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What Is Outreach

What Is Outreach – Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

What Is Outreach?

Outreach is a sales and marketing automation platform designed to help businesses reach out to potential customers and nurture leads through the sales process. It offers a range of tools and features including email automation, personalization, and lead tracking to help sales teams streamline their outreach efforts and improve their overall productivity. Through automation of sales workflows, an interactive dashboard to manage deal flow, and analytical insights, Outreach pushes companies to execute sales strategies at a higher level. It’s one of the most popular sales tools in the sales engagement platform category.

What Is Outreach Used For?

For an array of businesses, Outreach is designed as a sales execution platform to help sales and marketing teams to boost productivity throughout their organization. Often, users will need contact data which they can find with an email finder tool to leverage it to its full potential. Through the power of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), Outreach gives sales representatives and managers the necessary resources to oversee their pipeline, manage deals effectively, and forecast with higher accuracy.

  • Develop New Pipelines
  • Manage Deals Effectively
  • Forecast Future Engagement

With the help of Outreach Engage, the product helps users develop a system that optimizes individual pipelines and automates behind-the-scenes activity to streamline the sales cycle from beginning to end. Representatives and managers can analyze pipelines, identify engagement signals, leverage other critical information provided by Outreach to eliminate risky deals, and secure promising clients.

Who Uses Outreach?

The software platform is designed for companies of all sizes and industries and is used by many businesses as a key part of their sales and marketing strategy. Outreach has served numerous notable companies that include but are not limited to Snowflake, Zoom, BetterUp, Siemens, Twilio, Mckesson, and more. With the help of Outreach’s tools sales executives, managers, and representatives are able to streamline their sales workflow to become more efficient and strive for higher growth.

  1. Sales Managers
  2. Account Executives
  3. Sales Development Representatives

Together, sales managers can oversee individual pipelines, create forecasting models, and identify untouched growth areas that need capitalization. In addition, sales representatives can leverage the Outreach platform to identify key prospects, pursue notable leads, hold sales meetings, and manage deal flow in one application.

What Does Outreach Do?

Sales teams often operate in uncertain markets which can cause a lack of predictability, insufficient prospecting, inconsistent deal management, and inaccurate forecasting. As a result, account executives, sales managers, and sales representatives operate inefficiently and fail to execute. With the help of Outreach, the four key functions of the platform highlighted below allow teams to increase their performance, execute deals with confidence, and create predictable revenue growth so that companies can forecast their future.

  • Outreach Engage: Engage helps sales representatives to optimize their pipeline workflow by automating email outreach, tracking engagement data, and managing prospects in one application.
  • Outreach Guide: Guide provides representatives with intelligent feedback during live meetings with prospects so that teams can effectively review and make decisions about how to proceed in the sales cycle. 
  • Outreach Commit: Commit combines many levels of data to forecast revenue growth, identify missed opportunities, and target when the sales cycle is expected to close.
  • Sales Execution Intelligence: AI and ML technology helps Outreach provide users with sales execution intelligence by automating manual tasks, analyzing meetings, and delivering high-level insights about pipeline data.

How Does Outreach Work?

Outreach is a solution that provides a seamless user interface and user experience for its clients to navigate. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of setting up and managing your Outreach account below:

  1. Sign Up: To use Outreach, you will need to create an account and sign up for a pricing plan that meets your company’s needs.
  2. Setting Up Your Account: After signing up, you will need to set up your account by adding your business information, such as your company name, logo, and contact information. You can also customize your account by adding custom fields and tags to help you better organize and track your leads.
  3. Import Leads: You can import your leads into Outreach by uploading a CSV file or by integrating with your CRM. This will allow you to easily manage and track all of your leads in one place.
  4. Create Templates: Outreach allows you to create and save email templates for common outreach scenarios, such as introducing your business or following up with a potential customer. This automates the reach-out process when representatives decide to engage with new prospects.
  5. Personalize Outreach: With respect to email templates, Outreach allows you to personalize your outreach efforts by using dynamic content and tokens to automatically insert personalized information, such as the recipient’s name or company, into your emails and other outreach materials.
  6. Track and Analyze Results: Outreach provides robust tracking and analytics tools to help you understand the effectiveness of your outreach efforts. You can see which emails and campaigns are performing well and make adjustments as needed.
  7. Scheduling and Automation: The platform permits you to schedule your outreach efforts in advance and automate repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails or scheduling meetings with leads. This can help you save time and streamline your outreach efforts.

Outreach Features

Outreach contains a comprehensive list of features and functions to help businesses executive throughout the entire sales process. Some of the key features and functions of Outreach are highlighted in the table below:

Activity TrackingSales Reports
Prospecting ToolsEmail Management
Lead ManagementPerformance Metrics

The platform offers lead management to import, organize, and track prospects in one place. Additionally, it provides email management tools to personalize and automate prospective engagement. For sales executives, managers, and representatives, Outreach can generate quick sales reports to aid teams in understanding gaps and accomplishments with their sales strategy through performance and activity metrics. In summary, Outreach provides the necessary tools for departments to effectively succeed during the forecasting, prospecting, and deal-closing stages of the revenue cycle.

What Does Outreach Integrate With?

Outreach has been designed to integrate seamlessly with hundreds of popular apps, which include but are not limited to:

  • Gmail
  • 6Sense
  • Dialpad
  • ZoomInfo
  • Salesforce
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • LinkedIn Navigator

Integration with popular applications allows teams to bring all of their sales and marketing tools together in one place, streamlining their workflow and improving their overall productivity. As an example, representatives can use Outreach to send personalized emails through Gmail, schedule meetings with Google Calendar, and track their sales activity in Salesforce. They can also use Outreach to access data and insights from other platforms, such as lead intelligence from ZoomInfo or account data from 6sense. By integrating with communication apps and other sales intelligence platforms, Outreach empowers sales teams to make the most of their sales and marketing efforts to drive better results.

Who Are Outreach’s Competitors And Alternatives?

Outreach is a popular sales and marketing automation platform, but it is not the only option on the market. Some of the main competitors and alternatives to include:

  1. Groove: A sales engagement platform focused on driving top-line revenue for businesses with artificial intelligence capabilities.
  2. Outplay: Focuses on helping sales teams to develop multiple distribution channels, secure outbound leads, and monitor prospect reports.
  3. Salesloft: A platform for sales teams to communicate with prospects, execute selling tasks on a digital platform, and forecast revenue growth.
  4. Salesmate: Helps managers and representatives track, distribute, and monitor leads across a sales cycle.
  5. Reply: An automated response and outreach platform for sales representatives looking to engage with new prospects.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a sales and marketing automation platform, including your specific business needs, budget, and industry. It is important to research and compare different options to find the platform that best fits your needs.

Outreach Pricing

Outreach uses a subscription-based pricing model, with plans that are customized based on the number of users, features, and capabilities included. All plans include access to the core platform, including email automation, personalization, lead tracking, and analytics. More advanced plans include additional features and capabilities, such as integrations with other apps, custom fields and tags, and advanced analytics and reporting. Since their pricing model is based on the number of users on the account, the cost will depend on the size of your team and the number of users you need to have access to the platform. Teams interested in implementing Outreach are encouraged to schedule a demo call with their team to identify a tailored pricing package for their budget and needs or check out our Outreach pricing page.

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