What’s the best free email finder? Having to find emails for free is the foundation for cold outreach so we’ve compiled a list of options. There are many quality email finding tool options like this list of hunter.io alternatives. But did you know, that you can get email addresses for free?

Remember, before you send out cold emails. You need an email warm up tool to warm up your domain. Otherwise you risk sending cold emails that will go to spam.

Find Email Addresses For Free With Free Trials

The first way to find emails for free is to use free trials for email tool finding providers. Many email finding tool providers offer generous monthly free trials with restrictions. Free trials range from 5 emails a month, up to 290 email a month. If you were to combine the known free trials, you could break 1,200 free emails a month! Is that unethical? Maybe. Would it be a pain to manage 20+ free trial accounts? Absolutely.

List of Tools To Find Emails For Free (With Free Email Credits and Free Trials)

Product Website Free Plan (Emails/Leads)
Hunter hunter.io 50 Emails
Lusha www.Lusha.com 5 Credits a month
SalesQL https://salesql.com/ 100 Credits a month
Prospecat https://www.prospecat.com/ 100 Emails Search
AeroLeads aeroleads.com Free Trial
Kendo-LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome Store Link 50 Emails free per month
Snov.io Snov.io Free Trial
LeadMine www.leadmine.net 10 Emails
Voilanorbert https://www.voilanorbert.com/ 50 Leads free per month
Anymail Finder https://anymailfinder.com/ Free Trial of 90 verified emails
Slik www.slik.ai Free Trial 20 email credits
Powerbot https://powrbot.com/ Free – 200 credits per month
SalesBlink https://salesblink.io/ Free trial
Apollo.io Apollo.io Free 50 email credits a month
FindThatLead https://findthatlead.com/en/ Free Trial
Lead Gibbon https://www.leadgibbon.com/ Free Trial – 5 credits
Improver https://improver.io/ Free 10 credits
Adapt adapt.io Free Trial
Contact Out https://contactout.com/ Free Trial
Find That Email https://findthat.email/ Free 50 credits
Skrapp https://skrapp.io/ Free 150
Get Prospect https://getprospect.com/ Free 100
LeadFuze https://www.leadfuze.com/ Free 25 leads
Lead411 www.lead411.com Free Trial – 7 Days – 50 leads
Uplead www.uplead.com Free Trial 5 Credits
Orbitly www.orbitly.io Free Trial
SignalHire www.signalhire.com Free 5 emails
People Data Labs www.peopledatalabs.com 1000 API Calls
Cognism www.cognism.com Free 25 leads
Pipi Leads https://pipileads.com/ Free 50 Leads
ZoomInfo Zoominfo Free Trial
LeadB www.leadb.co Free 50 Leads

Free Unlimited Email Finder Tools

There a handful of tools available online to find emails for free with no limit. The catch is that it can be a bit time consuming and often requires some basic information to input like the name and company domain. This shouldn’t be too much work but it’s not as easy as selecting free emails from a database. Some of these are Chrome extensions which require Google Chrome to work.

List of Unlimited No Cost Tools To Get Emails

Product Website Free Plan (Emails)
Moonkit.io https://moonkit.io/ Free – No Limit – one at a time
Find Business Email https://find-business-email.com/ Free – No Limit – one at a time
Email Matcher https://emailmatcher.com/ Free – No Limit – one at a time
Name2Email https://name2email.com/ Free – No Limit – one at a time
Lead Finder https://www.leadfinder.pro/ Free – No Limit – one at a time
Clearbit Connect https://connect.clearbit.com/ Free – No Limit – one at a time

Full List Of Paid Tools To Find Email Addresses

If you need to go beyond the available options that allows you to find emails for free, check out this list of tools that are hunter io alternatives. The list is broken down by integration and price. Pricing for tools is one of the most significant factors in purchasing. Reviewing the cost per lead can provide direction when selecting a tool.

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