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ConvergeHub Pricing

ConvergeHub – Actual Prices For All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you looking for ConvergeHub pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much ConvergeHub costs and see alternatives to ConvergeHub. ConvergeHub allows users to manage customer-related activities simultaneously and from one place. ConvergeHub helps the user to captivate leads, close deals, and quickly respond to support tickets. The software’s features contribute to the growth of the business while increasing productivity.

What is ConvergeHub

Founded in 2016 by Sampa Bagchi, ConvergeHub is a CRM.

ConvergeHub provides a handful of useful features. The software allows the user to track his business from every point. The platform’s 360-degree view feature gives the user valuable information about customers, making communication easier. Report Builder and the Dashboard are two features that help with creating reports, as well as tracking progress. 

ConvergeHub Pricing

ConvergeHub comes in four plans each of which provides different features based on the client’s needs. They also offer up to 30% off the price if the customers prefer to pay annually instead of quarterly. 

PlansQuarterly subscription price per monthAnnual subscription price per month
Industry EditionContact ConvergeHubContact ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub Pricing Plans

All plans provide the customer with specific features, however, their limit varies based on their plan. 

The Starter plan helps the user to win clients by optimizing the management of their leads and account. It includes:

  • 500 Leads
  • 500 Accounts
  • 500 Deals
  • 500 Cases 
  • 500 Events
  • 500 Tasks
  • 500 Notes
  • 250 MB Storage
  • 500 emails per user/month
  • App Store 

The Pro plan allows the user to increase their impact via Sales, Marketing and improve their Customer Support. It includes:

  • 5000 Leads
  • 5000 Accounts
  • 5000 Deals 
  • 5000 Contacts
  • 2500 Cases
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Notes
  • 2 GB Storage
  • 2500 emails per user/month
  • App Store
  • 5000 Targets
  • Unlimited Campaigns

The Premium plan helps the user to optimize their working experience with Automation and Customization. It includes the features from the previous two plans with increased or unlimited numbers, plus:

  • Custom Fields
  • Products
  • Quotes
  • Invoice 
  • Payment
  • Automation

The Industry Edition plan includes all features from the Premium plan, plus:

  • Customized for your industry and requirements
  • Personal Onboarding and Support

ConvergeHub Product Comparison

Keap is a CRM platform that helps entrepreneurs automate and manage their sales as well as scaling their business. Keap easily allows users to generate, sort out, trace, and nurture leads.

ConvergeHub and Keap both offer a 14-day free trial that would provide the customer with the full number of tools that the CRM platforms offer. 

How much does ConvergeHub cost? 

ConvergeHub offers monthly subscriptions that range from $11 a month to over $65 per month per user. Here is what the actual cost of ConvergeHub actually is:

PlansMonthly subscription / Total per year
Starter$11 X 12 = $132
Pro$35 X  12 = $420
Premium$65 X 12 = $780
Enterprise EditionContact ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub also offers quarterly billing which can save up to 30% off the price from the monthly subscription. 

PlansQuarterly billing / Total per year
Starter$9 X 12 = $108
Pro$29 X 12 = $348
Premium$59 X 12 = $708
Enterprise Edition Contact ConvergeHub

Alternatives to ConvergeHub

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