresses of new leads on platforms like LinkedIn, Salesforce, Gmail, and more. A user can simply visit the Google Chrome Store, add the Lusha Extension, sign in, and start visiting sites to retrieve the appropriate contact information accordingly. 

Next, users can access a search platform which is a core component of the Lusha Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business. Marketers, Sales Teams, and even Recruiters can access the search platform to scan adjacent companies for contact information by details, name, location, seniority level, and job title. This function is built within the company’s dashboard to promote an easy-to-use user experience that allows the end-user to quickly access information related to the leads generated. 

Lastly, the business API is intended for backend developers to integrate search functions, filtering techniques, and prospecting capabilities with a company’s personal database. The API can be manipulated and used to incorporate various bits of information that pertain to your company’s needs. In the end, by implementing the API, companies will have accurate business-to-business (B2B) contact data to use in the future. 

Lusha Features

Lusha offers its clients over 30 different features that can help with outbound lead generation. Take a look at the table below for the highlights that Lusha has to offer as a sales intelligence company. 

Business APIContact Database
Contact ManagementData Import/Export
Sales Pipeline Management Third-Party Integrations 

By providing entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies with business API, contact management, contact database, sales pipeline management, third-party integrations, and data import/export features, Lusha enriches the visibility of prospect contact information to be used for sales, marketing, and recruiting purposes. 

What does Lusha Integrate with?  

Lusha offers companies the ability to integrate with dozens of different applications. Although, most importantly, Lusha enables sales teams to integrate with popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. The CRM platforms are where sales intelligence functions at Lusha showcase their results.  

  1. HubSpot
  2. Outreach 
  3. Pipedrive 
  4. Salesforce
  5. Bullhorn ATS & CRM 

Integrating with CRM platforms is key for sales leadership and representatives to continue performing at the highest level. By linking across CRM applications, Lusha gives account executives and marketing personnel the ability to execute prospecting strategies in one application. 

Not only does Lusha integrate with CRM software, but it also integrates with communication apps like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Thus, Lusha fulfills each avenue that clients use to generate new leads. 

Who are Lusha’s Competitors and alternatives? 

Lusha is not alone when it comes to competing as a business intelligence platform designed to increase leads and convert new prospects into paying users. Several companies such as ZoomInfo, Lead411,, and Cognism are also competing in the lead management space. For a better understanding of how these competitors compare to Lusha, read below for a quick highlight of each company. 

  • ZoomInfo: Incorporates multiple applications to deliver intelligent contact information and purchasing intent to sales personnel. 
  • Uplead: A prospecting platform built to canvas contact information, social information, and other intelligent patterns for millions of leads globally. 
  • Lead411: Offering sales personnel over 450 million verified contacts with a search engine for companies looking to purchase. 
  • SalesIntel: Focuses on identifying targeted sales prospects and contact information for key leadership personnel. 
  • Uses artificial intelligence (AI) to allow sales representatives to identify and direct dial prospects. 
  • Cognism: Provide sales teams with contact, company, and event information to help build an established sales pipeline. 
  • Enables sales personnel to automate cold outreach and monitor lead progression. 

With the number of competitors offering advanced contact solutions in the lead management space, it is important to identify what key features your company needs to succeed on the marketing and sales fronts. For Lusha, the company has a strong reputation for providing clients with an intuitive dashboard to navigate and search for their prospecting needs. 

Lusha Pricing

The Lusha pricing model charges a client per user per month which is common among B2B data providers. Below is a highlight of the annual and monthly pricing plans that are offered on their site. They offer several different plans that tailor to the needs of individuals, small businesses, and corporations alike. 

ScaleContact for DetailsContact for Details 

One unique aspect of Lusha’s pricing model is the use of a currency called ‘credits’. Buyers can select the number of credits they want to give each Lusha user which enables them to uncover contact information. For example, if a company selects 480 credits for one user, this allows the dedicated user to uncover every bit of contact information for 480 different prospects. It is important to keep in mind that the greater the number of credits selected, the higher the annual or monthly price will be. 

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