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LiveChat Pricing- Actual Pricing and Plans, Enterprise Too!

Table of Contents

Are you interested in LiveChat for your business’s customer service platform and looking for LiveChat pricing? Are you unsure of where to find details about LiveChat’s plans, cost, and details? We’ve got you covered. Continue reading for the actual cost and details about LiveChat.

What is LiveChat?

LiveChat is a comprehensive, engaging customer service platform designed to provide 24/7 customer support. Used in 150 countries, and trusted by over 31,000 companies, LiveChat is designed to improve the customer service experience and increase client satisfaction. With features such as targeted messaging and a marketplace with over 200 app integrations, LiveChat has more key features than the average customer service chat tool. LiveChat supports over 50 languages with its multilingual widget design. With its user-friendly mobile app, LiveChat is available to multiple devices, including tablets and mobile phones. Social media integration allows for customers and agents to communicate via social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. LiveChat offers three additional products, ChatBox, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase.

ChatBox is another customer service tool, offered as a LiveChat integration, with the same goal of providing comprehensive, readily available client support to your business. ChatBox offers the additional resource of a high-intelligence, AI chatbot to provide customer support. The goal of using ChatBox is to increase employee morale by avoiding repetitive customer support questions, and providing instant responses to customers in need of assistance. Chatbox is designed to increase workflow productivity, and resolve problems smarter and faster.

The HelpDesk tool is LiveChat’s product integration designed for email management. The email management tool makes multichannel communication easier. HelpDesk offers features such as ticket management and collaboration tools to simplify customer service. With personalized mailing communications and templates, HelpDesk can improve your brand recognition.

The KnowledgeBase plugin consists of both the app, where you add and manage your help content, and the widget, which displays all your articles in the sidebar in LiveChat. The goal of KnowledgeBase is to make customer support easier to navigate, and save time for customers looking for specific information. With the articles displayed instantly in LiveChat, your clients won’t have to search for new information in a separate tab. This helps customer support agents to be more proactive and effective.

LiveChat Pricing

LiveChat, Chatbox, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase each offer a variety of plans to fit the need of all business

LiveChat StarterLiveChat TeamLiveChat BusinessLiveChat Enterprise
$16/ month per agent when billed annually$33/month per agent when billed annually$50/month per agent when billed annually$149/month per agent billed annually
-5 seat minimum
$19/month per agent when billed month-to-month$39/month per agent when billed month-to-month$59/month per agent when billed month-to-monthNo month-to-month plan


ChatBox StarterChatBox TeamChatBox BusinessChatBox Enterprise
$42/month per agent billed annually$126/month per agent billed annually$424/month per agent billed annuallyFixed Price Contract
$50/month per agent when billed month-to-month$149/month per agent when billed month-to-month$499/month per agent when billed month-to-monthFixed Price Contract
HelpDesk PlanKnowledgeBase Plan
$29/month per agent when billed annually$34/month per agent when billed month-to-month$59/month per agent

LiveChat Pricing Plans


LiveChat StarterFeaturesLiveChat Team FeaturesLiveChat Business Features LiveChat Enterprise Features 
● 60 days of archived chat storage
● Basic widget customization
● Built in ticketing system
● Secure 256-bit SSL encryption 
● All features of Starter
● Unlimited chat history
● Full widget customization
● Basic reporting
● Agent groups
● Multiple brandings
● All features of Team
● Apple Messages for business
● Advanced reporting
● Work Scheduler
● Chat takeover
● Staffing predictions

● All features of Business
● Minimum of five seats
● Dedicated account manager
● Product training
● Software engineer support​
● Security assistance
● HIPAA Compliance
● Single Sign-On (SSO)


ChatBox StarterChatBox TeamChatBox BusinessChatBox Enterprise
● 1 active chatbot
● 1,000 valid chats per month
●  Unlimited number of stories
●  7-day training history
●  All integrations
● Basic reporting
● Data security
● 5 active chatbots
● 5,000 valid chats/mo
● Unlimited number of stories
● Unlimited training history
● Advanced reporting
● Data security
● Team collaboration
● Button actions
●  All features of Team
●  Unlimited active chatbots
●  25,000 valid chats/mo
●  Version history
●  Personal onboarding
● Premium customer support
● Security assistance
●  All features of Business
Chatbot building services
Chatbot maintenance
Custom integrations
Dedicated account manager

HelpDesk and Knowledge Base:

HelpDesk Plan FeaturesKnowledgeBase Plan Features
● All messages in one dashboard 
● In depth customer data in tickets 
● Automations 
●  Efficient team management tools  
●  Private notes 
●  Customized canned responses  
●  Mentioning teammates for guidance 
● Real-time progress reporting  
●  Free and unlimited viewer roles
● 24/7 Self-service
● Improved knowledge management
SEO-friendly knowledge base
● Reduced workload for support teams
● Quicker response time
● Consistent tone of voice
● Rich text editor
● Google Analytics integration
● Reports and insights

LiveChat Product Comparison

Some well-known competitors of LiveChat are Drift and Intercom. Both are heavy-duty customer service solutions with similar functions to LiveChat. All three systems are live-chat focused, and are designed to seamlessly solve customer service problems. Drift offers a very simple free version of their product for small businesses, still in the process of expanding. Intercom has more integrations than Drift (250 to 150), and is overall a good product, besides an issue of lag and delay that many users find frustrating.

How Much Does LiveChat Cost?

Here is a price breakdown of the annual cost of a business supported by LiveChat with 20 users

LiveChat Starter$3,840 per year/billed annually$4,560 per year/billed month-to-month
LiveChat Team$7,920 per year/billed annually$9,360 per year/billed month-to-month
LiveChat Business$12,000 per year/billed annually$14,160 per year/billed month-to-month
LiveChat Enterprise$35,760per year/billed annuallyNo month-to-month plan
ChatBox Starter$10,080 per year/billed annually$12,000 per year/billed month-to-month
Chatbox Team$30,240 per year/billed annually$35,760 per year/billed month-to-month
Chatbox Business$101,760 per year/billed annually$119,760 per year/billed month-to-month
HelpDesk$6,960 per year/billed annually$8,160 per year/billed month-to-month
KnowledgeBase$14,160 per year/billed annuallyNo month-to-month plan

If LiveChat Pricing is Too High, Check Out These LiveChat Alternatives

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