Finding the right software and service provider is hard.

There are too many options, the information you need isn’t publicly available, and the process is entirely seller centric.

We’re building a buying intelligence platform that connects you with the right software and service provider.

We’re starting with a renewal tracking dashboard because if you already have a solution you’ll need to make a decision to keep it, look for an alternative, or to cancel it.

And by using our renewal tracker, we’ll be able to share insights on what other companies use, pay, and think about their solutions and services.

Plus, you’ll inevitably save money because you cancelled software you didn’t need, before an auto-renewal date.

Another thing we are focusing on is price transparency.

Do you hate when you can’t get pricing without talking to an SDR and then an Account Executive?

We’re already providing that for select software, saving countless hours during the buying process.

Buyers want transparency and to self serve their buying journey.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out our first product.

You can get started for free.