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10 Alternatives To Consider

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If you were considering and are now looking at alternatives, we’ve got you covered. is in the category of B2B contact databases. When it comes to the need to buy leads for acquiring prospects’ emails and phone numbers, there are many players to consider.

There may be a few reasons why you’re considering a alternative:

  • Data Quality
  • User Experience
  • Sales Experience/Customer Experience
  • Contract Structure – has annual-only contracts
  • Price
  • Integrations to your CRM and Sales Engagement Platform

10 Seamless Alternatives

What is

Seamless is a sales tool that helps the sales and marketing team find verified sales leads, email addresses, phone numbers, and direct dials. Its real-time search engine helps connect with and build a list of decision-makers in the market. Its free Chrome Extension converts the browser into a lead generation engine and helps find mobile numbers, direct dials, and email addresses of the key contacts of the company. The extension works on any B2B company website including LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter. It makes use of AI to research, find and verify email addresses and contact numbers in real-time. as a is common with many B2B sales tools integrates with the leading third-party applications like Salesforce, HubSpot, Salesloft, Outreach, and other engagement platform that increases productivity and efficiency by eliminating manual data entry. The link-building task is automated to help the team focus on important tasks that will result in  building a pipeline faster, speeding up the conversion process, and increasing the possibility of garnering better ROI. Users can gain access to bulk email addresses and contact numbers which they can directly import to their chosen engagement platforms which boost the connect rate. AI further helps in building a hyper-targeted advertising audience through Facebook or LinkedIn audience, which enhances the ROI.

What To Look For In A Alternatives

When it comes to considering one of the many alternatives, it’s worth looking at a few factors.

First, why was not a fit? Was it the price?

If so, companies like ZoomInfo, Cognism, and SalesIntel will be too expensive.

If it’s integrations, it will depend on the provider.

If it’s data quality, it will vary from company to company. ZoomInfo is the category leader but if you need international data, Cognism may be the alternative you should consider. Regardless, when it comes to purchasing a product in this category, data quality is often the most important factor to consider. Any proper evaluation should include comparing at least two alternative providers. Alternatives for SMBs to Enterprise


ZoomInfo is a provider of B2B Database and company and contact intelligence which includes 3 platforms – intelligence, orchestration, and engagement to sales, marketing, operations, and talent acquisition of the company. It offers B2B contact data like direct dials, and email addresses to help the business connect with the customers when they are engaged and ready to make a purchase. It also provides insights into the company’s health like their employee and revenue growth, org charts, and the technology used by the prospects and how they use it.

Users can access various information about the contact like professional profile, job titles, social media profile, experience, and more. Availability of organization charts, direct mail, and email addresses of the decision makers help in securing deals of significant value and renewals. Its advanced B2B search engine provides more than 300 company attributes which result in optimal refinement from multiple data combinations, CRM, and engagement filters. Real-time notifications inform the users about the information that can impact the existing relationship or lead to more opportunities like job roles or company changes. Its search functionality helps businesses create and strengthen relationships as it provides information that determines whether or not the business is the right fit.

  • Category leader
  • Annual contracts
  • Intent data offered


SalesIntel is a B2B contact data provider and sales intelligence tool that is designed to help sales and marketing professionals find high intent accounts and important information about the decision makers of the business. Users can filter the data by intent, firmographic, technographic, industry, department, location, and more. It also offers a free Chrome Extension,  Revdriver with which users can access the SalesIntel database whilst checking the LinkedIn profile of the prospect or their website. Their Research on Demand team is available to help the users find information about the contact. The VisitorIntel tool helps the users know which buyers are looking at their products and services.

SalesIntel helps sales teams become proactive by providing them with the direct dials, mobile phone numbers, and email addresses of the decision makers of the business. The human-verified contact details improve the connection rate and the enrichment tool integrated with the tech stack. Its intent tool is powered by Bombora, which displays the score of the accounts that help in prioritizing the ones which are looking for solutions offered by the businesses.  It ensures that the business has up-to-date and reliable data and minimizes data decay by verifying the contact data every 90 days.

  • Unlimited data
  • Annual contracts
  • Intent data offered


Cognism is a sales intelligence platform that provides businesses with premium contact information to help them find, engage and close deals. It offers unrestricted access to the decision maker’s mobile number and email address, ensuring there’s always plenty of data to connect with the prospects. The phone numbers and email address is verified to eliminate the possibility of dialing wrong or non-existing numbers. Its intent data is powered by Bombora which offers contextual data which lets the users know which buyer is most likely to go ahead with the purchase.

It empowers sales professionals to prioritize and customize their sales outreach for the in-market accounts. It captures warm opportunities and speeds up the sales cycle by encouraging the sales professionals to only focus on the active and engaged buyers. Cognism checks and provides a do-not-call list for customers residing in the US, Canada, and Europe. It captures warm opportunities and boosts relevance by combining the intent data with technographic and firmographic data which helps create customized messages for the buyers and increases engagement. Its Chrome extension quickly identifies multiple entries into the target account and prioritizes the prospect list using a combination of company fit, designation, level of seniority, and availability of the mobile number.

  • Strong with international data
  • Annual contracts
  • Intent data offered


Vainu is a company information platform that provides real-time data about the organization to the sales and marketing teams. It collects raw data about the companies from social media, websites, news outlets, press releases, legal filings, public registries, and other sources and unifies them to provide actionable insights to the businesses. It also provides real-time updates on the companies that are most likely to convert. It provides more than 100 million filters to narrow down the search for the ideal prospect. Vainu keeps track of the status of the companies and in case it converts into an opportunity, the user is notified via email or a new task is added to the CRM.

This B2B sales intelligence tool eliminates the need to clean up data regularly by providing accurate company information directly from the source. Users can create a detailed list of the companies and tailor their messages according to the company profile and recent changes that it might have undergone. It helps in creating a strong database for data modeling by connecting with the company’s internal data. The Chrome extension helps in keeping track of the changes without having to switch the tab. It offers integration with leading third-party applications like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

  • Strong with international data Alternatives for SMBs, Individuals, and Early-Stage Startups


Uplead is a B2B database and business contact data provider that offers insights into the prospect’s details from over 200 countries and 85 million contacts. It builds the prospects list in real time. It offers more than 50 filters to help the user identify contacts and companies that fit their buyer’s profile. It provides information like contacts’ email addresses, phone numbers, the technology they use, and how they use it. Uplead’s email verification is done in real-time which ensures that the user always has correct and updated information in their hand.

Users only have to pay for the verified data and it offers a bulk email verification service. Uplead gives the users full control over which email they want to download and they don’t have to pay for the ones that are not downloaded. It offers real-time email verification and cleansing, ensuring that the list is clean before it is used for outreach. It eliminates the possibility of manual data entry by pushing the leads into the CRM, CSV file, or the chosen outreach tool. It offers integration with some of the leading third-party integration tools like Zapier, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Outreach, Mailshake, Reply, and more. Users can make use of intent data to find out engaged leads, then segment, prioritize and reach out to them at the right moment.

  • Month-to-month and annual contracts


Lead411 is a B2B direct sales and email leads provider that provides verified emails of the decision makers of the prospect’s company. Its buyer intent is powered by Bombora which helps in identifying the companies and the decision-makers who are looking for products and services offered by the business based on 5-25 different topics. Users can find and directly reach out to the opportunities using the Reach Email/SMS Engagement Automation. They can set up email/SMS, cadences, and campaigns which makes reaching out to the prospects quick and easy. It combines data with sales intelligence to provide key information about the company and result in the growth of the intent data.

It offers various sales intelligence data points like company location, IPO announcement, hiring plan, job opening, new employee hire, promotion, executive employee hire, company awards, and more to refine the result and build a healthy pipeline. It displays the companies with multiple combined growth intent indicators that are growing by using an algorithm to give them a score. It integrates with more than 25 leading third-party applications and CRM like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Outreach, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Microsoft dynamics, and more. With its proprietary algorithm, AI, and human verification, it offers a triple verified data platform, which re-verifies data like email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, social profiles, and main and direct phone numbers every 90 days. It licenses data from third-party resources which confirm the authenticity of the previously uploaded companies and profiles. It also ensures that the data points match on multiple levels like location, URL, domain, and name match.

  • Month-to-month and annual contracts is a sales intelligence and engagement tool that strengthens the sales team’s ability to prospect, engage and bring in more revenue. One of the features of this sales intelligence platform is Prospecting and Intelligence.  Its database has more than 220 million contacts which help sales representatives make better sales at a faster rate. The database consists of important information regarding the contacts like —  direct-dial phone numbers, email addresses, and job titles.

Apollo provides sales representatives with up-to-date information by keeping track of the hiring data, job changes, funding, Alexa ranking, and more. It provides more than 200 attributes with each contact and company to help the business make n number of permutations list and contacts group. It’s quick integration with the CRM sync activities in real-time and ensures maximum accuracy. Its personas lookalike creates personas based on specific traits that the business is looking for and then makes suggestions based on them. The LinkedIn prospector helps find verified email and direct dial contact numbers, which are instantly synced with the CRM.

  • Sales engagement platform and B2B contact database in one solution


Lusha is an ISO 27701 certified sales intelligence solution that is designed to help the sales and marketing team, build and strengthen relationships with prospects by providing them information such as the email addresses, and phone number of the key decision-makers. With the Lusha extension, prospecting is made simple and all the relevant information about the prospects be it email address or phone number can be accessed with just one click, whether it’s through LinkedIn, Gmail, or any other website.  It provides globally compliant data and ensures the highest magnitude of data accuracy. It offers a wide range of filters to create a list of more than 1000 prospects in one go like company name, company location, industry, revenue, number of employees, title, seniority, contact location and more.

Users can utilize the advanced search filters to find and build a list of prospects. Based on the past searches, Lusha offers actionable insights regarding the customer’s profile. It has a seven step verification system called Lusha 7 Trust filters that offers verified data on the decision-makers. The self-serve platform empowers the sales and marketing team to onboard the team within minutes without any training. The dashboard helps the team understand how the credits are being used, and it offers an enhanced transparency into how the team is performing.

  • Strong with international data
  • Month-to-month and annual contracts


RocketReach helps businesses find verified email, social media links, and phone numbers of the contact. The Chrome Extension comes with an email finder tool that finds information about the contact within seconds. It verifies data for more than 700 million professionals across 35 million companies. Users can check out leads on Google, Angellist, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn. Its Advanced Search feature help finds personal emails, professional emails, and direct dials by offering various search filters. Users can check out various actionable insights like revenue, funding,  industry, competitors, employee size, and more along with the list of decision-makers of more than 35 million companies.

RocketReach makes use of REST API to automate lead generation, contact discovery, people search, and company search among other use cases. It verifies contact information in real-time. With Compose, users can directly send emails from the mailbox. Email analytics tracks and segments the performance of the email sequence to fine-tune the conversations. It integrates with a large number of leading CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and various application tracking systems. It provides up-to-date emails, phone numbers, and social media links to strengthen the sales team’s strategy making. With lookup, the sales team can customize their brand messaging and outreach campaigns to engage the client.

  • Month-to-month and annual contracts is an email-finding tool that helps the sales and marketing team by finding and verifying the email addresses of the contact. A sales tool for finding contact info. With the Chrome Extension, users can immediately find the email address of the contacts they are browsing on the websites. With the Domain Search, users can find publicly available email addresses along with the confidence score, department filters, and other sources in detail. Users can perform a domain search, by uploading a file on the dashboard after which they get a list of targeted email addresses. They can also find contact email addresses from the domain name by making a call through API.

The email finders all the information like email formats and email addresses and verifies it to ensure accurate and up-to-date data is provided to the users. The email verifier validates email on multiple levels like format, domain, and the response of the email server and this is then compared with the database of professional email addresses saved in Hunter. Users can also verify email addresses by uploading the spreadsheet or with an API call. It gives users the freedom to create and launch outreach campaigns and schedule follow up from Outlook or Gmail. Hunter provides email templates and messages which can be customized according to the customer to give a personal touch. Users can schedule campaigns and set a daily quota for the email that will be sent to the customers. It gives users the freedom to link multiple Google or Microsoft with a single Hunter account.

  • Month-to-month and annual contracts Alternatives with Month-to-Month Contracts

  • Uplead
  • Lead411
  • Lusha
  • RocketReach

Free Alternatives

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