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what is Vainu

What is Vainu? Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

We sat down with Vainu to answer all your quesitons related to what is Vainu. In this post, you’ll get a complete understanding of Vainu and if it could be a fit for your business needs.

What is Vainu?

Vainu is a b2b data provider. We provide company data to our customers’ business systems. They use it to improve their B2B sales and marketing activities and efforts.

What problem does Vainu solve?

We help sales and marketing people to define their ICP in a better way and also to help them find the right companies that belong to that ICP and finally to get all the data points that are required for an effective, go to market effort.

Who uses Vainu?

Typically Vainu is used by outbound account executives. Executives trying to look for new accounts. Also customer success teams use Vainu to keep track of money or their current accounts or to find upsell opportunities. Also marketing and rev opps use our company to enrich the company database to better segmentation target market analysis and so forth.

Is there anyone else who can use Vainu?

Anyone who wants to enrich their company’s internal database. Let’s say you are doing an updated data analysis inside your company and you need new data points. For example our customers in a territory, do they have business locations in other countries so they can plan their sales and marketing strategy? Data analysis and of course database management are other use cases.

Who should not use Vainu?

If you are looking for a list of emails and phone numbers, that is something we don’t provide.  Our focus is on company data. We want to be the best in the market providing the depth and width of companies. That is our focus.

 What is Vainu’s product focus? The one thing you are known for?

We have a database of 65 million companies, growing by a hundred thousand every day. We offer over 300 different data fields or data points to those sets of companies. The robust Database is one and the delivery methods. We constantly want to keep the data updated in your business system,whether it’s a CRM or whether you are using a data link. We have the means and ways to provide you with the data you need for sales and marketing and we kept that updated.

What are the top features of Vainu?

Number 1. Obviously the robust company profiles. Number 2. The connectors that we have to the primary CRM that we support, HubSpot, Salesforce, Dynamics, PipeDrive. Of course our powerful API which you can use to connect our data to basically any business system. The third feature is keeping that data up to date. And whenever something happens within that data set; a company gets funding, a new CEO, they expand to different target markets, Vainu lets you know when that happens in your target accounts and gives you for example a target or a task and gives you a note or opportunity in your CRM

 Any other features that are noteworthy for Vainu?

We have Vainu View which you can embed into any system that supports I frames. If you are working in customer service and you get a call or a chat from one of your customers you can use Vainu View  to quickly bring up the company in question. You have an edge there so you can see for example if there have been any layoffs or any negative or positive signals happening in that company which better prepares that customer service agent to be better prepared for that call that comes to them.

What are the top integrations of Vainu?

The top integrations are the four connectors- HubSpot, SalesForce, Dynamics and PipeDrive. And of course our powerful API.

What are the major benefits of Vainu?

The major benefits of Vainu are when you have more information about who you are trying to market to, who you are trying to sell to, you can better define your ICP and you can easily find the companies that belong to your ICP. This means that sales and marketing teams can focus on the right accounts and also engage with those accounts at the right time.

Where is Vainu not strong?

It’s a difficult question you have to frame it case by case.

So with a U.S. company, it’s like we are not strong with the U.S. data or European data. Or a company might say we are not strong with school data, it’s less theoretical but more about what is missing. Currently our database is not focused on locations in Asia, so if you are looking for lists of emails and contact information we are not focused on providing this.

What makes Vainu different from the competition?

We have our own proprietary data like our own industry classifier that we gather from company websites and analyze them automatically. We go through about a hundred thousand company websites per day. We have our proprietary industry classification which has a much more accurate way of describing what a company does than for example SIC codes. The sheer amount of data that we have and the fact that it is growing all the time is another point.  We have the plug and play connectors. So for example if you are using Salesforce, the users know that integrating systems into Salesforce might be challenging. With us it is fairly simple. Our strategy is that we want our customers to use the data in their business systems they use on a daily basis and is integrated into their systems as easily as possible. And of course it is kept updated.

Any tips for using Vainu?

The better you define your ICP, the more you get out of Vainu and ultimately the more focused you are at sales and marketing. My tip is to focus on getting the whole company to get behind defining the ICP so all you agree on it. CS people, sales, marketing and leadership are all behind the one ICP so we know which accounts we are targeting. That makes everything more powerful.

What is the learning curve to get up to speed by using Vainu?

We can implement our customers very fast and during our onboarding process we explain very clearly and we define what type of data is used for which purpose. I would say it is a matter of weeks.

What types of supporting resources, such as documentation, learning centers and customer support are available for Vainu?

We have customer support via chat on our platform, our customers have dedicated CS people to help them out, we have a help center and we also have developers at for all the documentation about how to implement or use our API.

What should be the top buying considerations for this category of products?

Thinking about the long term, thinking about what kind of B2B data points you want or need, and really thinking if you can get everything you need from one provider. Or would it be a smart decision to maybe take two or three data providers and combine the best data out of those.

What is the process to buy Vainu?

You can go to trial.  You can fill out a form and then we will schedule a very short set up session to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Is a product demo necessary before buying Vainu?

You need to have a meeting with us in order to get started.

Is all the pricing on Vainu’s website?

Our pricing is on our website where you can find all the details.  If you want something custom, outside the box, which is not on the website, we are always happy to give a direct quote.

Does Vainu require any seat minimums?

Our pricing is mostly based on the amount of data you use.

Are there discounts for Vainu?

We don’t really offer any discounts but if you want to commit for a longer time, we can always think about different ways.

 What advice would you give to someone who is considering purchasing Vainu?

Think about the business system you use for sales and marketing. Maybe it is a CRM or a marketing automation platform. Think about the gaps you have in your data. Do you have outdated data? What kind of feedback is sales and marketing giving you on the dataq? Do you have a rev ops person or a CRM admin, talk to them and ask for feedback on which data points are missing.  Is there something we can not do because we are lacking some sort of data?

Anything else someone should know before purchasing Vainu?

We are 100% GDPR compliant. That is one thing.

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