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Crisp Pricing

Crisp Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

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Are you looking for Cris pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much Crisp costs and what alternatives exist. Crisp is a cloud-based live help platform that allows businesses to communicate with customers in real-time. Businesses can use live chat software to increase sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Chatbots, email campaigns, and social media integration are features available on this multichannel customer platform.

Crisp is a simple and insightful tool that assists small and medium-sized businesses in developing trusting relationships with their customers. This is because it provides customers with a human-like experience. It saves time while increasing your company’s competitiveness and profitability.

What Is Crisp?

Crisp is a customer-specific chatbot for enterprise sales and marketing, life sciences, financial services, healthcare, education, and the like that connects customers to smart agents. With Crisp, you can generate quality leads and improve customer satisfaction through advanced messaging and agent-controlled conversations based on their priorities and interests.

What Does Crisp Do?

Crisp facilitates a smoother communication process between your brand and consumers by providing instant help 24/7. It is a user-friendly option; it allows you to start a conversation directly from your website or app. Crisp offers you and your customers a consistent experience across all channels, marketing automation, and customer data in one place.

It is also a customer engagement platform that enables organizations to have real-time conversations with consumers on Facebook Messenger, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other platforms. The speed and ease of the Crisp experience enable users to have more interactions in less time and with higher conversion rates.

Crisp Pricing

Crisp pricing mainly comes with two monthly plans: $25 per month, per workspace, to $95 per month, per workspace. There is also a Crisp enterprise plan. A free plan is available with a few basic live chat features. A 14-day trial is also given to customers to test their preferred plan before paying the full amount.

Crisp Pricing Plans

The plan you choose will depend on your business type and needs.

The Basic plan is designed for early-stage companies that don’t need much help managing their customer service.

The Basic Plan offers limited features, which include

  •  Two users (forever)
  • Crisp live chat with your website visitors
  • Crisp Team Box
  • Mobile Apps 
  • Push Notification 

The Pro Plan is perfect if you’re looking for more advanced features, like

  • Four user operators included 
  • Unlimited access to previous conversations
  • Crisp Trigger 
  • Faster Responses 
  • uniform branding and customization
  • Audio message 
  • Reply from Slack
  • Private note 
  • Telegram 
  • Email
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Magic Map 
  • All basic features

The Unlimited Plan is designed for midsize companies requiring full features to improve customer relationships.

  • Features Includes 
  • Hosted Knowledge Base
  • Unlimited status page
  • Chat reminders 
  • MagicBrowse 
  • Video Chat 
  • Analytic 
  • SMS 
  • Live Translate 
  • Sync leads to Salesforce
  • Sync leads to Pipedrive 
  • Automated Campaign 
  • User Rating 
  • Discord 
  • GitHub 
  • no Crisp logo
  • WhatsApp 
  • Jira 
  • Aircall 
  • Trello 
  • Video Chat

Crisp Enterprise Pricing

Pricing coming soon.

Crisp Product Comparison

Freshchat is an online chatbot that helps resolve customer queries instantly with several combinations of automated responses. It helps manage and organize customer messages across several online platforms, like email, website chats, WhatsApp, and iMessage. It gives you a heads-up when customers need assistance and also triggers messages for better responses.

 Freshchat is an intelligent artificial intelligence chatbot. It can learn from past conversations and improve its performance in the future. It can respond to any question or query with multiple automated responses.

Freshchat works on all major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. You can use it as a personal assistant or make it live as a bot on your website. Crisp Chatbot is designed to offer quality lead distribution, while Freshchat offers self-service portals. With so many tools embedded in Crisp, it helps your visitors be converted into customers, unlike Freshchat, which offers smarter conversations and responses to resolve queries.

Crisp helps resolve problems faster and also lets you keep track of the information relating to your leads. Freshchat can help you automate your business workflows, but your agent can’t talk to your visitor through a video call.

Freshchat doesn’t have an option where you can have a conversation with a customer via live chat; that’s why it is good for small businesses.

 How Much Does Crisp Cost?

Crisp pricing starts at $0 for a free then goes up to $25 per month, per workspace, to $95 per month, per workspace.

Other Alternatives To Try If Crisp Pricing Is Too High 

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