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Datananas Pricing

Datananas Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Datanana’s pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much Datananas costs and what alternatives there are. Datananas is a software sales engagement and lead relationship management SAAS platform that assists sales and marketing professionals with email tracking, sending targeted, and automated emails to leads.

This software assists you in creating personalized experiences for your customers across all channels to maximize ROI. Datananas is a B2B lead generation software network that helps salespeople create high-quality, targeted lists of B2B potential customers by utilizing professional social networks such as Linkedin. Datananas enables your salesperson to send timely and targeted emails to buyers. It tracks, monitors, and analyzes lead responses, allowing you to determine which route or medium is most effective for your company. It offers a secure platform for tracking potential customers’ email addresses, names, profile pictures, and contact information.

What is Datananas? 

Datananas is a cloud-based analytics SaaS solution that provides real-time customer insights. You can use the software to track and generate reports on customer behavior across all channels, including  website, mobile app, email, etc. Datananas is a sales and marketing automation platform for all sizes of B2B SaaS businesses. The software gives you the tools to engage your audience, build trust, and close deals faster.

With its comprehensive features, Datananas is the perfect solution for businesses looking to take their lead management process to the next level. Using Datananas, companies can save time, reduce manual labor, and close deals faster. 

What Does Datananas Do?

Datananas is a lead management SaaS software designed to help businesses of all sizes optimize their lead management process. It is a lead management software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that helps companies manage, nurture, and close leads. This user-friendly and efficient software allows users to quickly and easily organize and manage their sales leads. It provides a powerful suite of tools to enable businesses to streamline and automate their lead management process.

With Datananas, businesses can segment their leads according to location, industry, and product interest criteria. They can also identify key contacts within companies and track valuable customer insights. Additionally, Datananas allows businesses to nurture leads with automated email campaigns, track customer interactions, and schedule follow-up tasks. Datananas provides an automated lead-scoring system that helps businesses prioritize leads and ensures their sales reps are focusing on the most promising opportunities. In short, Datananas is a powerful platform that can help businesses of any size manage, nurture, and close leads more efficiently.

Datananas enables your salesperson to send buyers timely and targeted emails. It provides a safe platform to track your potential customer’s email addresses, names, profile pictures, and contact details. It tracks, monitors, and analyzes the responses from leads and allows you to determine which route or medium is most effective for your business. In short, it caters to all the requirements of a successful e-business by streamlining communication between salespeople and clients effectively.

Datananas Pricing 

Datananas is featured in three pricing plans: Pro, company, and company connect. They all have the advantage of a 14-day free trial and a free version.

Credit card or code installation is not required, and the discount depends on your plan frequency. The Datananas pricing is as follows and is listed in Euros:

Plans ProCompanyCompany Connect
Per month 60€100€120€

Datananas Pricing Plans

The flat-rate pricing model is used for the three plans. The Pro is the basic edition of Datananas. It comes with limited features.

The Pro Plan is featured with

  • Google Mail integration
  • leads from LinkedIn
  • Unlimited sales leads
  • Sales Academy 
  • Automated follow-up

The Company Plan is featured with

  • SMTP integration plus Office365
  • Countless Contact Generation
  • Shared Sales Inbox
  • Premium Integrations 
  • All Pro plan 

Company Connect is included with

  • Management leads with customized roles
  • API access and control
  • 100,000 Contact 
  • All Company Features

How Much Does Datananas Cost?

Datananas has three pricing plans: Pro, company, and company connect. The pro plan has a starting price of 60€ per month and 720€ per year. The company plan costs 100€ per month or 1200€ per year. However, the company’s Connect service costs 120€per month and 1440€ annually. All these plans come with the advantage of a free trial of 14 days and a free version.

These three pricing plans have different features that can be purchased separately or together, depending on what you need from your data provider at any given time.

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