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SalesIntel Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans, Including Enterprise

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Are you trying to research SalesIntel pricing and plans without much success? It’s not surprising that you’ve run into trouble. SalesIntel pricing, especially for teams, is difficult to get a hold of without contacting the company. However, we’ve done the research for you. Keep reading to find out the details of all SalesIntel pricing and plans, including their enterprise plan.

What is SalesIntel?

SalesIntel is a B2B (business-to-business) contact data provider and sales intelligence platform. Businesses can get access to accurate and high-quality leads with direct contact information for business professionals. The platform has solutions for sales teams, marketing teams, and recruiters.

SalesIntel uses a combination of automation and researchers to verify the accuracy of their data, in many cases actually calling phone numbers in person or sending emails to check the contact information is accurate. Their team rechecks the data every 90 days to ensure it’s the most up-to-date possible. The platform also has a research-on-demand feature where its researchers build a custom list of contacts according to your needs.

SalesIntel Overview

SalesIntel Pricing

SalesIntel has two standard plans for individuals, two plans for teams, and an enterprise plan for larger organizations. SalesIntel pricing plans are based on the number of credits and the number of users for each plan. A credit is the ability to view the contact information for one person on the SalesIntel platform. Let’s start off with the individual plans, then we’ll take a closer look at the plans for teams. Compare SalesIntel to ZoomInfo pricing here.

SalesIntel Pricing Plans

SalesIntel’s Individual plan comes with 100 credits per month. Any unused credits expire at the end of each month. This plan costs $99 a month if you pay annually, and $129 a month if you’d prefer to pay monthly. The plan is just for individual users.

The Individual Pro plan has 300 credits per month and is also for one single user. It costs $225 per month paid annually, or $299 if you pay month-by-month. The plan includes some extra features including access to training to use the platform.

SalesIntel cost for individual plans on an annual basis (source: Pricing For Teams

Now we come to the plans for teams of users. These prices aren’t available on the SalesIntel website. The Start-up plan has 3 user licenses and will give your team access to 30,000 credits per year. They’ll also receive 3,000 credits for Research on Demand contacts. 12,000 enrichment credits are also available. Integrations to Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and more come with the plan.

SalesIntel pricing for the Start-up plan is based on how long your company invests in the SalesIntel platform. A 1-year term costs $18,000, while a 2-year contract goes down to $15,000 per year. An investment of 3 years will cost $13,500 yearly. You can get access to insights into visitors to your company’s website (and their contact data) with an option to pay an extra $1,000.

The Growth plan is an option for companies with greater needs. This plan comes with 50,000 contact credits, plus 5,000 Research on Demand credits and 20,000 enrichment credits. You’ll receive licenses for 5 users. Website insights and technographics are included. A 1-year contract costs $30,000. With two years the cost goes down to $25,000 per year, and 3 years will be $22,500 per year.

If your company would prefer to pay quarterly instead of annually, these plans will cost 10% more.

Features included in all team and enterprise plans (source:
Features included in all team and enterprise plans (source:

SalesIntel Enterprise Pricing

The enterprise plan has a similar structure to the two plans for teams. 10 user licenses are included, as well as 100,000 credits annually. 10,000 Research on Demand credits and 40,000 enrichment credits are available per year.

A 1-year contract will cost $48,000 on the enterprise plan. If your organization invests for 2 years, it will cost $40,000 annually, and for 3 years, the cost will be $36,000 per year. A quarterly payment option is also available for a 10% increase in the annual cost.

salesintel pricing

If SalesIntel Cost is Too High, Check Out These SalesIntel Alternatives

Not sure if SalesIntel is for your company? If you’d like some alternatives to the SalesIntel platform, look into ZoomInfo, Lusha, Cognism, UpLead, Seamless, RocketReach, Crunchbase, and other ZoomInfo competitors and ZoomInfo alternatives. You may find these platforms can provide what you need.

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