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Contractbook Pricing

Contractbook Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Contractbook pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much the contract-book costs and see alternatives to the contract book. Contractbook is a software company wherein small and medium-sized businesses are approved to manage the whole lifecycle of their contracts in a single, totally automated flow. 

This Contractbook platform permits users to create contracts using current templates, sign them digitally using a digital signature, and arrange them in the cloud.

What is Contractbook? 

Contractbook is a contract management software that helps small to medium-scale businesses manage their contract lifecycle with a single and automated workflow. Users can create forms from the updated set of templates, sign them with digital signatures and organize them over the cloud. 

Docs can be auto-generated by answering a set of questions or templates from the library can be used. The built-in editor lets the user format the doc, add different media formats, and tables and sync the data as well. Users can add comments and tag teammates to take any further action on the form.

What Contractbook Does 

Contractbook allows you to prove your company with data-driven document automation for future purposes, cooperate in teams, and distribute your work. It is a single contract lifecycle management platform that you can use in place of all your contract/signature tools.

The users can access the contracts for their teams and maintain records of who has signed contracts by using the service. It allows users to create, sign, and arrange arrangements digitally. Contractbook automates and connects with more than 2,000 other applications.

You can use Contractbook’s simple-to-use contract management tool to your advantage while onboarding new employees and concluding deals with new clients.

Contractbook Pricing 

The Contractbook comes in three pricing plans: the Foundation plan, the growth plan, and the Enterprise plan. Contractbook also offers a free-of-charge contract administration process across your business through a Recipient plan that permits you to create, eSign, track, and arrange contracts in a single workflow.

The Contractbook pricing is as follows:

PlanFoundation Growth Enterprise 
Per month $999$1,499$2,499

Contractbook Pricing Plans

The implementation services come in different forms with different plans.

The Recipient plan is the plan of Contractbook that offers contract management for free. It comes with features like shared templates, task management, and deadline reminders, among others.  

The Recipient plan includes the following:

  • Deadline reminders 
  • Task administration
  • Task administration dashboard
  • Document model history 
  • Automated storage
  • Shared templates
  • Document distribution 
  • OCR technology
  • Contractbook template library 
  • Different types of digital signatures 

While the Foundation plan involves all the features that can help those looking to automate their contracting procedures and make them easier. It is sophisticated, centralized, and carries out simple contract management. The features in the Foundation plan include the following: 

  • Contract creation and bargaining 
  • Up to 18 implementation hours
  • Unlimited users
  • Signing and storing
  • Standard connections 
  • Form-generated contracts
  • 3rd party and legacy contract display 
  •  In-App automation

The Growth plan involves all the features in the foundation plan and a few added to it. It is a multi-team and multi-user contract administration plan that helps those seeking to empower everyone at their business to create contracts at will. The added features of the growth plan include the following:

  • API Access
  • Conditional-logic produced contracts
  • Up to 30 implementation hours
  • SSO

The Enterprise plan involves all the features in the Growth plan and a few added to it. It is a plan that helps with custom integrations and analytics for multi-tier contract administration. This plan is for those who wish to incorporate Contractbook into their full workflows and toolset. The added features of the Enterprise plan include the following:

  • Access to a custom legal portal
  • Custom implementation assistance 
  • Custom integrations

Contractbook Product Comparison

PandaDoc is software used for document automation, including a document builder, workflow management, and electronic signatures. The business comprises a group of tech-savvy rebels who create tools to increase their customers’ sales and improve customer relationships.

This software is used to generate, deliver, and manage quotations, presentations, contracts, and other marketing collateral for your team. The users of PandaDoc may produce, distribute, and manage the bids, proposals, engagements, and other sales materials used by their teams. It works together, gains knowledge, and aspire to accomplish great things. There is a free edition of PandaDoc. 

In general, reviewers thought it was simpler to conduct business with Contractbook.  Reviewers compared the two options and concluded that Contractbook was simpler to use and manage. 

Contractbook is best known for working in human resources, legal teams, sales, and operations in businesses with 11+ employees that wish to make their contract workflows easier minimize errors, and effectively influence productivity. It is a tool for creating, signing, and storing contracts. 

How Much Does Contractbook Cost?

The price for Contractbook starts at $999/Per Month. Contractbook has three plans:

Foundation plan at $ 999 per month, the Growth plan at $ 1,499, and the Enterprise plan at $ 2,499. 

Contractbook also offers a Free Plan known as the Recipient plan. 

The Base plan is $999/month. You can put powerful ADD ONS on your foundation. They include:

Sales Add-on: $400/month

HR Add-on: $400/month

Compliance Add-on: $400/month

Operations Add-on: $400/month

Other Alternatives to Try If Contractbook Pricing Is Too High 

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