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Concord Pricing

Concord Pricing – Actual Prices For The Contract Management Software

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Concord pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much Concord costs and see alternatives to Concord. Concord is a tool that provides a cloud-based agreement lifecycle administrative platform. It offers a platform for compliance, online negotiation, contract collaboration, procurement, electronic signatures, and other services. 

This software helps you work together with anyone in your company and also carry out negotiations with any third party, which in the end, saves you time and ensures they comply with you.   

What is Concord? 

Concord is a contract management software that aims at simplifying collaboration, management, and storage of agreements. It lets the users create, edit, e-sign, and manage all the documents in one place. It eliminates the need to download, re-upload and email back and forth by letting the users draft and edit the document directly in concord in real-time. It can work with any type of contract and offers unlimited legally binding signatures and storage.

What Concord Does 

Concord is involved in basically a lot of things. The following is a summary of what Concord does:

  1. For All of Your Contracts, Concord Is the Sole Software You Require

Save money by spending less time switching between editors, applications, and e-signature tools.

  1. Work Together with All of Your Staff, Clients, and Suppliers 

With Concord, you may collaborate with any employee at your organization and conduct business with any outside partner, ensuring compliance and saving you time.

  1. Unfettered Access for All of Your Suppliers, Clients, and Potential Workers

With everyone working on the same platform, whether it be finance, sales, legal, procurement, HR, or marketing, your contract procedures will go faster.

  1. Engage All of Your Employees, Not Just the Legal One 

Any visitor can browse, amend, and sign your documents using Concord without emailing back and forth. Both you and they can use it for free.

  1. Join All Your Tools

Robotize everything with Concord’s multiple out-of-the-box integrations or its open API. 

Concord Pricing 

Concord comes in three plans if there are more than three potential users: the standard plan, the pro plan, and the enterprise plan. The standard plan and the pro plan come with the advantage of a free trial, and no credit card is needed to carry out the operation. 

The cost of Concord depends on the feature package and whether you pay monthly or in one lump sum for the entire year. With annual pricing, you save more than 25%.

The Concord pricing is as follows:

PlansStandard ProEnterprise 
Per month/per user$ 17$ 49Contact sales

Concord Pricing Plans

For Concord, the pricing is transparent, providing faster impact and adoption. Security, quick onboarding, and simplicity in design are included in all the plans. 

In the Standard plan, you can influence your access across your company and send documents in bulk for E-signature. It comes with unlimited features like unlimited documents, e-signatures, visitors, and free viewers, among others.  

The Standard plan includes the following features:

  • Date of completion reminder 
  • Unlimited documents 
  • Visitors and free viewers are unlimited 
  • Unlimited e-signatures
  • Cooperation and negotiation tools
  • Custom teams
  • Custom roles
  • Bulk send
  • Unlimited templates
  • Live editing 
  • Amendment administrator 
  • Total onboarding assistance 
  • Google Authentication
  • Live training webinar 
  • Prioritized customer assistance 
  • Versioning
  • Audit trail

While the Pro plan includes all the features that can be included in the standard plan with other features added. It can connect to Salesforce and other software and automate reporting and approvals. The features added to the pro plan include the following: 

  • Collaboration with Box, Zapier, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Google Drive 
  • Personalized reports 
  • Open API 
  • Approval workflow 

The Enterprise plan includes all the features that can be included in the pro plan, plus some extra features. It is for improving efficiency and performance with a clause library, SSO, and subsidiary management. The added features to the Enterprise plan include the following:

  • Clause library
  • SSO
  • Custom promotion
  • Subsidiary management 

Concord Product Comparison

Contract Logix is a pioneer, innovator, and veteran provider of sophisticated and statistical contract lifecycle management software. With the help of Contract Logix, hundreds of companies have been able to automate and optimize their contracting procedures while lowering risk, boosting compliance, and boosting profitability. 

The business’s software enables professionals in dozens of industries, including legal, administrative, IT, procurement, accounting, and sales, to digitally design, debate, approve, execute, and administer their contracts. There is a free trial in contract logix.  

According to a country-based traffic analysis of and, receives most of its visitors from the United States, whereas gets a smaller percentage.

Concord is more about working with any contract, which enables the user to spend less time and less money changing from one application to another, an editor, and an e-signature tool. Concord directs every document to the respective people for approval and generates reports to contrast the terms of a lot of contracts in seconds.  

How Much Does Concord Cost?

If you have more than three potential users, Concord has fthree plans, the standard plan, the pro plan, the enterprise plan, and the free trial plan. The free trial includes full-scale access to the Pro level plan, and after 14 days, you can choose any plan or decide to stay on the free tier for as long as you wish without ever losing access to your contracts.

The price for Concord starts at $17 per month. Concord has three plans:

The standard plan at $17 per month, the Pro plan at $49.00 per month, and the Enterprise plan are.  

Other Alternatives to Try If Concord Pricing Is Too High 

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