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11 Of The Best Sales Outreach Tools

Table of Contents

When it comes to looking for the best sales outreach tools, there are many options to consider. Sales outreach is similar to sales prospecting, in that both are tactics for reaching out to potential customers who fit your ICP.

When considering sales outreach tools, sales teams need to determine what their needs are. Are they looking for contact data? Is there a need to manage a team of SDRs and keep them on track for their outbound activity? Or is your prospect one that responds best to cold calls?

Understanding your needs is critical to selecting the best sales outreach tools. And you may need to include Revenue Operations in the process so these outreach tools fit with the current tech stack.

Best Sales Outreach Tools For B2B Data

When it comes to outreach, data is king. Without accurate work emails and direct dials it doesn’t matter what other of the best sales outreach tools you have in your stack. If you have a high bounce rate, you’re going to struggle to book meetings via email. If you have B2B data coverage for your prospects, then you’re going to be in a good position when it comes to sales outreach.

  • Goal of this sales outreach tool: accurate contact data


ZoomInfo is a provider of B2B Database and company and contact intelligence which includes 3 platforms – intelligence, orchestration, and engagement to sales, marketing, operations, and talent acquisition of the company. It offers B2B contact data like direct dials, and email addresses to help the business connect with the customers when they are engaged and ready to make a purchase. It also provides insights into the company’s health like their employee and revenue growth, org charts, and the technology used by the prospects and how they use it.

Users can access various information about the contact like professional profile, job titles, social media profile, experience, and more. Availability of organization charts, direct mail, and email addresses of the decision makers help in securing deals of significant value and renewals. Its advanced B2B search engine provides more than 300 company attributes which result in optimal refinement from multiple data combinations, CRM, and engagement filters. Real-time notifications inform the users about the information that can impact the existing relationship or lead to more opportunities like job roles or company changes. Its search functionality helps businesses create and strengthen relationships as it provides information that determines whether or not the business is the right fit.


Uplead is a B2B database and business contact data provider that offers insights into the prospect’s details from over 200 countries and 85 million contacts. It builds the prospects list in real-time. It offers more than 50 filters to help the user identify contacts and companies that fit their buyer’s profile. It provides information like contacts’ email addresses, phone numbers, the technology they use, and how they use it. Uplead’s email verification is done in real-time which ensures that the user always has correct and updated information in their hand.

Users only have to pay for the verified data and it offers a bulk email verification service. Uplead gives the users full control over which email they want to download and they don’t have to pay for the ones that are not downloaded. It offers real-time email verification and cleansing, ensuring that the list is clean before it is used for outreach. It eliminates the possibility of manual data entry by pushing the leads into the CRM, CSV file, or the chosen outreach tool. It offers integration with some of the leading third-party integration tools like Zapier, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Outreach, Mailshake, Reply, and more. Users can make use of intent data to find out engaged leads, then segment, prioritize and reach out to them at the right moment.


Cognism is a sales intelligence platform that provides businesses with premium contact information to help them find, engage and close deals. It offers unrestricted access to the decision maker’s mobile number and email address, ensuring there’s always plenty of data to connect with the prospects. The phone numbers and email address is verified to eliminate the possibility of dialing wrong or non-existing numbers. Its intent data is powered by Bombora which offers contextual data which lets the users know which buyer is most likely to go ahead with the purchase.

It empowers sales professionals to prioritize and customize their outreach for the in-market accounts. It captures warm opportunities and speeds up the sales cycle by encouraging the sales professionals to only focus on the active and engaged buyers. Cognism checks and provides a do-not-call list for customers residing in the US, Canada, and Europe. It captures warm opportunities and boosts relevance by combining the intent data with technographic and firmographic data which helps create customized messages for the buyers and increases engagement. Its Chrome extension quickly identifies multiple entries into the target account and prioritizes the prospect list using a combination of company fit, designation, level of seniority, and availability of the mobile number.

Best Sales Outreach Tools For Emailing

Once you have the B2B contact data, you’ll want to get started by setting up your outbound campaigns. These sales engagement platforms enable sales teams to create sequences for their outreach activities. Email is almost always included. The platforms provide the ability to customize each email, A/B test emails, and take a data driven approach. Below are the best sales outreach tools for emailing.

  • Goal of this sales outreach tool: send emails in a structured, scalable, and automated way with data reporting.


Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that helps the sales team generate more revenue with Modern WorkSpace. Prospect is the package offered by Salesloft for lead generation activities. Its data-driven and multi-channel approach helps sales representatives understand which strategy will work in interacting with the clients and which won’t.  It promotes the quicker conversion of leads to opportunities by connecting the team with the buyers faster while maintaining a personalized experience with the prospects.

This package includes three tools — Cadence+Automation, Dialer+Messenger, and Analytics+Reporting. Cadence+Automation is a sales execution guide that manages the entire sales process — pipeline generation, lead nurture to customer renewals. It automatically syncs all the processes from — calls, and emails into the CRM. It helps sales representatives offer an automated yet customizable experience to the prospects. is a sales intelligence and engagement tool that strengthens the sales team’s ability to prospect, engage and bring in more revenue. One of the features of this sales intelligence platform is Prospecting and Intelligence.  Its database has more than 220 million contacts which help sales representatives make better sales at a faster rate. The database consists of important information regarding the contacts like —  direct-dial phone numbers, email addresses, and job titles.

Apollo provides sales representatives with up-to-date information by keeping track of the hiring data, job changes, funding, Alexa ranking, and more. It provides more than 200 attributes with each contact and company to help the business make n number of permutations list and contacts group. It’s quick integration with the CRM sync activities in real-time and ensures maximum accuracy. Its personas lookalike creates personas based on specific traits that the business is looking for and then makes suggestions based on them. The LinkedIn prospector helps find verified email and direct dial contact numbers, which are instantly synced with the CRM.


Reply is a sales engagement and automation platform that helps the sales team acquire new customers by automating and scaling multi-channel outreach. It has 3 tools under lead generation —  email finder, email validation, and email warm-up. With the LinkedIn email finder extension, sales reps can look for a prospect’s emails in seconds. It fetches contact details from LinkedIn, Gmail, or CRM. Reply sequences automate sales outreach by automatically sending messages on LinkedIn, making calls, and sending emails.

Reply identifies leads that are ready for sales so that all that the sales rep has to do is book an appointment. Its built-in validation system verifies emails and phone numbers by their bounce rate, deliverability, and other such criteria. It strengthens the sales rep’s ability to deliver right to the prospect’s inbox with email warm-up, which boosts deliverability. Available for GSuite and Outlook, it uses peer-to-peer sending to ensure email warm-up is safe and effective.

Outreach is a sales engagement tool and automation software that is designed to bridge the sales execution gap and empower the sales team to approach the prospects with their full potential. Engage is the prospecting product of Outreach which aims at increasing prospecting productivity and optimizing sales execution. It simplifies and automates the workflow to ensure sales representatives have optimized pipeline generation. It empowers sales reps to personalize the buyer’s journey by providing them with tested templates, snippets, and account-based marketing workflow.

The sales intelligence feature provides real-time insights into the customer’s behavior which aids in crafting a responsive interaction with the buyer. The AI empowers sales reps with cognizance that guides them through every sales process. By automatically capturing data across the sales workflow, it brings transparency into the revenue cycle. Real-world-tested playbooks, workflows, and engagement tools strengthen the sales team’s ability to develop and scale new strategies.

Best Sales Outreach Tools For Cold Calling

Despite what some say, cold calling isn’t dead. This means having the best sales outreach tools for cold calls can help your sales team make more dials than would be humanly possible. More dials, means more conversations, which means more meetings booked. Combining email and cold calling while being back by accurate b2b data, can put your sales team in an advantageous position.

  • Goal of this sales outreach tool: Make more cold calls


Kixie is a sales engagement platform that aims at enhancing the sales team performance with automated texting and calling for the sales team that works with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and more. It helps the sales team reach more leads faster, spend more time selling, and less time doing the administrative work.

Users of this sales tool can auto-dial the contacts from the list while simultaneously using features like voicemail drop, SMS template, local presence, and more. The multi-line autodialer lets the team schedule up to 10 calls in one go. The AI-powered local presence, spam detection, and progressive caller ID aim at increasing the call pick-up rates. Some of its other features include analytics, reporting, and voice and text automation.


Phoneburner is a sales dialer software built with an intuitive, modern interface that aims at closing more deals and getting more business. It eliminates connection delay and lets the team connect with 60-80 contacts per hour. It is customizable and the team requires no special equipment to add new users.

This sales dialer software offers dedicated inbound numbers, and the ability to dial local codes using any phone or softphone. It offers one-on-one expert service helping the customers set up and it aims at enriching the remote sales experience. Some of its features include a power dialer, cadence, CRM, call deliverability, workflow automation, remote dialing, and reporting.


Orum is a sales enablement platform that gives the team the power to dial multiple numbers in parallel and instantly recognizes when there is human waiting to interact and it then starts the live conversation. It makes use of AI to detect voice mails, filter out bad numbers, and navigate through the phone directory to encourage the sales rep to begin the live conversation.

This is one of the leading sales tools in the category. Orum automates the efforts involved in getting to call prospects, thus saving a significant amount of time. Before the live conversation begins, it offers all the contact details to the reps to keep them prepared. It integrates with leading third-party applications like Salesforce, Salesloft, and Outreach.

Connect and Sell

Connect and Sell offers live conversations on demand by making use of proprietary technology and virtual sales agents. It aims at solving the B2B issues by convincing the decision makers to get on the phone. It prioritizes lead persistence and enhances the response rate of the inbounds. It makes sure that no rep ever misses a follow-up with a closed loop calling process that automatically gets the prospects online.

This sales tool offers automatic CRM data entry and updates. Some of its products include- an advanced dialing platform,  appointment setting, flight schedule, and lead generation.  It is Salesforce certified and offers real-time integration with leading third-party applications. 

Selecting The Best Sales Outreach Tools – A Checklist

When considering what will be the best sales outreach tools for your stack, you want to consider a few things.

  • Pricing – Does this fit my budget?
  • Contract Structure – Is this a month-to-month contract that gives me flexibility or will I be locked in for a year?
  • Integrations – Does this integrate with my current stack, especially my CRM.
  • Implementation Time – How long will this take to implement?
  • Ramp Time – How long will it take my sales team to master this tool

Once you consider the checklist, it will help you pick which of the best sales outreach tools fits your company best.

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