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what is wingman

What is Wingman – Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

Wingman is a Clari-sponsored conversation intelligence platform that is designed to help sales teams evaluate, educate, and develop new call approaches to prevent revenue loss. That platform uses artificial technology behind the scenes to help sales teams to identify key insights, trends, and opportunities in their conversations, which can be used to improve sales processes, increase productivity and close more deals.  It accomplishes this through its unique ability to capture, transcribe, and analyze audio or video recordings of sales calls. From there, Wingman AI models are trained to understand the sentiment of the conversation, identify missed keywords, and provide real-time feedback about how sales reps can close effectively in the future.

What Is Wingman Used For? 

Wingman is a sales tool that helps sales teams to beat revenue targets by providing call coaching and revenue insights. The tool works by analyzing sales calls in real time, providing sales representatives with guidance on how to improve their performance and close more deals. Learning from insights and receiving actionable feedback from calls, helps sales representatives to take control of company revenue and achieve their sales targets. Additionally, Wingman enables sales teams to foster a collaborative and data-driven approach to sales. By using Wingman, sales teams can optimize their sales processes and drive higher revenue growth.

  • Beat revenue targets. 
  • Take control of company revenue. 
  • Close more deals with better coaching. 
  • Share insights with other team members. 

Who Uses Wingman? 

The two primary users of Wingman are sales representatives and sales managers inside a company. These two roles play a pre-eminent role in how businesses perform and attain their quarterly, semi-annual, and annual revenue goals

  1. Sales Reps
  2. Sales Managers

Wingman is used by sales reps to increase call confidence and reach their quota faster. The tool provides real-time call analysis and coaching during sales calls, giving sales reps instant feedback on their performance. This helps sales reps to identify areas of improvement and make changes during the call to increase the likelihood of closing a deal. Furthermore, by helping reps identify weak points in their relationship with clients, they can improve and deliver better meetings that lead them to reach quota faster. 

In addition to supporting sales reps, Wingman also helps sales managers to predict revenue better by providing insights into sales team performance and pipeline data. The tool’s call tracking and analysis capabilities provide sales managers with real-time insights into the sales process and the performance of individual sales reps, allowing them to make data-driven decisions about their team’s strategy.

Moreover, the conversation intelligence platform aids sales managers by providing better mentorship to their sales team. The real-time call analysis and coaching provided by the tool help sales managers to identify areas where their team needs improvement, and to provide targeted feedback and guidance. This helps sales reps to develop their skills and improve their performance, leading to better results for the team as a whole.

What Does Wingman Do? 

The tool’s AI-powered capabilities help sales coaches to identify areas where reps need improvement and provide targeted feedback to help reps close more deals. This helps sales reps to refine their approach and improve their performance, leading to better results for the team as a whole. Additionally, along with providing companies with the ability to educate reps further, Wingman also provides better enablement. Between enhanced coaching and better enablement, your company can deliver tailored demos to target clients that inevitably lead to better pipeline visibility

  • Improves sales coaching. 
  • Provides better sales enablement. 
  • Increases the visibility of your pipeline. 

How Does Wingman Work?

To optimize your company’s sales processes, we have listed a few key steps as to how you can implement Wingman into your current systems. Let’s take a look below and learn more about how the conversation intelligence platform can help your sales team become better today

  1. Integrate Wingman into your company’s sales process and set up the tool for sales reps and sales managers.
  2. During sales calls, you can turn on Wingman to analyze conversations in real time and provides reps with instant feedback and coaching on their performance.
  3. Wingman provides sales reps with insights and best practices based on the calls of top-performing sales reps, helping them to refine their approach and improve their performance.
  4. Wingman tracks and reports on sales calls with artificial intelligence technology, providing sales managers with a comprehensive view of the sales process and the performance of their team.
  5. Wingman provides sales managers with clear visibility into the sales pipeline, allowing them to make informed decisions about their team’s strategy and monitor progress.
  6. Wingman helps sales teams to continuously improve their performance by providing real-time feedback and coaching, insights from top-performing sales reps, and call tracking and reporting capabilities.

Wingman Features

In order to provide companies with a well-rounded platform to improve their current sales processes, Wingman offers dozens of features for reps and managers alike to leverage. From call tracking and recording to customized reports and lead management, Wingman by Clari offers a full suite of comprehensive tools for teams to utilize. Each tool is designed to help sales reps and sales managers alike take their performance to the next level and help their company earn more revenue. Take a further look at the table below to understand what additional tools are offered. 

Call TrackingSales Reports
Lead ManagementCall Recording
Interaction TrackingCustomized Reports

What Does Wingman Integrate With? 

With respect to integrations, Wingman is able to pair with prevalent Calendar, CRM, Dialer, Video Meetings, and Collaboration platforms. The ultimate goal is to allow clients the ability to manage all of their sales tools in each application together. That way there is no need to juggle multiple platforms at once. Teams can easily build a tech stack that they love with Wingman and ensure that their systematic processes remain flawless and actionable. Below we have highlighted some of the marquee tools that Wingman can connect with to ensure that your company can continue to function seamlessly

  1. Zoom
  2. Aircall
  3. Dialpad
  4. Outlook
  5. HubSpot
  6. Pipedrive
  7. Salesforce
  8. Google Calendar

Who Are Wingman’s Competitors And Alternatives?

With sales enablement, there are many alternatives to choose from in the space. From options like Chorus and Leadoo to Highspot and ExecVision, there is nothing short of competitive choices to help boost your sales team’s performance. Between offering a unique conversational intelligence engine and providing users with features that help enhance their sales enablement process, each alternative has a different platform built for different needs. Let’s take a look at some of the top-performing alternatives in the adjacent market below. 

  • Chorus: A conversation intelligence platform designed to help sales reps perform at the top of their game in real time. 
  • Leadoo: Enables sales teams to access valuable prospect information to deliver tailored sales campaigns. 
  • Salesken: Uses AI technology to help sales reps identify and qualify prospective intent. 
  • Highspot: Allows sales reps to drive revenue growth through content management and customer feedback. 
  • ExecVision: Proprietary AI engine that provides reps with meeting specific directions to win more deals. 

Wingman Pricing 

Wingman offers interested parties three distinct plans to help accelerate their revenue and develop the capabilities of their team. The platform prides itself on offering transparent pricing to make the purchasing and selection process as easy as possible for current or future prospects looking to choose Wingman for their next conversational intelligence platform. 

Enterprise $110/mo/rep

Depending on your company’s needs, businesses have the option to choose between Growth, Accelerator, and Enterprise subscription plans that are billed on an annual basis. Each plan provides a different level of depth in regard to basic services, call recording and transcription, sales coaching and performance analysis, deal and pipeline intelligence, onboarding and support, and security. As you scale up with each plan, more powerful features are offered. Hence the increase in monthly pricing per representative. 

Ideally, if you are looking to incorporate Wingman into your current business, it is best to consider booking a demo with their team. This way a Wingman representative can help guide you in the right direction and help your company choose a plan that offers the perfect balance of price and features offered. 

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