Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Sales demo environments are essential for sales performance in the SaaS industry. At different levels of sales, the sales team needs to have the right sales demo environments to provide an engaging, customizable, and reliable demo experience. Especially if the software or platform is complex and offers customized solutions, the sales team will need to showcase different use cases. Sales demo environments can also be used to scale self-serve sales demos by providing a prospect with their product demo.

The below article gives an overview of the sales demo environment, and why it matters and gives a brief comparison of the various sales demo software available in the market.

What is a Sales Demo Environment?

A sales demo environment is an environment that helps prospects immerse themselves in software demos. The demo platform supports A / B testing features, messages, and graphs to determine the highest conversion rate. You can also use them to understand the best demos for your sales reps and help your team improve and standardize overall performance. 

This includes using data, charts, graphs, functions shown in the demo, and the tools used to display them. This is the demo instance or the demo experience platform itself, or the meeting tools, slides to display, and attendees to use. The sales demo tool can also collect customer feedback and market intelligence, increase closing rates, and reduce the time required to close a sale. As a result, when used properly, sales demo tools are a powerful asset for all sales professionals.

Benefits Of Using A Sales Demo Environment 

  1. Realistic Experience: The sales demo environment can be tailored to the industry of your prospects. 
  2. Fast: The product demo platform allows you to create multiple templates for different types of customers. Sales teams can easily generate these template environments and quickly prepare for product demos. 
  3. More compelling: You can adjust the sales demo environment as needed which makes it easier for your prospects to visualize the benefits. It helps to bring the software to life.
  4. Interactive: Interactive demo software allows end users to explore instances of their environment for a set period. Being able to use the technology on their own makes them more likely to be engaged and get an honest feel for the software. 
  5. More Engaging: Practical experiences that allow customers to interact with a personalized environment are simply more engaging. This will make your company’s technology stand out from the crowd, versus your competitors who show a Zoom screen share presentation.
  6. Interest Simulation: The ability to see a product based on your own desires versus following what the salesperson shows you.
  7. Providing Evidence: The products, samples, videos, brochures, images, and other tools used in the demos are often referred to as evidence devices because they provide concrete evidence to support the claim. As long as you can show what your product can do and make it concrete to your customers, you’ll be in a better position.

Sales Demo Software


Reprise is a demo creation platform that sales and marketing use when they need to sell a product with it. Reprise provides a code-free, enterprise-ready platform. This allows teams to control demo narration and provide custom product experiences without technical involvement.


Tourial software allows you to create self-guided product tours using the product storytelling platform for higher quality conversions. Tourial is named after “tour”, the main point of the product demo, and “tutorial”, a way to convey knowledge to those who are experiencing something new for the first time.


Walnut’s product demo software makes it easy to create interactive product demos and gain insights into how they are used. 


This platform will be used to showcase software applications in sales demos and conduct customer testing and proof-of-concept. This allows prospects to thoroughly evaluate the software while improving the consistency and efficiency of the sales method.


Demostack is a sales demo software designed to provide users with a demo experience, rather than just selling their business. It creates the best demo environment for all users and provides the ability to reach the right prospects in the right way. 

Tailored (no longer available as sales demo software)

Tailored is a sales demo software that can turn a software demo into a personalized experience.


Navattic is a sale demo software that helps sales and marketing teams to deliver interactive product tours by enabling the creation of interactive demos. It provides a detailed analysis of the engagement rate for a single demo. Sellers can target leads via Navattic and share embedded emails with demos. It lets you automate unqualified demos by sharing their self-guided product experience. With Navattic, you can empower buyers to gain in-depth insights into the views collected from a single demo and the most interesting parts of each.


Storylane is an intuitive and interactive product sales demo software. Designed as a no-code platform Storylane lets clients build rich and immersive product experiences, that effectively engage and interest their customers. With Storylane, clients get to bring in together product screens, guided tooltips, and interactive video sessions, converting leads into prospective customers. Storylane also allows capturing the important bits of the product tours to provide the clients with an estimate of how their website, as well as how the targetted product, is performing. 

Above, we have given an overview of some of the top available sales demo softwares that are used currently. Now let’s take an in-depth look into the features, pricing, and pros and cons of a few of these sales demo softwares.

Reprise – Category Leader For Sales Demo Environments

What is Reprise

Reprise is a leader in the sales demo environment. It is a demo creation platform company that enables software companies’ revenue teams to bring their product to life with customized demos, website-based product tours, and email-able product experiences. Reprise enables business users on revenue teams to capture, edit, and deploy an application that feels identical to their production environment. Reprise is more suitable for teams if sales/marketing is looking to record demo flows and develop product screenshots together. 

Reprise Features

Some of the features Reprise offers are as follows:

  1. Guided demos live sales demo.
  2. Campaign building for product launches and showcasing key features such as capturing and connecting screens from your production and development environments. Customizing the data, including text, charts, and graphics.

Reprise Integrations

Reprise software lets you connect your demo data with CRM and automation tools such as Salesforce CRM, Google Analytics, Google Analytics UA, and HubSpot Analytics.

Reprise Pricing

Reprise offers two pricing plans as follows:

Plan NameReprise StarterReprise Starter+
PricingFree, forever$1,000/month
Best suited forFor individual teams that need one high-quality demo lightly customized for a single vertical or persona.For smaller organizations that need product tours and/or demos lightly customized for verticals or personas.
Features included1 Replay (5 screens max)1 User
50 views/monthText, image, and link editing
Bulk edit
Standard guides
Analytics (aggregate)
3 Replays
5 Users
500 views/month
Text, image, and link editing
Bulk edits
Standard guides
Analytics (aggregate)


  1. You can easily record screenshots just by using the plugin.
  2. Allows creating guides and navigation across product pages.
  3. Ability to create multiple replays.
  4. Messaging capabilities
  5. It uses interactive demos to replace specialized demo environments.


  1. Limited to recording clips of images and videos in the browser but not from desktop or mobile apps.
  2. Does not allow team collaboration.
  3. Does not enable quick creation of demos.

Tourial – Popular Sales Demo Software

What is Tourial

Tourial is the sales demo software that is almost near the top of the sales demos environment category. It is a tool that provides a simple way for marketers to create self-guided product tours using the product storytelling platform, resulting in higher-quality conversions. Tourial gets its name from the word ‘Tour,’ which is the whole point of product demos, and ‘Tutorial,’ which is a way of transferring knowledge to someone experiencing something new for the first time. 

Tourial Features

Some of the features Tourial offers are as follows:

  1. Tourial uses the screenshot capture method to create the tours. The screenshots provide a product walkthrough that can be augmented with user interface patterns.
  2. It consists of tooltips (for context), modal windows (for additional detail and large files like video and images), and hotspots (dots and icons that draw the user’s attention to click on an element to learn more about it).
  3. Prospects get the chance to see the software and know what it might look like before using it. The ‘feel’ aspect is almost entirely absent, given the basic screenshot approach used to make

Tourial Integrations

Tourial has key integrations with HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot.

Tourial Pricing

Tourial offers two pricing plans as follows:

Plan namePerformanceGrowth
Usage based featureTourials – 10 live Tourials
Users – Unlimited users
Tourials – 50 live Tourials
Users – Unlimited users
Advanced featuresWhite Label URLs
Insights Dashboard
HubSpot Integration
Tracking Scripts
White Label URLs
Insights Dashboard
HubSpot Integration
Tracking Scripts
SupportIn-app SupportIn-app Support
Slack Connect Channel


  1. Simple and easy to use.
  2. The support is not just offered via email or the help desk but also in the FAQs, knowledge base, phone support, and chat.
  3. Training is done live online and with proper and complete documentation.
  4. Users can give their demos colors that reflect their brand colors.
  5. Tourial is in the process of introducing a mobile-optimization feature, something many of its competitors do not have.


  1. Limited integrations
  2. There is no free trial or free version offered.
  3. There are no prospecting tools or lead management.

 Walnut – An Alternative In the Sales Demo Environment Category

What is

Walnut’s platform enables B2B companies to scale their demo personalization in order to improve their buyers’ experience and conversion. By using Walnut, sales teams can easily create tailored, interactive, and failure-free demos for each prospect while guiding them to the product in an engaging way, without coding. Thanks to the platform’s collaboration tools and advanced analytics, sales teams can constantly optimize their demo process and exceed their quotas. Walnut is best suited for teams of sales/marketing on the lookout for a fully customizable platform delivering consistent, seamless, and effective demos.

Walnut Features

Some of the features Walnut offers are as follows:

  1. Supports personalizing every aspect of your demo for each prospect, including text, images, features, and colors.
  2. Guide prospects with annotations.
  3. Lets you make bulk changes that enable replacing text elements and images easily.
  4. Provides reusable demo templates.
  5. Enables sending links of your personalized demo to your prospect in your outreach emails, LinkedIn messaging, etc.
  6. Team collaboration and management.
  7. Provides embed demo functionality to use your demos in all your online materials (website, landing pages, and more).
  8. Access control 
  9. Customer engagement management
  10. Customizable reports
  11. Lead capture, generation, and qualification
  12. Training Management
  13. Workflow management
  14. Performance metrics

 Walnut Integrations

No data available

Walnut Pricing

Walnut provides custom pricing for their software. 


  1. Allows you to create personalized and guided sales demos for each prospect and to tell product stories without coding a single line.
  2. Gives your visitors the opportunity to interact with your product right on your website, emails, landing page, blog posts, and any marketing materials to increase conversions.
  3. Let’s teams collect and monitor the clicks of your potential customers to see how they utilize your demos and optimize them accordingly.
  4. Enables your team to maintain high demo creation standards and learn from each other thanks to demo templates, organization tools, and feedback sharing capabilities.
  5. Replicate your sales demos in a matter of seconds and customize them for each client.
  6. Enables you to instantly capture the product’s screens from a web browser 


  1. Can be slow
  2. Lags at times
  3. Not very intuitive to use

Demostack – A Top Competitor in The Sales Demo Software Category

What is Demostack

Demostack- a sales demo environment category leader, is the demo experience platform that helps you accelerate revenue with enhanced product storytelling. Demostack helps revenue teams showcase products in the best possible way, without any hassle. Demostack is best suited for sales engineers.

Demostack Features

Some of the features Demostack offers are as follows:

  1. Supports providing a guided walkthrough of your product demo.
  2. Let’s deliver personalized demos on every call, and let buyers play around with your product on their terms with a shared leave-behind.
  3. Allows customizing the content to your buyer’s use case, persona, or vertical with a few clicks.
  4. Enables cloning your product into a demo environment 
  5. Provides editing capabilities including editing text, charts, colors, images, icons, lists, tables, removing elements, update the master.
  6. Sharing live demos, and guided demos. Supports secure link sharing, embedding, and tracking.
  7. Lets you create custom demos in minutes using charts, charts, and other details to create impressive product stories that involve people.

Demostack Integrations

Demostack integrates with CRM such as Salesflare which helps automate your data to build better relationships and make more sales. Demostack also integrates with Startup Credits.

Demostack Pricing

Demostack provides custom pricing for their software.


  1. Ability to configure variables and update existing clones
  2. Customize any aspect of the user interface
  3. Robust ability to customize text and data, without changing underlying demo data.
  4. Ability to update a demo without re-do the whole thing.
  5. No linking together screenshots to recreate your product experience.


  1. Does not support cross-platform demos.
  2. Does not provide team collaboration capabilities. – No Longer An Option For Sales Demo

What is Tailored

Unfortunately, Tailored is no longer in business.

A newcomer in the sales demo environment, is a sales demo software that allows you to convert a set of web pages into visual templates. Tailored also allows you to record screens, audio, and faces to create stories that connect your audience instantly. Share it and get detailed notifications and interaction analysis.

Tailored Features

Some of the features Tailored offers are as follows:

  1. It Allows turning your live product into a visual template.
  2. Enables capturing a user’s journey through your screens, select page elements you want to make customizable, and turn them into placeholders.
  3. Allows transforming your environment to show prospect-specific information. 
  4. Allows capturing the demo session on video and enables your audience to experience it
  5. Recording and sharing capabilities
  6. Allows you to control access, receive real-time intelligence, and simplify engagement after the meeting.

Tailored Integrations: No data available

Tailored Pricing

Tailored is free to download through Google chrome.


Software is free to download.

Navattic – Another Option For Sales Demo Software

What is Navattic

Navattic demo creation software helps teams create interactively and instantly. With Navattic you can create, customize, and share interactive product demos for instant conversion. It helps marketing and sales teams build, track, and share  interactive product experiences in real-time. Users can create a lightweight reproduction of the original demo environment, overlay guided tooltips to facilitate smooth navigation within the product, and share something special via links. 

Navattic Features

Some of the features Navattic offers are as follows:

  1. No code, drag and drop functionality make building tours easy
  2. Add text, pop-ups, or additional images to show users the value of your product
  3. Sharing capabilities via a single link
  4. Simple editor to make quick updates to your tour
  5. Dashboard Overview
  6. Setup Basic Analytics
  7. Explore Admin Controls
  8. Generating Monthly Reports
  9. Lead generation, tracking, and qualification
  10. Tailored product-led campaigns

Navattic Integrations: 

Navattic integrates with Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, Intercom and Marketo

Navattic Pricing 

Navattic requires a call with the sales team. If you’d like us to get you pricing, just fill out the form to the right.


  1. The system usage follows a targeted approach by bringing customers on a full journey in a matter of minutes.
  2. Enables implementing new captures and workflows with ease.
  3. Responsive customer support.
  4. HTML Editing: Provides the ability to retroactively edit HTML elements on the capture without having to record a new demo.


  1. The software does not provide the ability to undo deleting a step within a guide.
  2. Does not support demo creation ability for solutions made to deploy for a mobile application as of now. 
  3. Projects workspace is not well organized.


What is Storylane

Storylane is a sales demo software that helps marketing and sales teams create and share clickable and interactive product demos. It allows embedding these demos on your website, campaigns, or sales followups to get highly qualified leads and win more deals. The no-code platform allows teams (without any engineering help) to capture, personalize, add guides and publish a demo. These Demos can be embedded on websites, email campaigns, or sales followups.

Storylane Features

Some of the features Storylane offers are as follows:

  1. It has a no-code editor. You can change text, images, copyright, and anything in the product. (even add your custom HTML)
  2. Provides team collaboration features with the right level of access.
  3. Offers interactive guides that highlight product focus areas to help you create as many flows using our advanced widgets.
  4. Provides auto personalization capabilities so your prospects can see how the product will work for them. Personalize by role, company, or location.
  5. Offers analytics & insights. Enables tracking the behavior of your prospects based on clicks and time spent on specific pages.
  6. Allows you to share your demos as links, and GIFs or embed them on websites. Add viewing permissions when sharing a demo.

Storylane Integrations: 

Storylane integrates with CRM and automation platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Intercom, and Segment.

Storylane Pricing

Storylane offers the following pricing plans:

Plan nameStartupGrowthEnterprise
FeaturesUnlimited Stories
Unlimited Embeds & Views
1 User
Key Features
Screenshot capture
Walkthrough widgets
Multi-flow and checklist
Zapier Integration
Unlimited Stories
Unlimited Embeds & Views
5 Users
HTML + Screenshot Capture
Text, Image and Link Editing (HTML)Global Search & Replace
Data Anonymization
Advanced page linking
Embed Lead forms
Custom URL Domains
Integration with Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot & more
Advanced Analytics
And all features included in Startup plan
Unlimited Stories Unlimited Embeds & Views
Auto-personalization of demos
Secure URL Sharing
Domain Mapping
Salesforce Integration
Premium Support
Onboarding & Training
SSOAPI Webhooks
And all features included in Growth plan

Storylane offers quotation-based pricing. The Startup plan has a 7-day free trial available. If any additional demo editors (users) are needed to be added to the Startup or Growth plan, it requires an additional charge of $100/user.


  1. Easy to use and set up
  2. Provides creating demonstrations for web-based UIs for cross-software solutions
  3. Reasonable pricing


  1. Does not allow recording audio within the app.
  2. HTML capabilities need a bit of manipulation at times

Key Considerations When Buying Sales Demo Environment Software

Although your needs will be different from another’s, there are some core features and things you should consider while choosing the right sale demo software before buying it. Listed below are the key points and features that can guide you better in your sales demo software buying process.

1.       Know your needs

Before you start buying a sales demo tool, it’s important to know what you need. List out the features that are important to you. Understanding your needs will help you narrow down your options and choose the best tools for your business.

2.       Look for the features included

Once you know your needs, start investigating. Compare the features of the tools available with the requirements you are looking for. If the sales demo software you are looking at has more features than what you are looking for it will be a win for you. Decide on what is best suited for you, a single standalone tool or a suite of tools to set up your sales demo environment.

3.       Participate in the product demo 

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s important to try out the sales demo tools you’re interested in. By trying out the tools before you buy, you can be sure that you are making the best decisions for your business. 

4.       Hear from the team 

Talk to your sales team before making the final decision. Their feedback is invaluable as they are the ones who use the tools daily. 

5.       Check for customization options

The best software will make it easy for you to tailor your demos to your needs. If you may need customizations in the future to add more functionalities, check out the options that align with it.

6.       Know your budget

Lastly, an important aspect is the cost factor. That also depends on the number of users. You cannot choose software just based on cost but can choose something that fits your budget and yet delivers what you need. If you are starting early, can opt for free tools out there. Or if you have a team spread globally can opt for a cloud-based solution that might have a subscription plan.

The content of your product demo should not be general, as everyone’s needs are different. With the right sales demo tools, you can build a customized experience based on your specific issues and how your solution appeals to your customers.

Sales Demo Environment Software To Consider

Out of the above software, all of the sales demo software tools can get the job done for you. Your needs will be met with specific features you and your team desire.

Ace your sales game by getting the sale demo process right. The demo is the most important step in getting your prospect better understand your product and tie it to your prospect’s needs. A suitable sales demo environment will make it a smooth process to have the big picture in front of your prospect and help you close the deals faster and hassle-free.

It’s important to know that if you’re not generating enough sales demos, you may have a problem with not booking enough meetings which means you should consider adding SDR outsourcing or sales management outsourcing services to improve the top of the funnel. An inside sales consultant could also be of help.

Sales Demo Environment Software Alternatives

Ranking Sales demo software is not easy. The truth is the products are quite similar. You’re better off taking a look at the sales demo environment software alternatives when evaluating this relatively new category.

  • Reprise
  • Demostack
  • Tourial
  • Walnut

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