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Demostack Pricing – Actual Prices For all Plans

Table of Contents

In this post, we’ll take a look at Demostack and provide an explanation of Demostack pricing, with Demostack alternatives. 

What is Demostack?

Demostack is one the world’s first Demo Experience Platform built to help Sales teams gain full control, customization, confidence, and insight over their product demos. Demostack is part of a category of products that is in the sales demo environment software space. Demostack helps Software as a service (SaaS) companies boost revenue by providing a sandbox environment to tailor personalize demos, it is easy to manage, and there is no need for back end coding. Founded by Jonathan Friedman, Aaron Bar Hakim and Gilad Avidan, Demostack is an all-in-one solution that enables users to create custom product demos in minutes.

Demostack Overview

Demostack Pricing

Demostack pricing is quotation-based, potential clients will only know how much their services will cost after getting a formal quotation from Demostack. There is no free trial or freemium model offered either. Pricing is based on two parts; annual access platform fee and per-user license. According to online reviews, Demostack is a leading Demo Experience Platform, and it might be well worth your while to request a quote from them.

Demostack Pricing Plans

Demostack is considered an all-in-one service. They unpack this service according to the main features so you have a better understanding of Demostack pricing:

  • Demostack for Sales
  • SMB / Enterprise demo.
  • Vertical-based demo.
  • Persona-based demo.
  • Company-specific demo.
  • Demo leave-behind.
  • Shorter sales cycles, higher win rates. And no trials necessary.
  • Demostack for Marketing
  • Interactive guided demo.
  • Request a demo flow.
  • Outbound cadence content.
  • Demostack for Customer Success 
  • Onboarding guidance
  • Guided demos for new features
  • Demostack for Learning and Development
  • Train new hires on what a great demo looks like with a sandbox they can get comfortable in.
  • Interactive product tours that guide employees through user flows by use case, vertical, or persona.
  • Interactive product experiences that bring your how-to’s to life.
  • Demostack for Partnerships
  • Let partners promote your product with on-the-rails demos.
  • Interactive product tours and a demo sandbox to explore.
  • Craft a story that resonates, increase win rates, and shorten sales cycles.

Demostack Product Comparison

Two of Demostack’s main Demo Experience Platform competitors are Walnut and Reprise. Each product has a range of tools and features that allow product managers to create effective demos but they are by no means carbon copies of each other. 

Some of the key benefits of each product include:

  • Walnut:
  • Create personalized and guided sales demos for each prospect and to tell product stories without coding a single line.
  • Visitors have the opportunity to interact with the product on the website, emails, landing page, blog posts, and any marketing materials to increase conversions.
  • Teams can collect and monitor the clicks of potential customers to see how they utilize demos and optimize them accordingly.
  • High demo creation standards and demo templates, organization tools and feedback sharing capabilities.
  • Replicate sales demos and customize them for each client.
  • Reprise:
  • With experiential interactions, you can send the correct message at the right time.
  • Site visitors can interact with the product and grasp its worth before dealing with a salesperson.
  • It uses interactive demos to replace specialized demo environments.
  • No overly-produced demo videos.
  • Demostack
  • Demostack is easy to use with a more-than-manageable learning curve.
  • Editing the demos relies on a very convenient point-and-click format.
  • Sharing the demos is secure and takes very little time.
  • Users can access analytics and customer insights to tweak the demo to fit each persona/prospect.
  • Demostack takes the URL of your application, plugs it in, and they do the heavy lifting, they clone front end, and create a carbon copy.

How much does Demostack cost?

For full pricing details, you will need to request a quotation from Demostack. However, you can prepare yourself for a ballpark figure of an annual access platform fee of $15 to $35K. This is largely dependent on the complexity of the product, use case, implementation and users. Demostack packages come with unlimited views and demos. Per person pricing will likely range between $60 to $70 per person, per month, and it will be subject to annual contracts.

If Demostack Cost is Too High, Check out These Demostack Alternatives

For a full breakdown of the category, check out this post on sales demo environments.

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