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Creatio Pricing

Creatio – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Creatio pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much Creatio costs and see alternatives to Creatio. Creatio is a leading platform in automating workflows and CRM. The platform helps in automating ongoing marketing campaigns. The products that Creatio provides can be bought separately or together in the form of a bundle. 

What is Creatio

Creatio’s headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts. 

All features provided by Creatio do not require coding and can be integrated into every company’s ecosystem with ease.  One fundamental feature that benefits the growth of the customer’s business is the Opportunity and Pipeline Management that Creatio provides. This option combined with the Leads Management tool gives insight into the personal information of the user who may later become a future customer. 

Creatio Pricing

Creatio offers three plans and one CRM Bundle. Each of the three plans is designed for the specific needs of the user. The plans can be Cloud or On-site. If the user chooses the On-site option he can save up to 15 % off the price. 

PlansOn-site optionprice per user/monthCloud optionprice per user/month

The pricing given for CRM Bundle is per 1 user for 1 year. 

CRM BundleOn-site optionprice per user/yearCloud option price per user/year

Creatio Pricing Plans

There are a few pricing plans for Creatio.

The Team plan is a perfect fit for small or medium-sized businesses that have a direct sales team. It includes:

  • Customer 360° Profile
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Out-of-the-box process for long sales

The Commerce plan provides a complete set of tools for short sale cycles and e-commerce. It includes the Customer 360° Profile and Lead Management features, plus:

  • Orders and invoices
  • Product catalog management

Enterprise plan has the sophisticated tools that every medium and large enterprise requires to be successful and competitive. It provides all features from the Team and Commerce plans, plus:

  • Field sales
  • Chanel sales
  • Sales forecasting
  • Contract management
  • Project management

The CRM Bundle offers integrated tools that would allow the customer to benefit the most. The user can choose which one of the features needs and can use them separately or simultaneously. It includes:

  • Marketing tools
  • Sales tools
  • Service tools

Creatio Product Comparison

ProcessMaker is a low-code platform that automates and eases the workflow. The software helps its customers to find solutions to certain problems swiftly and with ease. ProcessMaker can also integrate third-party softwares and remove bottlenecks. 

Both Creatio and ProcessMaker offer a free trial that would allow the customer to truly experience the features that these two platforms provide. 

Creatio as well as ProcessMaker does not require coding. However, Creatio is more suitable for non-technical users, while ProcessMaker would be a perfect fit for an HR team. 

How much does Creatio cost?

Creatio offers monthly subscriptions, Here is what the actual cost of Creatio actually is:

PlansCloud option price per year
Team$30 X 12 = $360
Commerce$35 X 12 = $420
Enterprise$60 X 12 = $720

Creatio offers its customers On-site option, which can save up to 15% off the monthly price.

PlansOn-site option price per year
Team$25 X 12 = $300
Commerce$30 X 12 = $360
Enterprise$50 X 12 = $600

Alternatives to Creatio

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